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Mucus while urinating... AGAIN!!!

  Why do I keep experiencing mucas while urinating?
  This is the 3rd time in 3 months!
  A recent IVP test said everything was normal for me
  (I've had a recent Pyeloplasty operation due to
  congenital hydronephrosis).  I also had a cystoscopy
  done.  Both tests were normal.
  The past 2 times I had mucus while urinating, I was
  given Cipro for the infection and it cleared up.
  I don't understand why I keep having this, after
  the recent IVP & cystoscopy said everything was normal.
  What causes mucus while urinating?
  What tests would be advised to find out why I still
  am having the same pain & problems?  I keep having
  flank pain (on the same side as the Pyeloplasty operation).
  The IVP test took a long time for my kidney to drain,
  but it finally drained.  Would the pain be associated
  to the fact that the kidney takes a long time to drain?
  I would just like to know why I keep having mucus while
  urinating, and what can be done to take the pain away?
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Dear EBC,
It is difficult to comment on your assessment of passing mucus while you are voiding.  It is possible to pass mucus through the urinary tract if a segment of bowel has been used to augment or replace a portion of the urinary tract.  I would need to evaluate one of your urine samples and know more of your history before I could make a suggestion.  Since you have had manipulation of your urinary tract, the pyeloplasty, there may be some residual tissues that have become necrotic and were excreted.  My only other suggestions are retrograde ejaculation, were the sperm or a portion of the ejaculate goes into the bladder instead of being expelled in an antegrade fashion out of the penis and prostatitis which is sometimes associated with a clears discharge.(if you are a male)
In regards to the kidney pain you are experiencing, this situation may be secondary to a partial obstruction.  When the kidney backs up with urine it causes pain due to the stretching of the pain fibers in the renal capsule.  If you did not have a recent pyeloplasty operation the term for your symptom complex would be Dietl
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