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Minor Penile fracture???

Dear doctor,

Although personally I want to think that it is not something serious I am so scared about the possibility of long term-effects that I want to hear the opinion of an expert.

So here is a summary of my story: Yesterday while I was having sex with a girl my penis slipped out of her vagina and knocked on her pelvic bone. The good news is that I have not sustained a classic penile fracture as that is described over the internet.  

Now let me explain in detail what happened in order to understand how exactly the situation is.

First I will start by describing myself BEFORE the incident. I am a male in my in mid-twenties. I don’t generally have a problem of getting erections but occasionally I have some small problem during sex. During masturbation everything is fine but that is perhaps because of overstimulation from certain fetishes. Also during sex because of this occasional erection problem I can sometimes last very, very long until I ejaculate (60-80 mins) while during masturbation I may ejaculate in as fast as 4-5 minutes. Also during sleep I used to get erections normally almost having one during the morning before I wake up. So I don’t think that BEFORE the incident I had any physical problem with my penis functionality and any erectile dysfunction during sex was more due to psychological rather than physical reasons.

Now what exactly happened yesterday? Well yesterday during the sex intercourse with that girl I was already experiencing some erectile dysfunction (BEFORE the instant of the incident). But anyway when my penis was hard enough we started having penetration sex. I don’t think that my penis was really in its "absolutely fully hard" state (as for example it almost always gets during masturbation) but nonetheless it was hard enough in order to insert and penetrate the vagina. Anyway at some point while I was thrusting hard the girl’s vagina (with my not “ultimately hard” but “hard enough” penis) in the so called "doggy style" my penis slipped out of her vagina and knocked on her pelvic bone. After the collision I think that the subsequent motion of my penis was to slip upwards. Upon the instance of the collision I heard a popping noise but I am not sure whether that was a cracking in my penis due to bending or just because of the collision of my penis with the bone. In any case I don’t think or felt that there was a bending of my penis during the collision. At least, not a noticeable one. However when that incident happened I immediately lost my erection. But I didn’t feel any pain. I didn’t develop any hematoma. Anyway 2 minutes after the incident I resumed having sex with the girl. We went again through foreplay in order to stimulate myself and achieve an erection although any erections I could achieve could only last 0.5-3 minutes. I finally managed to ejaculate after an erection that lasted about 5-6 minutes. By the way all the erections were not "ultimately hard" but as I said previously that was already the case and before the incident. After the sex intercourse finished (after 80-90 minutes since it begun!!!) I examined again my penis and when I urinated I didn’t experience any discomfort.

Today 24 hours after the incident I still don’t have any symptoms of a classic penile fracture like swollen, bruised or black colour penis. No hematoma. No curvature. No discomfort or blood during urination. The only problem is that since my last ejaculation yesterday I didn’t have any erection. I didn’t really try to stimulate myself anyway. Apart from no erections since then, today I also feel a very light (almost unnoticeable) discomfort on my penis shaft. Also on the centre of the penile cylinder (on the back side when you see it from above and the penis is in flaccid state) I can notice that the skin colour is slightly darker than the rest. Not red or black, just very "slightly more brown".  The area of this discoloration is very small (like 0.4cmx0.4cm or so). I can say that if I was not so worried about what happened yesterday I would most likely haven’t observed that small “slightly more brown” area or I would thought that it is natural and always existed.

So that’s my story. Do you think that it is something serious despite having no serious symptoms? Is it possible that the fact of me having no "ultimately hard" erection during the incident really saved me from the "classic" penile fracture? Do you think that if I visit an urologist, he will proceed with a surgical treatment or would he give me some non-surgical treatment? Or would he just tell me that there might be a very insignificant trauma (on a vein or so) that will heal itself if I avoid having any sort of sexual activity and erections for some period? But what is then the possibility of any long term effects or complications?

Thanks in advance

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Hi there!

Well, with the description given this does not sound like a fracture. Although a minor injury is possible, since there has been an erection after the episode, I would not suspect this to be anything to worry about. A partially flaccid penis could have saved a major injury. I would abstinence for a few days to give time for the injury to heal. If there has been any. If the symptoms continue beyond 1-2 weeks you may consider an evaluation by a urologist to look for secondary issues and suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
Hello Doc,
I think I'm having the same problem. My penis does erects just for 5-6 mins. And I think its getting blacker or darker day by day.
Should I consult a doctor? Is there something to worry? And are there any chances of healing it itself?
Pls reply.

