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Never Ending urethritis

I try to keep this as short as possible. It all started 4 years ago with an acute severe prostatitis with high fever, which was successfully treated with antibiotics. After 2 months without any symptoms, a second acute prostatitis occurred, but it healed. Since 2020 it started again with abdominal pain, this time no fever as with the first prostatitis but this year a total of 4x bacteria were found in ejaculate Tests and urethral swabs and always were treated with antibiotics (up to 4 weeks usually). Now to the current problem. Now in 2021 where I was also treated again 3 times with antibiotics because of e coli bacteria, in Addition now foreskin and urethra inflammations occured. Since the last 4 week treatment with amoxicilin, everything has become somewhat better, but the urethra at the tip around the opening is consistently reddened and smoother than the rest of the skin on the glans, frequent feeling that the bladder is full and only little amounts of urine, now and then a burning sensation in the urethra when ejaculating and almost always during masturbation, the whole glans and the urethral opening Turns extremely red. I have tried just about every herbal method, chamomile baths, ointments and can't get rid of it. The only causes that come to mind are: the detergent with which I wash the underpants, agomelatin (valdoxan), a small skin that stretches Along the Wall Close to the urethral entrance that was dismissed by the urologist as harmless but often burns.

Maybe someone here has or had similar issues and might be able to help me out.
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