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Lump on testicle after masterbating

Ok so I've been masterbating a lot this week once. Day for like 7 days and on the 7th day I've noticed a lump mid left ttesticle. I thought it was an ingrown hair or bug bite because it was red but it was the size of a little bigger than a pea. Anyways I groomed myself and it was still there . It feels like its only on the outside of my skin not actually on the testicles but it feels like it only stings like a rash . I am uncircumsised im a virgin and ive smoked marijuana about 9 days before the lump. Im worried this can be testicular cancer I will go have a check up soon but is there a way I can personally check as well. I did go run 2 miles and walked another 2 the same day . I did one mile in like 7 min and I played baseball the same day . I haven't did any real exercise for about 2 weeks .
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Once a day *
I ran and did all that exercising the day before the lump appeared
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Also I am not vomiting no headaches or diarrhea just this lump
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