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Minor swell right under the glans

Symptom started 2 weeks ago, when a swell appeared on the right side of the shaft right under the glans. It was red, pain when touched, burning sensation on meatus after urination.
My gp prescribed amoxicillin and antihistamine.

After 2 weeks there no more pain when touched, but the swell is still there. When erected, the skin feels tight and stretched around that area.

What might be the problem?
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It's good that the pain is gone.  What exactly did your doctor say the issue was?  An infection I take it since you were given antibiotics.  Swelling of the penis may respond to icing.  Don't put ice right on skin but wrap in something like a towel and try short period of ice to the area.  If you can take these types of things, Over the Counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen also may help.  But talk to your doctor for help.
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3 days back, I started to urinate freaquent. Almost like 6 times in 3 hours. When to another gp, who did urine test and found that I had UTI. I was prescribed cefuroxime and potassium citrate mixture for the uti, and rowatinex for precaution against kidney stones.

As for my penis, I was given some kind of cream to apply, but got irritated after 2 time use. The foreskin started to become red, and looks abit shiny with a thin layer of white dried skin visible when dry. I’m just cleaning with warm water now and hope the antibiotics will solve the problem for me.
Oh, thanks for that update.  The antibiotics should do the trick, give it a bit of time.  Take some ibuprofen or acetaminophen if you are able to help with swelling.  
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