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Minor Penile Fracture and Thrombosis

Hi, about 3 weeks ago I accidentally bent my penis 30 degree downward at the middle of the shaft and immediately lost erection. I did not hear any popping sound during the bending. I noticed a dull, mild burning pain in that area few hours after the incident but I didn't see any gross deformity or swelling. I did however notice the skin from the base up to just below the glans get slightly darken (possible hematoma or ecchymosis?). Went to the doctor the next day and she didn't find any problem with my penis and referred me to a young urologist who said my penis looked fine and discharged me.

About a week later (2 weeks ago) I noticed a cord like vein bulging from the base and at the middle of the shaft. The enlarged vein branched to the left (possible thrombosis?), I am 100% sure I did not have this cord like structure protruding on my penis before. If I rolled the skin over the vein bumps they would not move (rolling sign). The good news is I can still get and keep an erection, although it is not as hard and firm as before (max erection quality I can get now is about 75-80%). My penis now somehow twist/curl/rotates during erection. The bend is inward along the left side of my shaft, not a curve of the penis, more like a curve in the penis. It starts from the mid-shaft all the way up to the top my penis head. But my main worries is that I still get the combination of mild, burning and itching pain from the cord like vein and the pain worsen whenever I get an erection. So I looked for a second opinion and visited another urologist a couple of days ago and said the same thing as the previous doctors, he then gave me NSAID drugs and vitamin E.

I have visited 3 different doctors (2 of them were urologists) and all of them said everything looked fine and any minor injury I may have caused should heal soon. However it's been almost a month since the incident and I haven't seen any improvement yet, I did request for imaging tests of my penis but the doctors said they are not needed for minor injury.

Will this condition take care of itself or should I see another urologist just in case?
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If there are other urologists in your area, then yes it would be good to get another opinion. I did the same thing 20 days ago so I know what you're going through. I didn't see a urologist until 2 days ago and he said it was either a minor penile fracture or a blood clot and said if it still hurts come back in 3 weeks for an ultrasound. I have pain on the right base of my penis and groin. I didn't notice pain until after ejaculation. There's 2 bulging veins that weren't there before and I noticed them right after the pain in the right base. There was no hematoma or hematuria. The injury happened 20 days ago.I have nocturnal erections but I quickly lose them when I get up and it fells like I lost sensation because I don't notice when I'm errect during sleep until after I wake up to look. So I can't maintain an errection anymore. The blood isn't flowing as it should. I'm not sure if it's a corpora cavernosum tear or a corpora spongiosum tear. I do notice I slight deviation to the right. The curve may be the onset of scar tissue or fibrous plaque. Peyronie's disease. I'm not sure how long it takes for scar tissue to develop, It may depend on where the injury occured and the extent of the injury.
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