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Pain after Inguinal Hernia Operation

Hello, I hope you can help me.In March 2007 I had an Inguinal Hernia repair operation on both sides after I had experienced bad groin pain for about six weeks. About three weeks after the surgery, I developed testicular pain in both left and right testicle with the left one swelling up dramatically. After going for a scan it was observed that I had a hydrocele on my left side. Six weeks after My original operation, I was hospitalised after I developed severe pain on the right side of my groin. The pain quickly spread to my scrotum and testes. Fearing that I had testicular torsion the urology team performed a procedure where they attached the testicles to my scrotum. They also repaired the hydrocele. They found no evidence of torsion. This was the first of my flare ups. These flare ups have continued to the present day (September 8th 2007) on an intermittent basis but almost always starting on right groin and radiating downwards. For several months it was believed I had epididymitis but despite numerous antibiotics being given, there was no change in my condition. I have had a CT scan which came up clear. Recently I have been prescribed Lyrica 75 gram. This is apparently the strongest painkiller that can be given and it has had no effect. No other painkiller has worked during a flare up. My pain management doctor has said I may need an operation if the situation persists. Have you ever come across a similar situation? I am a 26 year old male otherwise in quite good health. My problem has interfered greatly with the quality of life I have now. Thanks for your help
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I just had hernia surgery on Feb 13 I am still in alot of pain with it and I have developed a lump several inches from the right side tha was supposedly repaired I am in far more pain than before the procedure does this sound anything like what you experienced?
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I have an indirect inguinal hernia and need surgery.  I have read that medical professionals are advising against hernia surgery, if possible, because of the chronic pain that many people experience.    I was scared from reading that, but after reading this thread, I am terrified.  I am choosing to have the surgery because I am in a good amount of pain and would like to return to my athletic lifestyle.  One suggestion I read was to do research to find a good surgeon, but I do not know exactly how to go about that.  I tried Googling "hernia surgeons" and "hernia surgery" in my home town.  Only one result came up, but I can't find anything that tells if he is a good or bad surgeon.  The insurance company is going to send me the name of an Urologist who will do the surgery.  Can somebody give some advice on how to find out if a surgeon is good or not?  Thanks.
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I have had the same thing since 2000. I could not return to my original job because the physical needs were too demanding. I had a Hernia that was soo bad they had to cut out some of my intestines. The doctor kept telling me it would take a year to heal. I kept going to all the doctors and about 2 weeks to the year I was not healing, so I went to the the initial doctor and he told me to get some other insurance and get help somewhere else. I had to get a lawyer after that, because after 8 of the workman's Comp. doctors and all of them saying "keep taking the pain and nerve medicine" I realized I was on my own. After I got a Lawyer they sent me to Alta Bates where I was diagnosed with Nerve damage to my Inguinal nerve. The doctor there told me that the doctor who had done my surgery had either cut through the nerve, or sewn both nerves into the mesh. After 4 years and 2 nerve blocks later I got tired of the State following me around and taking video of me taking out the trash and watering the lawn. I tried to get work at my Lawyers request and this made things worse. I had told my Lawyer I had tried to work and I could not live up to their lifting standards . I worked with this guy doing odd jobs for a week and had to quit because I was in too much pain. I went to court later that year and they tried to use it against me, and my Lawyer acted like he didn't know anything about it. The Lawyer and the doctor down graded my disability status and forced me to settle for 50,000 dollars. It seemed soo shady what the doctor and Lawyer did. Do I have nerve damage or were they B.S.ing me to make money?? Here it is 2012 and I still have the stabbing pain and swelling in my groin, that is soo painful sometimes that it is paralyzing. I am 36 years old and I have lived with 12 years of Chronic pain and no Meds, or help. I will probably die young from this, but I hope other people and doctors can learn from our situations.
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If the told you you Have Prostatitis.  You Have to have your Prostate Massaged and the semin examined for bacteria. If its Bacterial Prostatitis you must be on an antibotic. I had Prostatitis for 12 years Buring while urinating testicles ached all the time and went to the bathroom at least 20 times a day. Horrible. Watch your Diet Very ImportantStay away from Sugar. No Chocolate. No Soda No Caffeine. Try it and let me know My name is George email ***@****. I had Prostate Cancer 4 years ago. Had my Prostate taken out. The Divinchi Robotic Surgery. Good Luck
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Hello Paul, is there way to get that dr's name? ***@****
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Hi there.
I read your story and I'd like to know the doctor's details who did your operation, as I have the same nerve problem since 2005.
I would like to know how you feeling now? three months in.
You can reach me on ***@****
Thank you for sharing your story.
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Try these two websites:


