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Low Volume of Semen produced by my boyfriend

Please can you help me? Thank you! I am a female and the question relates to my boyfriend whom I love very, very much and have no difficulty with what he perceives as his very serious problem. It makes no difference to me but it is fast becoming my problem which is why I want to do something about it to help both of us. This guy is 61. Recently he is vey worried about the low volume of semen he is producing when he ejaculates. I don't see the problem but it is to him. How much? probably a few drops is all in reality. There is nothing wrong with it and there is no blood in it. He has suffered from ED for years. Is on medication for high blood pressure also prozac. I am sure the side effects are possibly a factor? He takes tablets for ED and an injection for same. This sorts ED out for him, but over the past six months he is worrying about the low volume of semen he is producing. He is a very loving and good man and I have no problem whatever with this. He does and is losing his confidence, is afraid I am going to leave him (which I never will do) and is now deciding its better NOT to have sex at all instead of putting himself through this torture. What he and I want to know is --- is there a tablet he can take that will help him increase his semen? He has read somewhere there is? GP says not? I have found Lecithin and he is trying that, but is there anything in tablet or whatever forumula that you feel can help. PLEASE.
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As men get older and their prostate function changes they often experience a decrease in the volume and force of their ejaculate, even to the point of not ejaculating. There is nothing truly wrong and the literature states that women do not feel the ejaculate during vaginal sexual activity. The sensation of orgasm is separate from the ejaculation itself and is unchanged by the lack of ejaculation.
Some medications that are prescribed for the urinary symptoms that men may experience as they get older (more mature!) may have an effect upon ejaculation. Flomax is particularly noted for this. Uroxatral is a similar drug that may be as effective as regards voiding but has a much lower incidence of this untoward effect. Also, check out the untoward effects (side effects) of each of his medications, in particular his blood pressure meds, and see if one of these needs to be changed.
Good luck!
S.A. Liroff, M.D.
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