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I'm having issues after using a band on my penis. I bought a cheap bander and attempted to try if t waasto tight well on the try the band popped off to my surprise and immediately disappeared into my skin. I would not of thought that my penis would have swallowed the band that fast. I panicked and must have passed out. I came to to my penis aching around the band and numbness toward my head.  Not wanting to embarrass myself I tried getting it off which I blacked out a few more times. I finally decided to use a hobby knife to attempt to cut it I was shaking so bad blacking out. Upon finally cutting until it broke my penis is bruised where the band was and I have yet any feeling. Will it come back my head is cold to the touch and off color from rest of my penis. And I haven't had a true hard erection when I start to get aroused my penis takes a 90degree angle to the left now at the band point
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