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My bladder tumor is BENIGN!

Posted By Dianne on April 18, 1999 at 16:17:59
I wrote two weeks ago about the urologist finding a tumor in my bladder.  Since that time I have had an IVP with tomography and surgery to remove the bladder tumor, which was less than 2 cm.  The IVP was totally negative and the tumor biopsy report was negative for malignancy.  The urologist's nurse gave me this information by phone and said that the pathology did show that I had chronic cystitis.  I go for follow-up with the urologist in about 3 weeks.  I was so happy to learn that this tumor was not cancerous as I was never able to find any information about benign bladder tumors, and was beginning to believe they didn't exist.  My questions:  1)  What is "chronic cystitis"?  I have had UTIs in the past, but they have always cleared as far as bacteria, only blood remained.  2)  Would this "chronic cystitis" have caused this tumor?  Thank you very much for any information.  

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