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Normal Testosterone Levels

What is considered a "normal" testosterone level for a healthy 45 year old man?  I have been suffering from a variety of symptoms consistent with low testosterone: low sex drive, lack of morning erections, less intensity during ejaculation, less hard erections, irritability, etc..  I had my doctor run blood tests and everything came back normal.  Testosterone was 257 on a scale of 241 - 800.  Doctor says this is normal and will not consider hormone treatments.  The only medication I take is a statin, which has lowered my cholestorol to normal levels.  I am not overweight, nor do I feel depressed.  This has become a major quality of life issue, as my wife is feeling somewhat undeisrable and neglected. I'm not ready to give up on a healthy sex life, but now that my doctor has determined thal all is "normal," I'm not sure what my next step is.  I have unable to find a chart that lists normal testosterone levels by age.  I'm hoping that if I could find some evidence of what I suspect (that my testosterone is indeed low) then I might be able to convince my doctor to consider treating me.  Can you help?
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When I was in my early 30's I started feeling depressed, mood swings, lack of sex drive, and started to gain weight for no apparent reason.  My wife convinced me to see a psychiatrist.  For about  5 years I was put on all different kinds of psych meds to figure out the problem with no luck.  My marriage was in shambles.  One day at a routine physical with my doctor he decided to check my testosterone level.  It was 90.  He was shocked and I had to come back a week later and it was 86.  He took me off all psych meds and put me on Androgel and it worked for a while but it is kinda messy and you have to be extremely careful not to let any get in contact with your wife or kids.  My testosterone level went up to around 500 quickly and I have not felt that good in many years.  Turns out it wasn't a psych issue but a hormone issue.  He said it was like a male menopause i just started early. The androgel started to not work as well and he put me on injections.  I have been taking 1ml or 1cc every 10 days and my numbers remain evened out instead of the up and downs like the lady earlier talked about what her husband is like.  The key is, like others have said, is to find the right doctor.  Mine is an iternal medicine doctor.  Low T leads to bigger issues later in life.  I'm 42 now and doing great.  Don't spend 10 years trying to figure it out like I did.  I about lost my wife, kids and possibly myself.  It's a fixable issue and remember doctors work for you not the other way around.  Good luck and get checked out.
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Hello Dr Veena,

My father is 73yrs old and his recent blood testosterone level is 42 on the range between 300-729.  I know this is very low and what actions can you suggest he take to raise and maintain the normal level.

