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Next steps for Kidney stone DX and TX

I have a hx of kidney stone/infection.  Recently, have had all the symptoms, back-flank pain, nausea, extreme exhaustion, which comes and goes.  Went to Physician's Assistant (MD not available), who just said drink more water.  Did so, but I am worried that I am not passing the same quantity I am inputing.  My weight from last week to now has gone up by 8#, but there is no ascertainable edema in legs, feet or hands.  Do I try MD again, ER, to get a urologist appointment.....?

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I am impressed with how much you understand about kidney stones and how proactive you can be.
You do need to get evaluated by a urologist. You might try calling one for an appointment or contacting your family physician for a referral that his/her office may be able to make happen sooner than you can on your own. You need a urinalysis, physical exam and probably a CT scan without intravenous contrast.
Your weight gain may be related to your overall kidney function not being up to par given blockage from the supposed stone, but also may be due to the bloating and delayed passage of intestinal contents that can occur with a stone. Your lack of edema makes me suspect the latter. A blood test for a substance called "creatinine" can readily provide information about your kidney function.
Rather than asking for specific tests, get evaluated adequately. You may have to go to an ER to get the ball rolling, but one way or another, get in to see a urologist soon.
Good luck!
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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I am adding on to my previous question:  Should I get tested for UTI????  I have some discomfort at the end of urinating .  I am continuing to gain weight.....
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Thank you for your response.  Yesterday, the first day my regular MD was available, I went in to see her.  She ordered blood tests and urinalysis (a screening urinalysis didn't detect bacteria, but did detect a small amount of blood) at the lab and I was squeezed in for a CT scan.  Apparently, in this community you don't see a urologist until the presence of kidney stones and the need for intervention is established.  I find out Friday.  

I have some questions about the pain.  Sometimes it is pin point and sometimes it is more diffuse and seems to refer to both sides even though my rt side seems to be the primary source (historically also).  Sometimes there is no pain.

When I had my first stone at the age of 49, it was found to be a calcium-oxylate stone.  I was given a list of foods to avoid that was not consistent with a heart healthy diet.  My then urologist (who has now retired) also recommended drinking lemon juice and water, morning and night to affect the PH of my kidneys.  I wonder if you could comment more on prevention....  I would also like to know just how much water needs to be consumed daily (size of glass please) and why other liquids are not the same as water....

This is the first time I used an internet forum.  It is valuable for our doctor shorted community.  

Thank you.
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Well, I am confounded, as is my MD.  All the tests came back negative, no stones, no enlarged organs.  Now my MD is thinking pinched inflamed nerve.  Would that present the same symptoms as a kidney stone?  I have had confirmed kidney stones in the past and this feels the same.

Tomorrow I am supposed to get an x-ray of my spine.  Any suggestions?????

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