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Lump on/in Urethra opening

As of yesterday, I've noticed that when I'm not forcing a strong current of urine, my urine would come out of my penis at a literal 90 degree angle to the left, to the point where it would end up on the wall when i was done peeing. So i checked out the tip of my penis and found that my urethra opening seems to be swollen on the left side. It doesn't look like a wart, and i'm 99% sure that it is swollen skin. My question is, any idea what might have caused this? and how do i get rid of it? Any response at all would be appreciated.
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How would you describe the lesion?

-elevated, flat, plaquelike
-ulcerated( deep or craterlike)

Do you experience pain with urination ?

Any change in your urine's character?

Lumps in the penis may be due to sexually transmitted disease like syphilis, herpes, molluscum or warts. they may be due to a tumor or they may also be enhanced normal structures like sweat glands or blood vessels.

Are you sexually active?

I sugest you seek consult with your urologist for a complete physical assessment. Any lumps or bumps in the body requires visual inspection which may help clinch the diagnosis.

Keep us posted for anything.
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Urination is painless. I'm not, nor have i ever been, sexually active. So i'm positive it's not a STD. The lesion is the color of my skin, and elevated. It is not painful in anyway, the only trouble it's giving me is my ability to urinate straight. There is no change in the character of my urine. It's looks like the left side of the urethral opening has protruded out. Best analogy i can give is a fat lip. I hope that can help clear it up, if not I'll answer anymore question necessary.
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Hello Vanessa,

I would like to go to this question see if you can help

I am sexually active and i would say a fat lip on the urethra opening bottom left is the best ex i have found to describe it.
It seems that this has all started after unprotected anai sex :(. Had a 3some with another women besides my spouse

I am having a hard time with this because i have been tested as you see below and nothing is coming up. The doc is trying to send me to a head doc.. Which is ok, but it is not the correct path.

Can you help?

Other items i want to include.
3 weeks in got sick, flu like problems..No Rash.. I want to say my Trunk was red no fever, but did not feel ok for about 2 weeks or so<-- stress ok

My spouse got sick about 3 weeks after i did.. She does not seem to have these problems as i do, but  she did get BV, I would state her voice has changed also but she wont go to the doc about it

I had:
2 months in Tonsils had to be removed
4 months in Bumps on base of tongue
4 months in Lymph nodes right side of neck and right groin seem to be hurting but not swollen enough for the doc to say that there not normal.
11 months in gum disease started.. I have since turned it around.. but i floss 2 to 3 times a day and brush maybe 5 times
12 months in Burning mouth off and on

UA Doc,
    Had a camera put up there (OUCH) found nothing
    Was given some pill that makes my pee blue- should make pain go away        but it made it hurt worse

Std Testing,
    Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) <-- was told i cant get it as a male
    Chlamydia <-- Tested Neg Around 3 months
    Gonorrhea  <-- Tested Neg Around 3 months
    Hepatitis, Viral  <-- Tested Neg Around 3 months
    Herpes, Genital  <-- Tested Neg Around 3 months
    HIV/AIDS  <-- Tested 1 month, 2 month,3 month, 4 month, 5 month,
         6 months got a pcr and rna( I think antibody) hiv type 2 test
         8 months got a pcr and antibody type 2 test
    Hep A/B/C <-- All Neg
    Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
     oral dna test  <-- Neg 1 year after
    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) <_ dont know
    Syphilis<-- Neg  <-- Neg tested 2 or 3 months after
    Trichomoniasis <-- Neg tested 1 or 2 months after
    Parasite <-- Neg

To answer your questions you have posted

How would you describe the lesion?

   I would say it is a reddish bump on the left side of the urethra and swelling on the bottom part of the urethra
-elevated, flat, plaquelike
  PlaqueLike?? Dont understand that one or what you mean..
   It is elevated

       Well i have seen an open sore that seems to come and go
       So sometimes painful and sometimes nontender

-ulcerated( deep or craterlike)
   Some spots it seems like the skin has gone down.. I would use the term craterlike but not deep

Do you experience pain with urination ?

Pain seems to get work after sex or masterbation.

Any change in your urine's character?
smells, dark

Anal hole has hemroids.. It seems none stop.

Some side notes/Questions
My PH is down around 5.4/5.8 very acid No idea why.. This has also changed

How do i get this stuff to settle down or go away?

I have been given antiviral which i asked for because nothing they have given me (Antibiotics/AntiFungal) has worked...My response to the antiviral is that i have energy back and lymph nodes are not hurting in neck.. Still hurt in groin off an on.
Bumps on tongue are still there... I have started using baking soda in my mouth and the bumps seem to be going away..
With that note.. I have been on anti fungal tables/pills/swish/etc did nothing

I would find that it could not be HIV as i was tested so much and 6 months post exp with PCR and AntiBody tests for type 1 and type 2 was at 8 months..
Would you agree?

I have seen Herpes or HPV can cause all of the issue's above i have described above.
Is this a true statement?

If i am testing neg to all those STD but yet this started right after unprotected anal sex what do you see that this could be?
Do i need to get retested for them all again?

What do you think my next step should be?

Thank you

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