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8 days ago, i felt a a pain(like muscle pain) on my pennis , it came and go 3 times, and dissapear,  for the next 3 days i did not  feel anything  but 5 days ago i start feeling a bother sensation on my pennis with a small pain athat come and go,(it is not constant) friday i went to see the dr. he check my gland and urethra , he said urethra was redish, he took sample for clamidya and gonorrea (test stilll pending as for today) and he gave some medication ( doxycyclin 100mg,  next day i went to another dr to see what he will say, he chek my pennis and did not find nothing externally, he request me a urine sample. and he runne it right away to see if i have infection, he said i have no infection but send the rest of the sample to the lab for a cultive(still pending) last night i start feeling the pain coming more often and painfull, so i went to emergency, dr look at my pennis did not find anything and took as urine sample to see if i have blood in the urine, he said no blood in the urine and he send me home  he told me to follow up with my general dr.
the condition of my pennis so far i loo, its ok, i have no a rash or bump or ulcer, i just have a black mole , drs sais its ok, so far my glande looks ok.
dosent hurt when i urine
dosent hurt whent my pennis is erected
dosent hurt when my pennis ejaculate.

test for clamydia and gonorrea and the urine microscopic tes is pending , i will have result tomorrow.

dr i am very afraid about cancer on my pennis.
is it posible to have a cancer inside the pennis? because on the outside so far my glande and urethra looks ok!
if the cancer is inside , does  it urts when i  urine?
doctor say no blood in the urine!!!!!!!!!
does it rule out cancer in the pennis?

pleace i will aprreciate any comment
best regards
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Thanks for posting your query.

I can understand your concern for the penis pain but it is not the only presenting symptom of penis cancer. Possible signs of penile cancer include sores, discharge, and bleeding and none of these you are having. Other symptoms include redness, irritation, or a sore on the penis or a lump in the penis.  Cancer penis can present with blood on urination and painful urination as well.

You have not mentioned your age but penile cancer is mostly found in men who are more than 60 years of age. Other risk factors include phimosis, HPV warts, poor personal hygiene, multiple sex partners and using tobacco products.

It is unlikely to be penis cancer from the only symptom of penis pain but you need to get the penis examined from a urologist and get the cause of penile pain found out. Penis cancer can be diagnosed by physical examination and a biopsy which is removal of cells or tissues so they can be viewed under a microscope by a pathologist to check for signs of cancer.

The penis pain that you are having can be due to genital herpes or another infection. Additionally, prostate inflammation, urethritis (an infection of the urinary tube frequently caused by gonorrhea or chlamydia), and sometimes sickle cell anemia can also cause penis pain. Penis pain is the usual presenting symptom followed by appearance of genital blisters or painful sores. Other than that prostatitis also needs to be ruled out. It is also possible that sitting on an inadequately padded surface or for prolonged periods of time is causing transient irritation to the prostate. This could be appearing as the pain in the penis.

You will need ultrasound, X-ray, and computerized tomography (CT) along with prostatic fluid examination along with prostate specific antigen and viral serology tests to rule out these conditions.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you get better soon.

Wishing you good health.

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in the last 12 hours in sensation its getting worst, now i have a pain on my low abdomen.
i search online about penile cancer, and symptoms are as u said, a lump or open sore, or rash on the gland more often on the top of the penis, but i don have any of those.
let me ask u one more question
is possible that cancer is inside the pennis?
not on the surface?(gland,foreskin,urethra etc)
and if it is inside, will it cause blood in the urine?
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i am 30 years old, none circuside but always cleaning well, have a wife, always use protection when sex. ALWAYS
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