I'm having my own issues with the pelvic & groin area with no real help either. My pelvic area has swollen up on both, strained groin muscles on both sides, both hips, left side of my pelvic & tail bone have been out of alignment. I was told I tore the fascia in my pelvic area and that this injury is permanent. I also had an umbilical hernia that was repaired about 2 months ago, but it wasn't very big. I feel for every one on this site dealing with the issues we are dealing with. I've been out of work since last year with no income at all. I've been selling things off to survive.

I wish everyone on here the best of luck in dealing with these issues. And  Paul, thank God you found some relief. I think you're giving the rest of us hope.

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My husband has just had a hernia operation and after complications is in pain. I have done a lot of research and you will find the following useful.
Go to North Penn Hernia Instiute website. Click on FAQS at the bottom.
Click on the question
"I have already had surgery and now I have chronic pain. Whats up?"
There is a section on possible causes of the pain and treatments.
Worth taking a look. I hope this helps you all.
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I am in the same position as you! It's nice to know it's not only me or that I'm imagining or going crazy or have a low tolerance for pain!!! I have given birth to six children (twins) and delivered every which way and cannot compare any of those births with what I deal with painwise on a daily basis. I is just a year now since my surgery and per my doctor can hurt for up to a year so have my fingers (and toes) crossed that it will ease up. Do not wan to live the rest of my life in pain or on pain medication!
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I had hernia surgery @2003 and also noticed problems ejaculating which contributed to my marriage ending. The testicular pain on the right side comes and goes but wearing whitey tighties helps, especially at bedtime. I know this will probably sound like new age nonsense, but I researched non medical treatment for a gallbladder polyup I have(no money yet for surgery) and found a dietary supplement called Indian Herb MC X which can be taken internally with food and directly applied to growths in order to shrink them. I've only started using it for a few weeks and have began using the drops on areas of my right testical. I've noticed a tingling sensation coming from the inside of the testical and for the first time since before my hernia surgery I got an erection after kissing my lady friend. It could all be in my mind but there seems to be a difference. I also suffer from migraines and notice that when the headache is behind the right eye the right testicle is more sensitive and painful.  The herbal drops seem to stir things up and I don't apply them before work as it increases sensitivity. I use it at night when I'm on the recliner and it provides some relief. I've only used a quarter of the bottle so far and wonder what the long term effect will be. Call me crazy but something is going on down there that didn't before.  
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I had open inguinal surgery on the RIGHT side of my groin in 1997 using mesh and since then my life has been hell and i have been fobbed off with the old IBS diagnosis. I suffer from an empty hollow hungry sick feeling in the mornings and random nausea, vomiting, fever,sweating,bowel cramps,burning sensations,numb feelings,sometimes my scrotum contracts and shrinks so tight it can be painful,constipation,shooting pains,swelling,trapped wind,heartburn and just a general horrible feeling that never goes away even on good days, iv tried changing my diet, sleep, work exercise and iv got nowhere, sometimes i dont realise how much its affecting me until i have a good/bad day and im tired of excuses, if the internet and you people wasnt here the doctors who examined me would have me believe that hernia operations are completely safe,routine and have a 99.9%success rate. lies.
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I am a fit and healthy just turned 65.  I exercise walk every day and have a good diet and WAS active.  I had my open double hernia done about early June 2012 only because I was told by my GP that I should have it done as they can strangulate???? Bear in mind I had no discomfort or pain other than went overdoing the lifting.  I was informed by the surgeon to have both done at the same time, I now question this.  He told me I would walk a bit bent over for a few days and to increase activity etc etc.  The op went OK I was not told otherwise, was in overnight and released the next day, I was numb from just above both knees to my upper abdomen.  I took it easy for a few days and just walked around the house and then increased to my usual walks.  A week later had the bandages removed and then had a follow up some 4 weeks after and I told the Surgeon there was some fairly heavy discomfort, he said that was normal and it would all go away.  Since then 3 months later my life has totally changed.  Any touching in the groin area including clothes rubbing on there or even thinking about it is is NO NO.  Including sexual activity which I am scared to even try.  Went back last week and told him I was suffering, had pain all of my waking hours, pinching, pulling, numbness from the base of my penis extending both sides for about 3 inches, he examined me for the normal cough thing and said there was nothing wrong, I told him I can lift things like 20 Kgs if I have to no problems its not that its the constant lingering pain, cant walk sit stand, **** ****, sex, nothing.  Told me to give it another 7 weeks and come back if it still persists.  Wow in this day and age you get this from a surgeon, but from reading this post it sounds like the norm.  I know there is something wrong, what I do not know, I should not have this jabbing electric shock through my body up my spine to my head making me light headed or mildly dizzy, I can walk of and do not loose balance but wow what a pain.  Funny thing is I sleep ok until I have to turn over but it is not as bad as when some weight gets on it like standing. Anyway that's my story doctors do not inform you of the worst, give at least an educated guess bearing in mind your fitness and general health, no just go for the knife.  My hernia was not necessary I would not be like this if I did not have it done and the stupid thing is I DID NOT HAVE TO HAVE IT DONE.  I live in hop it will subside, I spoke to the wife of a man who had the same surgeon do his some 4 weeks after and he is fine, no pain nothing was good after about a month, now would not know he had it done, why I ask, dont know I say.  Might get another opinion if all is not good in the next 6 weeks on continual  pain, then maybe think about a lawyer.  Good luck to all.
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I'm 63 now. I had a left inguinal hernia repair in my 20s, with no recurrence, and no lasting pain or problems.

