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Low Testosterone Levels

I am a 39 yr old male. I am in decent physical condition, 6'0", 205lbs. For a little over a year I was feeling extremely lethargic, had little to no libido, was very irritable and had flu like aches and pains constantly. Originally my family physician diagnosed me with depression and had me take Celexa. This didnt work well as I had no improvement at all. This past Jan 2012 I asked my doctor about testing my T levels after speaking with a friend of mine who experienced the same problems in the past and was diagnosed with Low T. My results came back and my testosterone level was 16ng/dl. Because I work as diver topical solutions were ruled out and I was prescribed testosterone cytonate (sp). I was told to take a 1ml injection of a 200ng/ ml solution once every month.

I am about to take my 3rd injection in a couple of days here but for my first 2 injections i felt better for about a week and a half then went downhill again. Is it possible that I need a higher dosage? I am tired of feeling this way it is messing with my ability to be a husband to my wife and a father to my children.
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Hi there!

This is a question best answered by your treating doctor. The dosage is dependent on a few factors such as the primary testosterone level etc; and needs to be maintained within a specific range. High doses are usually avoided due to potential side effects.
Hope this information helps.

Take care!
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