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my penis suddenly became small. why it happened i dont know, i never did sex with any girl, i used to masturbate twice in  week, iam really afraid this,  iam not able concentrate on anything,please help my it happens...is any problem with this. please help me doctor,,
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penis size can not be decreased
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Hi I'm not a doctor but in order to get a better understanding I need to ask you some questions and a doctor who does read your post will need these answers as well anyway,

1. How old are you
2. When you say it suddenly became small what do you mean by that? Did it seem to shrink into your body? is it skinnier or shorter?
3. Did the color change of your penis?
4. Have you had any recent changes in weight? This can contribute to changes in penis size
5. Any changes in your scrotum? (one side smaller than the other, either of them hot)
6. do you notice a bulge or pain in your lower area or around your penis/scrotum when you cough?
7. When you say you are not able to concentrate on anything is it because you are worried? or are you in pain?
8. When you say "when it happens" does your penis just change shape?
9. Depending upon your age, testosterone hormone changes and the natural aging process can be a factor as well.

Depending up your age you may or may not be aware that the male penis changes shape quite frequently. Stimulation can make it bigger, lower temperatures can make it shrivel up and very small (some guys lovingly refer to this process of shrinking called 'stack of dimes')

Masturbating twice a week is not a cause for this so don't feel guilty or ashamed. In fact, masturbating is very healthy and normal and is good for your body and mind.

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