Six months ago, my right side tore, and I had an open inguinal and umbilical hernia repair four weeks ago. I was sore for a couple of days, then felt pretty good. Incisions closed, hardly any pain. I have been walking a lot, and not lifting much. Just in the last few days I have increasing pain, still not bad, at the top of my scrotum and in the muscle just above my left testicle. I already had an enlarged prostate, but now it takes longer to urinate, and it's a bit painful.

None of this is the kind of pain others here have described. My testicle "dangles", it's not swollen or tender. I just have minor pain around the inguinal canal and in the abdominal muscles, getting a little worse each day, but still not bad enough to even need an aspirin.

I'll pay close attention and get to the doc if it gets worse. Any symptoms to watch for?

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I do not mean to frighten anyone by any means. Nor do I wish to downplay my experience from a Sports Hernia Repair operation I had about 3 years ago. My injury started one night having a magical moment with my wife. Immediately after I... finished I felt something was wrong with my right testicle. It was a slow burn and no pronounced wow I just blanked my blank. It was just a weird feeling of... something was wrong.
The next few days the pain got worse and I went to emergency. They gave me pain meds and sent me on my miserable way. The pain kept getting worse with it feeling like with every heart beat my right testicle was getting slapped with a steel ruler with about the same speed one would serve a ping pong ball. Not really soft and not hard as hell, but you can imagine what it would feel like if someone slapped your right testicle with a steel ruler with force.
By the next weekend I was in agony and went to the closest city's General hospital emergency dept. That turned into perhaps the worst 5 days in my life. After one ER Doc did the Inguinal Ring test the pain got worse. When I say worse I mean I was screaming, hyperventilating, and almost levitating off the table with pain! He told me to be ready for emergency Hernia surgery. The surgeon, Dr. Tadrous a pompous arrogant surgeon, had other plans though. Because nothing showed on imaging there was no way he was going to operate. The next five days I was observed and asked the same questions over and over.
Rule # 1 - If you are admitted for observation use a marker and draw on your skin where it hurts and on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst pain you can imagine write that number down. After 48 hours of observation I was asked by a dozen doctors "where does it hurt" "how did it start" "On a scale of 1-10..." you get the picture. One night at about 4 in the morning a doctor came over and started asking me those questions again. I was so fn frustrated I tried to grab her pen so that I could initiate Rule # 1. SHe freaked out thinking I was trying assault her.
Rule # 2 - never try to grab a pen from a doctor at 4 in the morning.
No one could figure it out. Before I was sent up to the cancer ward the head of surgery followed by a dozen interns showed up to look at me. He asked everyone if they had examined my feet. I was thinking what the hell does the feet have to do with me screaming with testicular pain? He pulled my socks off and immediately started looking between my toes. I was confused for about 15 seconds then realized he thought I was a drug user and because no one had taken my socks off he figured he hit gold and was about to see "track marks" what ever that looks like.
RULE # 3 - Without imaging results that show a tear most people you encounter in the medical field will think you are a drug user, be prepared and do not despair. Which leads me to
Rule # 4 - You are entitled to live free of pain if the meds are available and work!
After 5 days I was discharged. The pain subsided enough that I wasn't screaming and they wanted me the hell out of there. After 4 CT Scans 1 of them high contrast, ultrasounds up the yin yang and nothing to show for it they were not happy with being stumped. They ruled out anything that was going to kill me ie cancer and were happy to see the door hit my *** on the way out.
I spent the next several months on the internet trying to figure out what I had and stumbled on Sports Hernia. I explored the possibility of this being the problem but in Ontario, where I live, the medical field does not recognize a Sports Hernia as something real and after several specialist visits I learned that no one was going to operate until I found my saviour, Dr. Mark Aubrey in Ottawa. He is a Sports Med Doc and realizes that a Sports Hernia does exist and he referred me to Dr. Rae Brown in Montreal.
I saw Dr. Brown, a very nice older man with fingers the size of sausages. He clinically diagnosed me with Sports Hernia. He looked at me over his glasses after the examination and said "I'm not God, but that's what you have" referring to Sports Hernia. After all that I had been through I was nearly in tears. Well, not really but after I found out the operation was not covered by OHIP Insurance and was going to cost me $4000 I was in tears. I couldn't afford it. After a few more attempts to get it done in Ontario under OHIP I resigned myself to the fact that I had to borrow the money from my mom for the operation. It was getting unbearable dealing with Emergency staff not believing me I had a Sports Hernia and wondering why I hadn't had the surgery if thats what it was. Enter... the money factor. They are rich I am not.
Rule # 5 - Save Money. If your insurance doesn't recognize a Sports Hernia it is going to cost about $4000 in Montreal and I have heard up to $10,000 in the USA.
I eventually had the surgery in a private clinic in Montreal. Wow Terry Cloth Robes, nice slippers and a private room for recovery. The Doc came in and told me I had 3 tears and an entrapped Ilioinguinal Nerve. It was the worst he had seem ever and he has done hundreds of the operation.

