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Ongoing testicular pain, what are the upcoming things I should expect?

4 months ago I went to A&E because of severe pain in my testicles however after an examination the Dr prescribed oral abx, which didn't help. A GP at another hospital did an examination, he explained he had had torsion and that he was sure this was ruled out, prescribed me the next oral abx and after no improvement, I have waited another month to see if I would recover as what was suspected was epidymitis, which I was told could take a while to fully recover, but I went back to hospital, was admitted for blood tests and ultrasound which returned with nothing of concern whatsoever. Discharged and given an appointment with a consultant in 6-8 weeks time.

I have two large lumps that form when I get aroused for anything over 1-2 minutes at the base of each testicle, sometimes growing so big they can be visibly observed.

My main question is having had blood and ultrasound now done and a scheduled appointment with a consultant, what questions and tests should I be expecting moving forward?
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Have you seen a Urologist? You mention seeing a GP, but re: the lumps, I have no idea what that could be, but this is smthg to discuss w/ a Urologist. I would  think they might wanna do a urinalysis as well as a prostate exam. Your symptoms do sound like epididymitis, but sometimes Prostatitis can cause similar symptoms, so I think they might wanna check for that just in case. Even tho you already had blood tests, they may order more - when they do a Lab analysis of a blood sample, they only check for the tests that are ordered, so if there was smthg they might’ve missed last time cause it wasn’t one of the tests specified, they might wanna go back & test for that as well.

But I’d advise w/ this type of problem - especially when previous diagnosis & treatment didn’t fix the issue - that you shoujd definitely see a Urologist. Good luck & let us know how you’re doing, hopefully you find a cure. Both Prostatitis & Epididymitis can be difficult to treat & can take awhile to recover, so be patient. I’ve had both in the past, and both took awhile to get better, but did eventually...
Thanks for your response, I have an appointment lined up in a few weeks with a consultant urologist, I have been checked over by the staff on the urology ward + bloods/ultrasound/urine test etc.

Prostatitis is an unlikely cause they said (bloods were fine), epidimyitis was ruled out through blood test and ultrasound, torsion ruled out due to duration + physical exam. They didn't see or feel the lumps in person or ultrasound but they only swell once I get aroused, my current suspicion is a variocele but I'm not an expert so I'll have to wait for the consultant to see me and see where we get.

It's a strange one, it puzzled the urology ward. A small ward of 8 beds and a front desk and I was hearing them discussing it quite vigorously lol.

It's the amount of pain that's being caused which is a major problem, I know they say rate 1-10 but the pain is constant and goes up and down on the scale, to the point it been the worst thing I've ever felt, worse than any of the surgeries I've been through lol.

To put it into perspective I'm a healthy, no underlying problems, in good fitness and 18/19 years old (also been cleared of sexually transmitted infections through blood) so it is a little strange.

I'll keep checking back here and also won't be one of the guys who gets a problem resolved and leaves the thread, it's in my interest to inform others, because there are cases of a very similar problem on the internet but not many at all.
Thx for your add’l input, abOne. Yours sounds like a very difficult case, but that’s not all that unusual w/ these types of prblms. Don’t give up, keep seeing Dr’s until you’re satisfied you’ve got a correct diagnosis & a treatment that works. Keep asking for references to add’l specialists - sooner or later, someone is gonna figure this out...
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