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Lower abdominal pain

I am a 40 year old male and I have been having pain in my lower abdomen on my right side for over a year. It seems to be worse when my bladder is full. Sometimes the pain radiates to my lower back. I also have severe abdominal cramps and fatigue. I have had numerous blood tests done but nothing has come up with them. I am not sexually active, nor have I been for over 5 years. I have been tested for std's and I am totally clean. I do not have pain when I urinate but, I do urinate more frequently now. I do not have a weak stream. As I sit here typing this I have a stabbing pain in on the lower right side of my abdomen and a throbbing pain in my lower back. I recently had a test done under anestesia where the doctor put a camera in my bladder. He did not take and biopsies and said that my bladder was unremarkable. I did have a ct scan of my pelvic area and it came back showing that I had a renal cyst in my right kydney but the doctor said this is common and would not be the cause of the pain. Generally, I always have diareha and have had since I was a child. I have also had stomach problems all my life. Lately though I seem to be having intermittent constipation. also when I urinate sometimes there is what looks like semen in my urine. The pain in my right side and in my bladder seems to be getting worse and worse and no one seems to have any answers. Also, In case it matters, I do have hypertension (under control with meds) Hypothyroidism, weight around my midsection only, GERD, osteoarthritis, and for some reason I always get weird readings on my liver tests. I also have odd reactions to medications alot. If there is a side effect I will develop it usually 50 to 75 percent of the time. I seem to be tired all the time (no energy), sleep problems, and my joints hurt alot. Can anyone help me figure this out
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oh also I had a prostate exam and the doctor said it was normal
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I have the same pain and probs also have gas, stomache gurgling, blotting, pressure, you name it iv experenced it. I had thought my pain was due to cysts on my right ovary llike my fam. dr was telling me. I started to see ob dr. he said no and sent me to GI dr. he is having me get colonoscopy done he thinks i have Cronh's disease. I go 12/14 for the colonoscopy and see what that says. Im so eager to know whats been aling me for 9 years now. What stared all the looking was my mom was told she has Celia's that is gentic so i was tested for that 1st by my ob and they dont think thats the prob. Good luck and get colonoscopy done and see if that is what your prb is. let me know how thing go.
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