I will continue with my story tomorrow. I have to go just now.
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I have terrible pain in my left testicle and this is 2 weeks after a double hernia lap surgery.  The swelling and the bruising has gone but the pain is doing me in.  During the surgery the CO2 escaped to my chest cavity causing my right lung to collapse and inflating me like a balloon.  They woke me 5 hours after I went in and I then spent the day and night and following day in Critical Care assured in the knowledge that it was my anotomy that was to blame.  All this aside my testicle really really hurts and reading this thread is not making me feel any better.  I want this to be sorted ASAP!
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I am a 37 yr old active male in great physical shape.  I had bilateral laproscopic surgery for direct inguinal hernias on 12/31/12.  I wish I had found this forum earlier, because the comments would have relieved many of my concerns during the first week of recovery.  My worst days were day 3 and 4 post-op b/ c of the urge to have a BM, and the severe pain involved w/  albeit multiple successful bowel movements.  I had consulted my sister who had recently gone through a C-Section birth and recommended to me Miralax which worked great.  I also combined it with Dulcolax Stool Softener (not to be confused with Dulcolax Stimulant Laxative).  I am in the medical profession and returned to work in one week. In retrospect, I may have returned a few days too soon, in spite of approval from my surgeon.  I DO believe that I picked an excellent surgeon, who was recommended by my primary care physician.  I am now almost 3 weeks post-op.  I have worked 2 full weeks and have gone to the gym twice for lighter workouts.  My left side feels normal, but I am experiencing pain/aches on the right hernia site and my right testicle is definitely sore.  This is normal according to my surgeon, but I am grateful to the comments that I have read on this site, and I feel reief that others are also experiencing the same thing.  I hope to be completely discomfort-free soon, but the surgeon did advise me that I would only be 80% for about 3 months.
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Just had surgery 2 weeks ago almost from today. It was for a left inguinal hernia and suffered very little pain. The only pain i really suffered was from the food i was fed in hospital (private) I thought its ok I get to eat plenty of vegies, potatoes, beans, bran, fruit , milk, yoghurt and so on...........no no no it was not good at all as I was seriously constipated for the first 3 days and as im use to haveing a bowl movement 1-2 times a day on a regular basis not being able to go for 3 days after surgery was making me feel quite painful and bloated. I eventually took something to help me go as well as walking around the hospital.

