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My Foreskin is too loose

I restored my foreskin and since I'm very large especially thickness when flaccid my new foreskin is baggy and loose resulting in debris ie lint from underwear gets deposited under foreskin I have an appt sept 27 to see if they can narrow it it surgically? Is a scapel for the second time down there a good idea scared they'll circumcise me again
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It is common to find loose foreskin. For such a foreskin dorsal slits can be given to tighten the foreskin before going in for circumcision which is kept as last resort. Please discuss this possibility with your doctor.

Hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing. Kind regards.

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If I were you, I'd stay away from the scalpel. Any form of surgery has it's risks.

I'm not circumcised myself, but had a younger brother was had it done between the age of 5 or 6. He hated the result.

Over the last few years I have had numerous surgeries four of which my genitals were involved in. The one that surprised me the most was due to a hematoma after a vasectomy. After the hematoma was surgically removed, my left testicle was fixed in the scrotum and no longer moved free. In certain positions it caused the testicle to get pinched or squeezed causing pain. A year later I lost the testicle due to a Strep B infection.

An earlier incident regarding my foreskin took place after I had come out of the tub, and wanted to put our male cat into our basement to keep him from scratching our furniture. As I tried to pick him up at the top of the basement stairs, he managed to turn his head and bit down on my foreskin. Needless to point out that a cat's mouth is loaded with bacteria. I therefore went to the bathroom and cleaned the bite with peroxide. As it did not hurt much at the time, I went to bed and went to work the following day. By quitting time I noticed some discomfort but thought nothing of it and went home. When I took my shower I noticed that the foreskin was badly swolen. I decided to wait untill my wife and the kids returned home from a short trip. Once they had returned, I told my wife what had happened and after she had a good laugh she told me to see the doctor about it.
After I explained to the doctor what had taken place, he too had a goo laugh and after that told me to lower my pants and underwear to have a look at the damage. He told my wife and I that it would be better to leave things the way they were, as any surgical treatment could make things worse requiring circumcision. So I decided to follow the advice. I still had a hard lump on my foreskin where the cat's teeth had punctured the foreskin. About the cat we still have him and the two of us can stand each others company.

In 1998 I needed a urethral catheter due to other urological problems that I had (still have). At some time the foreskin must have gotten retracted and as I woke up in the morning I noticed that the foreskin was badly swolen, and I could not return it to the natural position.
When I consulted with our doctor at the time (a lady), she right away mentioned circumcision. I strongly let er know that it was not even considered an option, she prescribed me a steroid cream, and returned the foreskin to the usual position. It caused pain but she succeeded in getting it back. After about a week of using the ointment, the foreskin returned back to near normal. It took me a while of stretching the opening with my fingers before it was back to normal.
Besides those incedents, I have had two surgeries on both wrist for carpal tunnel, an ulna nerve release on both elbows, on transpose of the nerve on the right and two on the left. I have had a right inguinal hernia repair. A right inguinal abscess drained.
Some of these surgeries have had unwanted side effects. My most noticable was after a laft sural nerve biopsy. It has left me with little to no sensation in my left foot. It is like it is permanently a sleep. On top of it I ended up with a left dropped foot for which I wear an EFO brace. Due to neurological neuropathy, I have started to experience a foot drop on the right side as well.

Again If I were in your situation, I would not let a scalpel get near my penis. I am not circumcised and do not really have a loose foreskin. I have at times had lint and hair collect in between my glans and foreskin.
From early on in life I have hated to wear underwear and from the age of 8 my mom was not able to have me wear underwear. Still lint or fussies collect. Now at the age of 47, being married and having had three children, I still do not wear underwear and sleep nude. I often have my wife's hair get trapped between the glans and foreskin.

Should you get clipped again, it might prefent lint from getting caught, but it would not stop longer threaths or hair from winding around the glans or shaft. Lint or hair is no motivation for me to get clipped. To remain with my foreskin for the rest of my life, ist just my own preferrence.

All the best,

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