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Lump and Penis vein

I am of 30 years old, and recently the vein on the top side of the penis shaft at the forkin is more to the surface as I can feel it pulsating many times , also just before the head there is like a node or some lump also, any help answering what might be this case?
Please let me know how to send pics for more accuracy.

Thanks alot
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Hmmmm very  interesting try using lots of lubricants also latex condoms and let the person get on top with  slow friction then let it rain
Good luck
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Does it hurt or move when erected or have a throbbing sensation ? it could be calcium deposits .
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Thanks much for your reply,

I stopped for a while an it seems better, now but does it have any affect on the erection and its duration.I had normal and good one erection before its just when the lump been pressed accidently , it looks like the tendency to get erection started to be less. or it is just the mental and nervous system back impact.

Thanks again!
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Hi there!

It is common to have dilated veins around the penis/ foreskin.  This occurs due to inflammation caused by frictional trauma during sexual intercourse/ masturbation and is perfectly normal and unless hard it should not be anything to worry about. You could try abstinence for a few days to give it adequate time to heal. Without a physical examination of the lump it would be difficult to determine its cause. I would suggest getting this evaluated by a primary care physician or a urologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Hope this helps.  

Take care!  
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