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Mysterious changes in penile texture and performance


To begin with, my penis is on the larger side, but in the past few weeks I have been noticing changes in texture both flaccid and erect.

- In the flaccid state, the base often feels firm or hard in the core and the veins are far more noticable than before.
- In the erect state, the penis feels rock hard and I get a great erection, but I feel like I have lost some girth and maybe some length because of the hardness.

It feels like the penis becomes rock hard and can't expand further to my previous girth size when I did not have these symptoms. For about a month ago when I did not experience this, my erection was probably not that hard but the penis tissue felt a lot more expandable if I tried to force more blood into it by contracting the PC-muscle. It was like a balloon, but now it is more like a solid plastic tube that won't inflate more than it can hold. I also come to close to the PONR much faster now than I did for about a month ago. Also, when I ejaculate it feels like the penis is so hard that it restricts the flow of semen.

Does anyone have a clue of something that can cause this or what I should do to get it back to where it used to? I just want my previous condition back!
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