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Male Protruding grape sized lump on perineum

I notice a grape size protruding red lump on my husbands perineum.  He is to embarrassed to go to the doctor and said he has been suffering for about three weeks.  He states it is very painful when he sits, stand and walks.  It looks like it has abscessed in the middle being white and crusty.  If someone could please contact me I have pictures for examination.  I am so worried about him but he will not go to the doctor.  Only thing I could convince him was to put Neosporin on it.
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How is your husband?  If there is pain, swelling and pus, there is the risk of infection and may warrant antibiotic management. However, if there  is abscess already, drainage, culture  of the discharge and stronger antibiotics through IV may even be indicated. It is important that he sees a doctor  or a specialist such as urologist for proper diagnosis and management and to prevent complications. I know it is hard to convince some patients to see  a physician but definite diagnosis is done with direct evaluation and physical examination of the patient. Try to talk to him about this or ask the help of other people close to him. Take care and do keep us posted.
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After a biopsy with a dermatologist, we found out that its squamous cell carcinoma.  We were definitely taken back as we thought it was just ingrown hair or a cyst.  I searched everywhere on the internet for pictures of the growth to no avail.  Then when the dermatologist diagnosed it as SCC I could find pictures everywhere.... although, none on the perineum.  Its just such an odd place.  

He has an appointment Monday with a General Surgeon for an evaluation.  We were told the surgeon is very busy and to get an appointment with him is hard.  If his office calls early then that means it is serious.  So I guess this is in the serious mode and I can only pray for my husbands outcome.

So men, even though it may be embarrassing to you to go to the doctors regarding something in your genital area....please go sooner then later.
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