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No erection after trauma ?please help

Today my erected penis got hit by my underwear elastic. Immediately I lost erection. There was pain but after 10 second it subsided.  After that I haven't got a single weak erection so far. There is no bleeding or bruising. No pain while urinating or  in general. But I can't get a erection. What should i do . Is it penile fracture

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And I am just 19
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I highly doubt you have a fractured penis just from underwear elastic hitting your erection. Uou're probably just overly worried about this, and worry or anxiety can interfere with erectile function. Just relax & I'm sure very soon you will have a normal erection again. If for some reason this issue doesn't clear up on its own, then see a Dr, if your regular Dr cant help, then see a Urologist. But I doubt you'll need to take it that far.
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Thanks  bro .  I  am worried a little  because I immediately lost erection and there was some pain. There's no bruising or pain or sign of blood.  I am thinking. Of giving  it some rest for a week in case of mild injury. As I study in medical college , I think It will easy for me to see a urologist
No bruising or blood is a good sign. Hey, that's great that you have easy access to some good medical opinions. Hopefully this will just clear up on its own, but if not, you've got some great resources right there.
Bro one more quoting . I am 19 and I rarely  get morning erections. Like once a week and they are weak too. I watch too much of porn and masturbate everyday. Is everything fine with me . What should I do to get my morning erections
Back. I am just 19
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