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Muliple Vaginal Questions

Okay.  I have alot of questions and I need to answers for my own peace of mind.  

Let me start by saying I'm a divorcee who was married for five years and never had any abnormal vaginal issues other than uti, bladder infection, and yeast infection.  

I recently in the last 6 months have had sex with a new partner.  In the beginning I was fine.  Now in the last two months, we've had sex maybe twice because of issues going on with me and I wanted to make sure that all the problems were gone and not to irritate my vaginal areas even more.  

My most recent noticeable issues are/were:

burning irritating sensation around my vagina opening and near my rectum.  (now gone)

urgency to urinate, feels like urine is right near ready to come out, if I cough or press on my bladder the sensation gets stronger, and if I go to the restroom, sometimes I don't even have to go, (not gone) (had a pap and a wet prep last week, doc says nothing shows up in my urine analysis, she treated me for a yeast infection bc she said she thought that that's what was irritating my areas down there.)

lower left back pain, seems like it's my kidney but I'm not sure bc I don't know where my kidneys are exactly in retrospect to my backside) Wouldn't a kidney infection show up in a urine analyis?

My other issue is sometimes two weeks before my period, I get little specks of brown in my discharge like the color my period is when it first starts.  Is that normal?  I've never had that before until the last six months.  Can sex cause these kind of changes in your discharge, menstrual cycles?  I was on birth control the last 4.5 years and went off of it last November... sometime.  

Is it normal for me to have increased discharge during a bowel movement?  And why does my lower back hurt sometimes during bm or urination?

I hope you can help me!  I just had so many questions and want to make sure I'm healthy and have no issues.  =)

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I can't answer your questions.  I did have a few of these symptoms.  In my case I had a huge kidney stone that needed surgery to remove.  That was 5 months ago and still having issues with the kidney. I don't think the doctors would have given it a second glance based on my symptoms.  I feel the only reason it was persued was because of the constant blood in the urine that wouldn't go away - which lead to an x-ray.  Even though I had pain in my kidney, I kept thinking it was my ovaries.  The kidneys are up higher, but I thought the pain was just radiating.  
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Thanks for your input.  I hate not knowing... even doctors can miss things or misdiagnose you.  I just want to have peace of mind, and to know I"m healthy and have nothing wrong with me. =)
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Okay, I got home earlier and got a shower.  I went to the restroom and noticed after wiping my vagina that the color of my discharge had turned a tan/brownish color like it is right before I start my period.  It seems that I just had my period not too long ago, but I don't remember when the last day was.  What does this mean?  What does tan/brown discharge mean if it's not the beginning of my period.   I also mentioned to my doc that sometimes I experience sharp pains in my left side ovary or right above it.  She said something about it could just be during ovulation that I am getting those pains.  I want to know why I feel that sharp pain in my left side.  =(   Can you help... anyone?
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I am not a female but I have to say your symptoms are pretty much the same as my xWife had a few years ago.

She had the problem of smearing well after she had her period, it also used to hurt her when we made love, same problem with urinating.

She went to her GP who then sent her to a specialist, the results were  as follows.

She needed a cone biopsy of the Uterus, after tests were taken it was found that she had problems with the Uterus and she had to have a Hysterectomy, seems this problem could have turned to something much worse.

After a while she still had pain when we made love, in the end she had to get her Ovaries removed, one of them had a Cyst as big as a small orange growing on it, as far as I know she is going OK now.

I also had a defacto wife that had symptoms something like yours, she had a Curette (spelling), that fixed her up, no more pain or problems.

I have always taken an interest in any of my partners heath problems, having been married 3 times and had 5 defacto wives I have seen lots of what can go wrong with a woman, I sometimes feel Blessed that I am a Male, good luck and get yourself checked out.

PS, make sure you drink lots of Water, nothing better for flushing the Kidneys and all water works that are connected, I am saying that because I am one of the few males that suffer from UTI, so darn painfull.
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What's defacto? lol.  Just curious.
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Please get  checked for herpes!
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Why do you say Herpes?  =(
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I need to preface something also.  My partner that I have been sexual with in the last 6 months has been married three times, and has had multiple partners throughout his life.  But he used to be in the Army, so has been tested years ago for anything.  So how possible is it that maybe I might have something even though the tests come back negative?  I just don't understand why I have this urine urgency and discomfort feeling in my urethra and urinary tract.  Like my left side hurts sometimes.  I just don't know.  Isn't there supposed to be a doctor on here to give advice?
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A defacto relationship is what we in Australia call two people that live together as a married couple without being married.

I have a feeling that if you want help from a doctor on this forum you have to pay for it, not sure any other help is realy that good, some of the things that get posted on these forums would scare the hell out of you.

I guess everyone wants to help but as every case is different, help from others could be rather misleading, everyones experiences are different.

I post here if I get minor heath problems but when it comes down to the nitty gritty its best to see a real doctor, your health is the most important thing in your life, if you are not happy with the results you have been getting from your doctor find another one.

If you realy are fueledbyfaith dont waste time here, get seen too.

God Bless and Good Luck.
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yes, I have been to my doc... was just searching for more medical answers.. Thanks for your input.  God bless you as well.  Sorry about my defacto question.  I just never heard of that before.  

Oh, and I'm sure that stuff on here would scare me... but I avoid those scary topics for a reason.  =D
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