I found out by eating all those foods that it produces loads of air in my stomach and constantly made me feel uncomfortable and painful. As soon as I stoped eating all that food my body felt very little pain and was able to go to the toliet normally again.(i realise certain foods react differntly to each and every indivdual but i do know that these foods create air within your stomach and there are ways to reduce it)

1- after a meal drink a glass of water
2-go for a light 15 min walk
3- avoid foods like beans, dairy, potatoes, ect...ect...

I can feel the changes within my body but they dont seem to worry me so much....at least for now ~ I have not done much exericse
Keep in mind im quite a healthy 24 year old male

I had the best surgeon in the state so I was very glad. He told me to leave my bandages on for a week and not to bath. I took them out just a few days ago and I must say its annoying as hell the feeling as it sticks out slightly and feels like when u wear something and the tag keeps rubbing up against ur body and u cant stop fidgiting to get it to stop.

If anyone reads this and is from Canberra then I would highly recomand Dr. David Rangiah. One of the patients I was sharing a room with had his wife come in and she worked as a nurse in the same hospital. She told me that he was the best around :) as did my referring doc :D
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had left inguinal hernia repair and its been 5 weeks today since surgery and I dont know if ill be like this forever but I have left testicle pain that comes and goes and what feels like bad gas or bloating. I have a pain from the 2 cuts in my groin to the left groin and left testicle. This has really affected my livelihood as im only 23 I work out and play sports a lot. If this continues for life suicide will be my only option out of this. Obviously theres a problem we all have and theres nothing nobody can do or find wrong. This was my biggest fear about the hernia surgery as I did research online weeks b4 my surgery and found countless amounts of ppl complaining about testicle pain that never goes away after surgery. My surgeon told me this testicle pain may never go away and to jus take Tylenol or ibuprofen, easy 4 a woman to say lol anyways i dont know if i should even bother going to the dr since it seems no dr can find whats wrong with every1 whos had hernia surgery. i cant afford it really either. So if some1 has an answer about this left testicle pain im listening. I read gas can pinch the left tests but its not from a legit source and i haven't found nothing about it anywhere.
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Hi - I am a 53 year old female in fairly good health. Over the years I have had 7 abdominal surgeries - with no complications. I had to have surgery 4 weeks ago for the inguinal hernia on the right side - Of course they had to do an incision because of all the past surgeries. I had a 5 inch incision... The incision has healed great and not much pain..but my problem is this constant burning pain in the groin area and right leg pain. It actually feels like razor burns with 3rd degree burns on top of it. The doctor tells me it just takes time to heal...and that I need to stop the strong pain killers and switch to advil. Guess it is easy for him to say - he isn't in constant pain. My husband asked him did he use the mesh and he stated no. Just can't understand this much pain. I have had 2 c sections and hysterectomy and never experienced this type of pain.
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Remember most who post in forums like this have problems which is why they are posting, that's not a criticism people. I believe those with problems often do have them as a result of poor surgery techniques and I really hope they get a good resolution.

Many who have no issues don't post their stories which makes the overall view very negative. Hernia repair is one of the most common operations performed. As with all things there are some bad results and undoubtedly some bad surgeons too. It's a shame the medical profession isn't better at auditing itself instead of everyone covering everyone else's backside. This is my recounting of my positive result...

At 52 a small hernia I had had for over 20 years got larger and started to hurt intermittently. I was referred to a surgeon who suggested he operate. I had a left side open inguinal repair done with mesh. I'm tall and slim (good genes), not fit but otherwise healthy.

Operated on on Wednesday 29th August 2012, went home Thursday, needed no pain relief from the Sunday and had only been on paracetamol until then. Was driving again the next Wednesday. Started going to the gym (which I hadn't been before surgery) in October - first leg curl was a wake up to go easy but otherwise no problems.

Had numbness below the cut and into the scrotum and top of my leg initially. After a few weeks or perhaps a couple of months all was normal except just below the cut for about 2 inches. Orgasm sensation was reduced to perhaps half.

In the last few weeks (mid April 2013) sensation has returned below the cut and, lucky for me, so has full orgasm sensation. Until then I would get an occasional twinge from the cut and below. Since then have had no pain of any kind.

I found this forum when looking up some of the post operative effects: mild pain as nerves reattached, blue then black scrotum, some minor painless scrotal swelling.

My operation was done in Australia by a surgeon of Chinese origin.

At least a decade a go my Dad had a bilateral laparoscopic repair done and remembers no issues with his either.
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