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Lost of ejaculation

Dear all
I had being diagnosed with LUMBAGO (back pain).i only mate the rheumatologist  Doctor after 8 month(during 8 months i have being trying with pain killers). With the Doctor I started with massage and then medications.AS soon as i started taking some medicine prescribed by this Doctor i lost my erection and ejaculation.At the present moment after trying many of medicine from the same Doctor the only improvement is that the erection is some how back at 30% but ejaculation is impossible. During the curse the erection can improve to 70% but ejaculation is impossible.
These are some of medicines: Laroxyl drop(40mg/ml) , Distem(methocarbamol inn,paracethamol inn) , Tremadol 50 , Deroxat(paroxetine) , Actinac plus(in case of pain only). after one month when i lost my erection and ejaculation i stopped with Laroxyl,two weeks later i stopped with Distem.Tho other medicine was then introduced : 1(Acti 5(antiasthenic)) 2. Boon 100mg.
At the moment my penis can stand only when i'm as sleep but when i wake up it sleep.In the intercurse with my wife the erection goes till 60 to 80% of my normal erection time but still impossible ejaculation.
Please help.
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