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My son is 3 years old and was circumcised a few weeks after birth

Today I noticed that my son's skin that used to be completely attached to the head of the penis is now separated in one spot and he claims it hurts. I see a little redness but no blood or anything it just looks like a open pocket where the skin pulled away from the head of the penis. can anyone please tell me why this may have happened or if this is something I should really be concerned about because I put a little bit of neosporin where its separating for now. Please help
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The foreskin is usually fused to the gland of the penis.  It will naturally detach with time....  if he was playing with it or tugged it it may cause slight separation.  This is normal.   Neosporin is fine just keep an eye on it...  
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Thanks Yvonne for the comment.... you must really watch to make sure they don't retract or they will cause more damage... I am a medical professional. Registered nurse of 9 yrs in pediatric and adult surgery and  intact male
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