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Microscopic Blood In Urine????? Help

Having had a water infection in February the blood has continued. I got referred to a urologist who done a cystoscopy and found that my urinary tract and bladder were both normal but a little inflamed. I also got a ultrasound and x-ray done of my kidneys. He wants me to go for another appointment in September to see if the blood has continued. And if so he will need to look at my kidneys in further detail. I have also been getting lower right back pain. I am going on 2 holidays this year and dont want to ruin them by worrying about this! What could this be?  

Any Help Appreciated
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Microscopic hematuria may be due to several factors. If there are no symptoms of abdominal pain or urinary symptoms then factors like strenuous exercises and activities may actually be causing this. If physical exercises and medications have been ruled out then infectious and structural factors need to be considered. This includes urinary tract infections and kidney stones. You had previous urinary tract infections (is this correct?).This may be contributory. Your cystoscopy showed slight inflammation. The cause of which may be also be infectious in nature. I suggest that you decide to wait for the next consult. Drink plenty of water and eat well. Exercise daily also .Moderate exercises are beneficial. At this point, an infection may still be a differential .

I know you are worried about this but don’t be. Worrying will not help at this point.

In your urinalysis , was protein present or casts present in the urine?
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Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes I have had a urinary tract infection in feb which was treated with 3 lots of antibiotics and cleared and since it cleared I still had the urgency and blood in urine. I have had lower abdominal discomfort but this may be due to the inflammation. What is casts? no protein was found. One urine test they done showed sugar in my urine but not sure if thats still present. I will do another urine test this week. Would any kidney stones of shown up on the x-ray or the ultrasound? When I went to see a different doctor to whom referred me he said I should not of had to go through the cystoscopy because of my age. And to go see him before my next urology appointment.

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