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i will write EVERY symptom that i am experiencing. If you dont see it on here, then i do not have it.

Hi everyone,

I am a 16year old male. I've have never had vaginal sex before but i have oral sex regularly with my girlfriend. However i have had this problem before i had any sexual activity what so ever. About 2 years ago, i started to experience significant decrease in my urine flow all of sudden. My pee began to dribble after urination and i started to experience very weak orgasms as if it happened over night. I used to have a really fast urine flow (i remember that i would even splash at urinals) and i could get really strong orgasms. I felt as if all of these problems in my reproductive area had just hit me all at once. Also, i am easily prone to getting "blue balls" with my girlfriend.. if that helps at all.

I believe that i might have prostate problems. Sometimes i will feel a swelling and enlargement in the area between my testicles and anus; which is where the prostate is located. I will also feel weird spasms in my anus once in a while, along with cramps there when i hold my "Number 2" for an extended period of time. I will also feel a similar pain in that area once in a while after a strong ejaculation (with a weak orgasm).  I dont think my urine and sperm quantity has decreased, and unlike most prostate patients, i dont experience the frequent need to urinate nor blood in my urine/semen.

Sometimes i will experience sensitivity and very short stinging pain at the opening of the urethera that will come right after ejaculation AND urination (as if there is something that gets stuck in the tip of my penis when i pee). I also notice that i press down on the head of my penis, i will feel a small, hard lump that seems to be inside urethra. I think this could be blocking my urethra and causing my weak urine flow.

It seems as if i have a bump, flap  of some sort of excess skin directly my meatus, or urethral opening. It is small, about 5mm in length and width and is completely painless. It doesnt feel like a pimple or wart, it just feels like extra skin.  It touches the bottom part of the urethral opening and i think it even be coming out of it. the bottom half of the hole is a bit wider and spread apart because of the excess skin. I have also noticed that it become a bit swollen and pinkish in color after i ejaculate. I believe there might even be empty space in between the skin because sometimes a very small amount of sperm (or clear fluid) will leak through it. I actually believe that i had this "flap" of skin for a long time now, but i recently noticed that it increased in size after i started feeling a stinging at the tip of the penis. The skin isnt irritating to me at all, the irritation has to do more with my urethral opening itself. But i am still very curious as to what it is and if it may have any relation. I can provide a picture of the skin if it is needed.

i think i might have a prostatis which is causing a urinary tract infection, but im not sure. I know it that it is not an STD because my girlfriend and I have never had real and oral sex with anyone else before we met each other; nor do i display many symptoms of it.

If any has similar symptoms or any ideas all, PLEASE reply to this post. Thank you so much

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(you can probably tell that i have done a lot of research on this prior to posting)
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