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Occasional penile pain after a minor injury

A week ago, I had an accident during a sexual foreplay, during which (due to speed) tip of my erect penis was bent backwards for a second. I felt a sharp pain and stopped immediately to see if anything was wrong. The pain went away in the matter of minutes and there were no visible marks of injury (I read about penile fracture afterwards to know what to look for). Couple of days after the incident, I started feeling short, sharp pain right at the middle of my penis. It doesn't last for more than couple of seconds and appears 3-5 times a day. Is this serious, or is this simply a consequence of what happened and I should wait for some time to recover? I read penile fractures hurt a lot. This feels more like scratched skin (only on the inside) and is completely tolerable.
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Hi there!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation, it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. This could have been a minor injury or a fracture even with little symptoms. If there is no difficulty with erection, a fracture would be unlikely. Nevertheless abstinence would be advisable for the next 10-14 days to help in healing. If the symptoms continue beyond 1-2 weeks, I would suggest seeking an evaluation by a urologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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I should also add that I notice no problems or pain during urinating or ejaculating.
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Hello, I had a similar accident where my penis was bent; except it was more in the middle and at the base. It was slightly bruised and I do have a burning sensation, especially when peeing. It happened a few days ago, and it is still pretty sore. The bruising was never serious, and it is almost gone. I've been getting full frequent morning erections like clockwork so it's still working, and I doubt it was a penile fracture. I haven't heard of a middle ground injury, but is that what this could be?
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