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New white stuff in urine? Not the usual cloudy

OK, lately I have been noticing different white stuff in my urine. I still get the occasional cloudy urine. But they seem less frequent now.
My urine sample I had a week ago came back with trace ketones and trace protein. The ketones likely because I hadnt eatin in 16 hours. And protein maybe because I was terrified all week about going to the Dr. They also noted "a few mucus strands" were found.

Lately, since I have been watching my urine more closely, I have noticed some little white stuff floating at the top of the water when I pee. Not alot. Just some right around the spot my pee stream went into.

I thought it was tiny tiny bubbles at 1st. But then I watched to make sure, and they didnt seem to go away.

What could this be? Could it be mucus? Could it be the result of the cloudiness not happening quite as often?(such as whatever was making it cloudy just clumping together now) Could it be signs of a stone?
Or could it just actually be tiny tiny bubbles or foam that dont disappear so fast because they are so small?

I am pretty confused. I still have not had any other symptoms. And my Dr didnt seem very concerned last week.

Could change in sleep habits effect urine? I am moving in a month, and my last day at my job was Friday. I used to get up at 3:30am everyday for work. And id split my sleep between a few hours a day, and a few hours a night.
Now I am finally getting lots of sleep per night now that I am off from work. Wasnt sure if this could cause anything to change due to digestion, or how my body is absorbing stuff.
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