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Pain After Urinating

Occasionally when I urinate after sex/ejaculation I experience a painful and burning urge to go back to washroom and urinate again. It happens only if I urinate after having sex.  After about 5 minutes I feel kind of a chill and dryness all over my body, then comes an urge to urinate again. I feel a burning sharp pain in my urethra kind of the tip of pines. I pee again but after a minute the urges to pee comes back. It feels like I am not being able to completely empty my bladder but I know the bladder is completely empty. I will go to toilet again and try to pee but since the bladder is empty only a few drops comes out. It is difficult to describe the discomfort; it is a repeated painful urge to empty the bladder. I can’t even describe the discomfort and that is why I have never been able to discuss it with my doctor because for some reason I believe the doctor will not understand it. It is a pain throughout urethra and further inside. I am not sure but I think it is accompanied by a slight burning sensation in anal canal as well. It is basically an extreme urge to pee on a completely empty bladder. Within 15 minutes I urinate or try to urinate about 5 times and that is on empty bladder. Generally the discomfort lasts for about 30 minutes from the time of the first urination. Sometimes it feels like some hard particle of some substance is stock in urethra and I want to pass it out by urinating and when urinating it feels like that hard particle is passing through the urethra canal; hurting the urethra or bruising it as it comes out. I saw a posting by an individual in the internet who experienced the same problem in which he observed his urine color; he said the color was foggy as if there was a chalky or powdery substance mixed with urine. I am not sure but I think I have seen that kind of a foggy color in my urine.

There are thousands of people in the internet complaining about the same problem. They have done all kinds of tests however they have been told that they there were nothing wrong with them. From the information posted by these individual on the internet; I gather that the cause of the problem is the result of excessive masturbation at young ages causing permanent damage to the urethra which can only be corrected by surgery. Others believe that it is caused by too hard ejaculation resulting in hurting and bruising the urethra (specially an already damaged urethra as a result of masturbation). Some individuals believe it has something to do with over-used or swollen prostate pushing the bladder and hence causing an urge to urinate over and over again. There are others who believe that the semen goes from the prostate gland into bladder casing the painful urge to pass out the semen by urinating. Others experienced if after sex they abstain from urinating for about 30 minutes; the discomfort will not occur. Most individuals observed that the chances of experiencing the discomfort significantly increase if they follow the following pattern: consume alcohol, then have sex and then pass urine.

I don’t know if a delay in starting to urinate is related to this but I also experience almost a minute of delay in starting to pass urine. Urinating is always accompanied by a burning sensation. I feel a sharp pain as the first drops of urine travel along my urethra, especially near the tip of the pines. It feels like some hard substance travels along the urethra with the first few drops of urine. However once I urinate; I am perfectly fine. Unlike the after sex problem; at other times I do not feel the urge to urinate again or experience any pain. Also when I go to public washrooms; I do notice that I urinate way longer than anyone else; I would say 3 to 4 times longer than an average person. Generally I visit the washroom more frequently than anyone else.

If this is caused by masturbating; I do not masturbate however I was excessively masturbating when I was a young boy which I think is the root of the problem. I am 44 now, I have a single sexual partner since age 21, and I am sexually active. All of the above problems have been with me since age 16. I would say in the past 28 years the discomfort has occurred to me some 20 to 30 times. In the beginning it was happening only if I had consumed alcohol before sex, however now I occasionally get the discomfort even if I don’t drink alcohol. I would like to add that I have never had the discomfort without having sex; it is always when I have sex and then urinate. I have no sexually related diseases or any other health issues however from my personal research over the internet the symptoms of chronic prostate/chronic pelvic pain syndrome are fatigue, impaired memory, discolored semen (yellowish), find it hard to concentrate, catch colds easily. I believe I have all of these symptoms specially the easily catching cold and fatigue.

Please advice if there is a precise explanation in the medical community in regards to the cause and treatment of this problem. Thanks,
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