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I would like to add my findings for everyone, I just got my results yesterday. My T level was 204 at 44 years of age, My doctor  informed me that his scale was 398 to 800 for a normal T level and added that I had half the testosterone of the average male, The scale was actually printed on the test result sheet. I received my first shot that day. 1 ml of Depo Testosterone every two weeks. Good Luck I hope this kinda helps.
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Why is there always some ahole who feels the need to berate others and preach about how they should be doing things? Your comments arent helpful. these guys are just looking for a way to feel better. There is nothing wrong with eating healthy and exercise, but thats not the answer to everything. Im glad you have been able to satisfy your wife with a low testosterone number but everyone is different. Some of us want to be at our peak and thats our choise. This thread is for those people looking for answers about normal test scores and info on how to deal with a stubborn doc. No one cares about your wheat grass diet and sex schedual. If your life is so optimal then how did you get onto this thread anyway?
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I'm a 45 year old that also had a terrible motorcycle accident at 35. My right leg was severed at the knee and broken in the middle of the femur, shattered tibia, and a clean break on the fibula. My left leg had a compound fracture of the femur and tibia. I had extremely awesome doctors that put me back together and I can walk and run because of their awesome work. I am married to a former suimsuit model and would never think that I would have a problem with Sex Drive! I used to get in arguments with my wife about not getting enough sex, but now, she wants to know why I'm not interested in her sexually and I don't have an answer for her. I used to be a major Horndog and want sex every night, but now, I don't really care. I love her more than anything, but I just don't have the sex drive I used to. When we do have sex, I can go for 30 to 45 Minutes without finishing, which frustrates me and makes her feel like she doesn't turn me on any more. I have every symptom of Low Testosterone, Fatigue, Depression, no sex drive, and belly fat, but the worst is that my wife thinks that I'm lazy and not turned on by her anymore. My testosterone level was 260 and my doctor said it was in the normal range, but I think that my "Normal" range used to be way higher and is what I need to be my normal self. I have a very understanding wife, but I'm worried about her loosing interest in me after being married for 23 years.
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thats what we are going on with us
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I'm sure you will see a HUGE difference getting off the pills. I was on them for about 13 years, 12 trying to not have back surgery and another trying to get over surgery. Addiction ***** and I'm still in pain but the pills took me to a bad place mentally and physically. I had been on the testostorone injections for well over a year before I got sober and had very little affect until I was drug free, but now I'm standing tall day and night. Level went from 157 to 635 and I'm on the low end of the amount, 1 cc. or ml, however its measured. The opiates played a huge part in my problem, I also took every kind of antidepressants ever made with no releif for my anxiety and depression. I'm 44 years old and fell like or better than I did at 20 and I'm on an even keel as well, mentally. But you may want to look at AA/NA for those opiates, if there's a real problem. "The Progam" and rehab allowed me to restart my life and life is good. Just being free of any mood altering medication and my T-Level being right has changed my whole world, hopefully it will for you as well!!! Keep in mind that its a long hard road.
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Did you ever resolve your health issues?
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If medication is the route you want to take, I have tried something that really worked well.  This may not be the route you want to take or perhaps it is.

   1st , I took provironum. 2 tabs/day for 2 weeks (plus vitamin e)
   Next,I took 4 shots of 1000iu of HCG over 1 week(plus zinc)
   Next , I took nolvadex and aromasin for 2 months.
  During the 1st 5 weeks my energy and sex drive was amazing  and then down for 5 weeks but after I finished the nolvadex and aromasin was finished I felt great and got my testosterone levels checked and they were much better  compared to the low levels in the beginning before I started this.
  This may not be the greatest method for all but it worked for me.  I would not mind taking test injections but once you go down that road you have to stay on it forever.  That is a big decision to make.  Especially if you are prone to balding or hypertension.
  Plus , it is true that 100mg every 3 weeks that some doctors are prescribing for injections is ridiculous .  Your GP doesn't have a clue about this issue and you cannot depend on him/her.  You would definitely be looking at something similar to 100mg every 5 days.  You don't want to have your levels bouncing up and down like a roller coaster . That can be very harmful both physically and emotionally.  You want a steady and consistent stream.
  That is why these pellets I have read about here sound promising as it seems the method is one of slow and steady delivery.
  THere is no doubt that SSRI's, caffeine, pain killers, smoking, obesity, and even propecia can cause these issues.
  If my levels drop again I will definitely look into the "pellets"  option.

