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My penis head under foreskin pains, what should I do ?

I am a 27 year old male.Virgin. weight varies within 45-48 kg ( born underweight).

I have been masturbating since.. I think, age of 5, not even knowing what am doing. Have always done it against cloth (pants). It may seem super-odd, but, never have done it with hand untill I was 18. It was almost that time I understood my penis head gives so much pain on touch. For last one and half years, I have been experiencing more trouble. During masturbation, if I retract foreskin, almost at once I lose the erection. The penis head is sticky, and if I keep it out someimes, it gets super dry and again pains.

With one of the strictest neighbourhood in world, last month I told our general physician and he told me to clean it regularly- which am already doing for six months. The progress? I can touch it now, and sometimes in normal condition there is almost no pain (though it comes back after some time). But during erection, touching inside feels like burn.

The doctor gave a vitamin tablet and also was on medication for a fungal problem on belly few months ago.

Sorry for long post, but can anyone advice what is this thing I am through ? Does that mean I will never be able to get sex life ever ?
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Not being a Dr myself, I don't know the correct medical term, but it seems to me I remember reading about a condition where for uncircumcised men, the foreskin is overly tight & retracting it is somewhat painful. This is just a guess (NOT to be considered informed medical advice), but I wonder if you could be suffering from something like this? The 'cure' involves a simple snip of excess tissue (I think under General or possibly local anesthesia), which does NOT constitute actual circumcision & takes only a few min. This relieves the tightness & pressure & should help. If your regular MD can't help, see a Urologist. As for your worries about a normal sex life, I think this will turn out to not be a major problem, I believe a good Specialist (Urologist) can solve this for you & you should have a totally normal sex life. I'm sure eliminating this problem will result in much more pleasurable sexual experiences for you. Good luck, hope you find a cure...
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