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My bladder never feels like it's empty

When I was a little girl I had issues with kidney reflux and was on a low dose of medication for years.  I went years without any issues and within the past 3 years or so I get non stop bladder infections.  I get one at least once a month and sometimes the doctor has to switch my antibiotics because they do not work to clear them up.
For almost a year now I feel the need to urinate on a regular basis like my bladder is full but when I go to the bathroom hardly anything comes out, just a trickle.  I know I don't have a bladder infection because I just had antibiotics for one a couple of weeks ago and the doctor said it had cleared up when she re-tested me.
I'm 4 months pregnant now and the pressure on my bladder is not helping my situation.  This is my second child but I'm finding that the discomfort is getting really unbearable.
I've mentioned it to my doctor numerous times about my frequent bladder infections but she said I'm just unlucky and prone to them.  I'm looking for ANY advice as to what it could be or what I could do to feel better.
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