  My friend takes 100mg of test every 4 days plus 4iu of growth hormone per day and he says he is loving life .  
To be certain though, there are countless reasons for a low test level, sex drive and energy.  This method worked well for me for now but may not address your issues.  \Best wishes
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Your numbers are too low if you are having the loss of erections and desire. You are in the normal range per the chart but if you have the problems you discribe then you would want to see your total test higher. I would first get an other opinion from an other doctor either a urologist or endocrinologist.
Next when you go to another doctor, tell them all your symptoms and have them do a complete blood work up checking everything as low testosterone can be caused by many things not just your testicles.
I started off with 115 total testosterone and im now at 880 doing self injections once a week and im now 45 years old. I also take Armix once a week to keep estrogen levels in range. Sex life and overall way I feel is great now.
One more thing, make sure you dont have sleep apnea. If you snore a lot get a sleep study done first as this can be the cause of all your problems including low testosterone. Fixing sleep apnea could cure all your other problems. If you dont have sleep apnea then procede as stated above.
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Start working out, i am 44 and my test just came back last week. I workout 4/5 times week and my testosterone is 908. If you lay around the house and just get fat and don't workout what do you think is going to happen. Your doctor should have told you this. Now you want to know where to send my check.      
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I am 44 years old 5.8 wiegh approx 206 been lifting weights for about 20 years lift most of the time, lift very heavy go three times a weak with 30 min cardio just got my blood work done to try to get testosterone replacement .Well got my test back and my testosterone level was 595 I am in solid shape naturally but was lookin to get little more size just going to train harder.
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I am 44 years old 5.8 wiegh approx 206 been lifting weights for about 20 years lift most of the time, lift very heavy go three times a weak with 30 min cardio just got my blood work done to try to get testosterone replacement .Well got my test back and my testosterone level was 595 I am in solid shape naturally but was lookin to get little more size just going to train harder.
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Dear Mr. aliveandkicking-
You are a MORON. Try eating right? try learning to spell "sicologist" I think you meant Psychologist. "Try see the glass half full and try getting out more? you writing here on a message broad your fine".... Who cares you can't get a boner and your wife is leaving you or cheating on you are you serious man? Low T can also lead to Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and many more severe health issues. Plus you feel like crap, Testosterone is what make us MEN, period. With low T its pretty hard to enjoy life because you are depressed and grumpy cant sleep are fat so do some research and learn to spell.  Again you are a MORON.
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Hey guys been reading a lot of posts, I have started Test-C injections talked to my GP who is a D.O. first and he told me that he had NO desire to help with low testosterone he would test me but unless it was super low not his deal. He said there are "those clinic with Doctor's that will do that" but he he showed no signs of helping me...... So I started reading a lot, a lot. I should say I am 40 yrs old lift 4 days a week and run 5-8 miles EVERYDAY so I put the work in but still not building muscle not loosing my gut yadayadayada. Like I said started reading went to a site hope this isn't taboo here... Steroids.com and got the scoope on all kinds of things and after doing my research thought I had lowT so I went to "One of those Doctors" and my total test came back @ 450 thats average for an 85 year old man, so anyway this doctor, he helped me! 200mg test-c once a week. So I guess do some research and remember its YOUR health and Your body don't let some one tell you what to do, period. As they always say GET A SECOND OPINION or a third or fourth there are doctors that will help you. Also I can not stress this enough do the research, most all current research shows these drugs aren't nearly as bad as the press has made them out to be, they are legal in almost all the world Canada, England, Germany, Japan etc. com'mon people  alcohol and smoking kill thousands every year, right? how many of you drink? or smoke? what's  the difference? you don't know anything about steroids really do you? but you do know you can die from a single over indulgence in alcohol right, just do your home work and if you think you could benefit from some help find a doctor to help and give it a try, if you do and find it's not for you want your a few bucks big deal, if it helps you may feel better than you have in years and your old lady will Appreciate the effort to also.
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You guys know there is a much better way to increase test levels than HRT, right?  It's called nutrition and lifestyle.

Increase intake of zinc and selenium.  Try eating oysters a couple of times a week, and 3-4 Brazil nuts, morning and night.  Combine this with plenty of fatty foods (cholesterol won't peak.  Cholesterol levels are more a function of insulin sensitivity/resistance than dietary cholesterol.)  Your body will need the cholesterol in fatty foods in order to manufacture hormones, including testosterone.

Of course, my evidence is purely anecdotal, but in three months, eating 6-8 Brazil nuts per day, with supplemental zinc, and a 5-10 minute, high-intensity, full body resistance training session (olympic lifting; multi-joint movements, and a reasonably hight weight) 3 days a week, along with consumption of a LARGE amount of fatty, cholesterol-laden foods, like bacon, milk, and a LOT of red meat, I lowered my LDL cholesterol levels by almost 40 points, increased testosterone levels from 233 to 645, lost 20 lbs of fat, and gained 20 lbs of muscle.