Ved1995, have yours healed? I have similar problem, I accidentally bent my penis downward and hard cord-like vein appears from the base up to the middle of the shaft and branches to the left side of my penis. I have no deformity or swelling, but I do notice the skin of my penis gets slightly darken. The enlarged lumps are visible both during flaccid and erection, if I rolled the skin over these hard bumps they would not move (rolling sign). These vein bumps are giving me a mild burning and itching pain which gets worsen during an erection. Do you have these cord like bumps?
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I had a similar problem and I was wondering how and if your issue resolved. I'm really worried, but I have almost the exact same symptoms you described. Any help would be great.

Hello, has yours healed? I have the same problem, its been 3 years for you so just wanted to know if your problem had been solved and how
Are u healed bro I have same problem too
Are u healed bro I have same problem too
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Hi there guys. I myself am in a similar situation but mines a tad different. I sustained an impact injury at the age of 18 or 19. I am 32 now. That time I remember hearing a "pop" and felt a pronounced pain but wouldnt call it severe. I never had any swelling, bruising or anything and to this day I never had problems with erections nor deformity. Basically I'm perfectly functional. Never did anything about it as I never gave it a second thought. Thru the years I had been suffering from chronic pain that would come and go that starts at the base right side of my penis and 2/3's up on to the right side of my penis. In these last few months this pain has become chronic as I have it every day. I do believe I have a mild fracture halfway up my penis. I know this becus I can visually see a ring (on the right cylinder that bulges out a tad. I just feel it was never a complete tear. The mild fracture never affected functionality but the constant blunt nagging pain is driving me nuts! Anyone know if anything can be done to make this chronic blunt pain disappear?? I have a history of tendenitis on my right knee in where I had chronic non stop pain on the tendon or soft tissue but completely resolved only with the shot so I know my body isnt capable of ridding itself of chronic pain so I had an idea that perhaps getting a cortisone shot would bring the pain under control. I'm not talking about a cortisone shot directly into the Tunica albuginea as I know that will weaken and destroy the tissue but rather around it. Can anyone help here???? Also, dont kno if surgery is advisable after 13 years of not doing anything about it. I dont trust surgery as I feel it can just make things worseZ!
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i had the similar problem i was having erection but suddenly i lost erection i didnt here any pop sound or any bruises or anything but its not getting erect anymore its normal with my urine but i cant get my penis erect
Have you gotten it back now?
Hello did your problem get better? i have the same issue and I am trying to see if there's any hope.
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I had the exact same experience but she was on top of me.. Just that I did not hear any sound but it was painful at that moment. 2 hours after the incident I got worried after reading fracture articles n decided to masturbate n see if I get an erection, I got my penis erect n even ejaculated without any problem.. But M still scared, can u plz tell me if there is anything to worry about?
Ps- there is no purple/black penis, no pain since the short pain at the start, n I fail to see any swelling..
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I have been looking for a post like this for a long time I have also experienced an injury a couple of years ago but it did not fit the description of the typical fracture.I also got the injury during sex ol while on bottom hitting the pelvic bone. No bruising or swelling. Just a pop and some pain. I received a sonogram and a blood test and the doctor said the blood flow was fine and a lot I'd the issue was in my head. Every once in a while I will wake up with a very large erection and will experience pain afterwards for a few days on the right side of the shafts about 2 thirds of the way up where im guessing tbe injury occurred. I would describe the condition as more of a sprain rather than a fracture. I was wondering how this instance was resolved or any ways to get help or even a remedy. Its good to find something online that isnt about a full on fracture.  
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basically the same thing happened to me  i even tried to have sex again later in the day only to feel pain again. There is no deformity, is it possibly a vein in my gooch area? I'm still able to get hard and reach climax but my scrotum and right testicle are particularly sore with bruising down the center of the scrotum that expands with warm loose skin. It has been about 2 weeks. I feel relief when i hold my scrotum up
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I heard a popping sound from my penis when was rubbing my penis on pillow.
There are no such symptoms of penile fracture but I'm not getting erections even if I tried hard.
its nearly about 5 hours and still no erection.
please help me I'm worried.what should I do?
Hello, has your problem been solved yet? I have the same problem and haven't been able to get an erection in 3 days
Hello bro please help . Are u able to get erection now I can't.
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