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No penile sensitivity during sex

53 year old diabetic male
After a hiatus of 15 years, I find myself in a sexual relationship.  From the start, I had ED, which seems to have been resolved by 20mg Cialis.  I also have virtually no sensation/feeling in my penis during sex.  This has 2 effects - the first is that without friction/sensitivity, I have yet to come during sex.  I am perfectly happy to make this a lesser priority for now as giving my partner pleasure will give me pleasure.  (I can climax after sustained masturbation).  However, although it may seem humerous, I can not feel what is happening at the end of my penis or where it is.  So while I am happily thrusting away, I might just be thusting around the outside, and doing nothing for her, and the lack of sensation and her lack of excitement can leave me thrusting with a flacid penis.
I suppose I am looking for suggestions, but a wonder-pill to regain sensitivity would be fab!

(Back story - circumsised age 20, married 25 years but not very active - looking back, wondering if that was because of sensitivity probs possibly caused by circumcision)
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I sincerely hope someone with medical training can jump in & provide an answer. 1st, it’s not unusual for guys to lose some sensitivity as we get older, and may be a little worse for diabetics, as I think that can cause some nerve damage. 2nd, I’m not aware of anything that could increase sensitivity - maybe someone else knows. I think the best thing you can do right now is let your partner know you can’t feel much & just say, hey, look, if I’m missing the target, just let me know & guide me to the right spot. I don’t think she’d mind you saying that at all, she probably will think it’s great that you’re more concerned with her pleasure than your own. Also, I’m pretty sure she’ll understand that this is not your fault & youre doing the best you can. Not sure if a circumcision at 20 could affect your sensitivity, but it seems to me that’s a possibility. Hopefully someone with medical training in this area could offer an opinion on this & maybe provide a solution to this numbness problem. Good luck to you...
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