Sleep is another big part of the equation.  Sleep deprivation causes elevated cortisol levels, which exist in inverse proportion to testosterone levels.  Cortisol also, by the way, is part of the mechanism for downregulation of insulin sensitivity, which leads to, you guessed it, cholesterol problems.  Make sure you are getting adequate sleep in a completely dark room.  Not even the flashing red light from your alarm clock is ok.  Get blackout curtains, and cover up every possible light source.

Low-t can be a tricky beast to fight because you will, inevitably, stress about your condition.  It may make you feel like less of a man.  The stress you experience will cause your body to increase production of cortisol, which is a stress-hormone.  The cortisol will cause your test levels to decrease further.  It's a pretty vicious cycle.  You may also want to have your doctor check for levels of sex-hormone binding globulin.  It neutralizes testosterone and other sex hormones.  Total testosterone counts are not the same as free testosterone levels.  

Another helpful thing to note is that the amount of fruit your doctor tells you to eat is A LOT more than you need, and excess fructose will increase levels of serum albumin, which binds with testosterone, and renders it inert.  This is a bad thing.  Simply put, there are very few fruits you actually need.  Stick to things like blueberries, in moderation, which are very high in antioxidants.  Don't listen to people who tell you to eat apples for fiber.  You'll get more than enough fiber if you're eating healthy amounts of vegetables, and you'll get them without dumping nearly as much fructose into your body.

Can you tell that biochem is my research focus?  Lol.  Hope some of this is helpful to someone.
Hi SFG  Your information was a needed breath of fresh air.
I just started my journey doctors bloodwork etc.I have been doing a lot of research and was always leaning to a more natural approach.
At least after reading your experience and research I have renewed hope. Thank You Jim
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  Hey Ed,
Believe it or not what your going through is pretty typical. As a physician's assistant, at your age it is normal to have this. In fact sometimes it comes and goes as I see in patients on a frequent basis. If it persists I think you need another doctor. You are right it is a quality of life issue. 45 is not old and your sex life should go on for many years to come. Of course your doctor does not care about your sex drive. It simply is not considered in the field of medicine necassary to get hard erections with explosive climax results. as far as normal level of testoserone they say 200- 850 depending on what doctor you ask. now I have taken care of guys as young as 19 and men in their late 60's and the level I consider borderline is no lower then 350 and even this is low. Will give an injection and usally would like to see from the shot over 500. if not high 400's. I have had a great sucess treating patients with cycles of testosterone. My advice is to go and find out from a doctor who specializes in testosterone replacement therapy. who will monitor on a regular basis and takes you seriously. Find out about the risks and rewards of hormone therapy. I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.
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go see a urologist, I had same problem with family Doc and seen a urologist and now on testosterone replacement. ...been working real well, like an 18 year old again and I feel better. I am 42 years old
same here
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I am a 32 year old male with low testosterone and hypothyroidism and my testosterone at my first test was 298 then about 6 weeks later it was 199. My family Dr, started me on testosterone injections bi-weekly, and at my last test my testosterone is at 478.  

But my thyroid has started to stop working properly and my cholesterol and my triglycerides have both shot to over 300, and on top of that my insulin has declined and I am on medication for that also.  My weight had went from 285 to 360 in about 6 weeks.

I also feel that my bone density has diminished drastically, I just wonder if getting a shot of testosterone weekly would help boost my metabolism and help me shed weight along with getting my thyroid back to a productive level  
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There is a lot of great information on here. Not that we are all trying to compare level as we all are facing the same issues, however my test level is only 80 right now. I went to my family doc 6 months ago explaining to him the same things we have all said here. 6 months ago my test level was 90, I started injections. 1 shot monthly, did that for the past 4 months and now as of today my level is down to 80. Not good at all. It's not helping and getting very frustrating. Now we are going to try injections twice per month and see how that goes. With a level of only 80, no wonder I can't get myself to do ANYTHING, I feel so tired all the time. Suggestions?
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