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My kidney stones

Hi, wondering if someone can advise me on what to do about kidney stone?
About 3 month ago I pass blood when urinanting so I went for blood and urine test that come back clear also done a ultrasound that come back clear as well.
Now last Thursday I pass blood in my urine again so the doctor sent me for a ct scan and they found I have a 4mm located in the lower ureter about 10cm about the pelvic inlet, I have little attacks of pain nothing to outrageous they start from my back and work do to my groin but when I do I Am passing tiny bit of sand look stuff that's kind of grey looking.
Is this the stone breaking up or something else?
Also after the ct scan I had anther blood test to check what kind of stone it might be and it come back negative, so now I'm now sure what I should avoid I.e foods and drinks.
Any input on what in experiencing would be greatly appreciated.
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I'd also like to note it was only a gp and not a urologist I seen. My gp said I should just let it pass without pain meds or anything to aid in flow. I'm very unsure on her advice as she couldn't even show me the stone on my scan results and just went of the written report they provide with the scan.
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Hi Tim,

If the pain is not severe, there is really no need for pain control.  You need to increase you fluid intake, water is the best, as this will help move the stone quickly.  Normally, a urologist is not needed unless something unusual is taking place.  Many doctors do not read x-rays or mri's.  There are doctors trained to read them and then send a report to the attending physician.

Consider luckily man in that you are not screaming with pain as many people do when passing a stone.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your reply,
Since I posted my gp call me in to see her and referred me to a urologist. The urologist said that the place that done the ct and report had made a mistake in the report and the stone is actually 2-3 cm from my bladder and give me flomaxtra to help move it along and I should pass it within the next 2 weeks or so, if not I will be going for another ct to see if it has move at all. Fingers cross it passes soon!!
Once again thanks for your reply its much  appreciated.
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