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Male 32 years old urine burning and penis tip tingling. urine culture negative.

Hi guys
Male 32 years old urine burning and penis tip tingling. urine culture negative and no std and not sexually active. GP tested my prostate and said it is swelled. i am on Cipro since 15 days without improvement. Waiting for urologist appointment. Can ultrasound help with prostatits diagnosis? Does prostatits look  on ultrasound as enlargement and make more confustion to the diagnosis? any suggestion appreciated.
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When do you go to the urologist?  Weird question, but have you been screened for diabetes? But in general, chronic prostitis can cause pain when urinating and penis tip pain. It could all boil down to that. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/prostatitis/  Does ibuprofen help with the penis tip tingling?
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