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No doctor around - PLease Help Doc! Red bumps on penis / feeling to urinate

My job has me currently in a remote location.  I get back in a week but the next week will kill me if I don't get some help on this issue.  Six weeks ago I was having continuous unprotected sex with a girl.  Two weeks later I had protected sex with another girl.  2 Days after that I had a slight white discharge in the morning.  Went to the doc - got antibiotics, was tested for chlamydia and ghennorea, both tests came up negative.  The discharge went away because of the antibiotics.   Both of these girls swear they have been tested and are fine.
So, a couple weeks after all that I had protected sex with a third girl.   She also performed oral sex on me.
About a week after this encounter I noticed some weird things goin on downstairs - felt like I was dribbling pee when I wasnt, and had to pee when I really didnt.  Right after I would pee I would dribble more than usual and feel like I needed to pee again.  There is no discharge.  I have been unable to return to the doc about this feeling due to being on this trip.  I still have it.  I dont know if it is a continuation of something from the discharge.. or from this third girl.. or maybe all this is due to a prostate problem?  
Now today I was looking around and found tiny red bump on the head of my penis.  And an even tinier red bump on the other side of the head of the penis.  I havent seen or felt them before but when I spread the skin apart and touch them they are sensitive - painful to the touch. I did have molluscum a couple months ago and they arent completely gone so maybe its this?   My questions are: if you contracted herpes would you get a discharge, then urinary problems before the bumps would show?  I feel no other symptoms.  It is two isolated extremely small red bumps..
I'm either thinking I got herpes and everything is from that.  Or I just had a UTI, the peeing sensation is from constrictions?  I have no idea please help me with any information you can provide me.. thanks sooo much.
And I realize I am an idiot.
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Doesn't sound like herpes. It sounds like you are spending way too much time staring at your penis. If these red things are THAT small, I bet they have been there for a very long time. I think you have more anxiety than anything and that can manifest you to have all sorts of symptoms...
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I would also wonder about prostate.  When you get back from this trip, I'd get a prostate exam done.  This isn't at all sounding like herpes, and the meds you took would have cured gonorrhea or chlamydia.

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