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I'm 19, male, healthy (5'5, 130lbs) and have had an ongoing problem of frequent nighttime urination for the past 2 and a half years; it was only about last summer that I decided to see a doctor about this problem.  I was given both a blood and a urine test; nothing special or out of the ordinary on both. I decided that it may have just been a growing problem, and resolved myself to wait it out for a while.  About 2 months ago is when I decided to see the same doctor again, as the problem was becoming unbearable and costing me to many hours of sleep.  I was given another blood  and urine test (I was also given a prostate examination so as to rule out whether it was a prostate problem or not; nothing was found, and I have a healthy prostate).  Nothing was found on the blood and urine tests, either.  I was given a 24 hour urine test and another blood test on my follow up, and as expected, there was nothing out of the ordinary on either of those, as well.  I was recommended to another health care specialist to get an ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder; again nothing was found and there were no signs of "postvoid residue". After i got the results, I was recommended to a urologist who put me on imipramine (1 pill before bedtime everyday FYI). I started taking it last thursday and so far no significant results have been reached. I also started taking a homeopathic remedy called conium mac 30 that I thought would help; I started taking that yesterday and no results yet.
One other thing: the last time I masturbated, a sort of urine like substance preceded the semen. This happened while I was taking imipramine, and in my opinion I think that it might be a side effect of it, as this has NEVER happened to me before.
At any rate, I just wanted to know what the best prescription for my case would be, as imipramine doesn't seem to be helping at all yet, and I am desperate for some sleep and some sort of decisive solution to this whole mess.
Thank you in advance.
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Well, there’s a whole lot of causes of Nocturia but the important ones which need to be ruled in your age are diabetes mellitus and diabetes inspidus, kidney stones, prostatitis,irritable bladder,hyperparathyroidism. I’ll suggest you to consult a nephrologist and try to find out the underlying cause of nocturia. Meanwhile, to lessen the frequency of nighttime urination, you can cut down on the amount of fluids you drink in the evenings. Drink no caffeine after noon and no alcohol after your nighttime meal.
I sincerely hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Kind regards.
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