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Pain after Inguinal Hernia Operation

Hello, I hope you can help me.In March 2007 I had an Inguinal Hernia repair operation on both sides after I had experienced bad groin pain for about six weeks. About three weeks after the surgery, I developed testicular pain in both left and right testicle with the left one swelling up dramatically. After going for a scan it was observed that I had a hydrocele on my left side. Six weeks after My original operation, I was hospitalised after I developed severe pain on the right side of my groin. The pain quickly spread to my scrotum and testes. Fearing that I had testicular torsion the urology team performed a procedure where they attached the testicles to my scrotum. They also repaired the hydrocele. They found no evidence of torsion. This was the first of my flare ups. These flare ups have continued to the present day (September 8th 2007) on an intermittent basis but almost always starting on right groin and radiating downwards. For several months it was believed I had epididymitis but despite numerous antibiotics being given, there was no change in my condition. I have had a CT scan which came up clear. Recently I have been prescribed Lyrica 75 gram. This is apparently the strongest painkiller that can be given and it has had no effect. No other painkiller has worked during a flare up. My pain management doctor has said I may need an operation if the situation persists. Have you ever come across a similar situation? I am a 26 year old male otherwise in quite good health. My problem has interfered greatly with the quality of life I have now. Thanks for your help
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I had inguinal hernia repair 6 weeks ago by a Chinese doctor at KP in North Calif. I believe he was a good surgeon. I'm 65 and in excellent health. I had open surgery with a mesh. I took 3 pain pills after surgery and then just tolerated the pain. I don't like what the pain pill were doing to my head.

I started walking the day after surgery. I went to Hawaii two weeks after the surgery and went surfing for about an hour at 6 weeks. All through the recovery phase, I have had sharp pain. The pain has very slowly subsided.  Before I went surfing I was feeling almost pain free. After surfing, I begin getting a sharp pain in my upper thigh and around the area of the incision. I probably over did it by with going out surfing, but I don't believe I compromised the repair.

I'm doing some stretching and that seems to help. I believe one has keep active. The abdomen is a very sensitive area and I believe surgeons give a rosier picture of recovery than is reality. I think the key is keep active, and if you start feeling sharp pain, take it easy for a while. One criticism of the medical system is physical therapy is not usually provided after this operation. It would be helpful to have a list of exercises and timelines for recovery.
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My partner has the same problem with hip pain, how long was it before yours was sorted
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Did you ever get relief? I just had surgery 2 weeks ago and have same burning knifing pain but its below incision in groin radiating upwards. I may walk with no pain and it may hit me and the knifing pain almost drops me. It feels like an infection.
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On September 15th, 2014 I had a hernia removed from my scrotum. It was fatty tissue, about 1.25 lbs of fatty tissue. Doc said it was the largest he's ever removed. I have a polyethylene mesh. Still, almost 4 months later I'm still in pain. Not everyday though. There are days where the pain is at the incision site and days where the pain is in the scrotum. Tylenol, Advil, or anything over the counter helps with the pain. Only the hydrocodone that my doc prescribed helps with the pain. I had a CT Scan done but the doc said nothing seems wrong that could be causing the pain. But the pain is there. Sometimes so bad it causes me to throw up and knocks me to my knees. I'm trying to walk everyday as the doc said but the pain hits me later in the day. Bad thing is, my job requires me to walk between 4 to 6 miles in a 12 hour period. So I'm trying to match that so I can back to work. But if I walk more than 3 miles I'm in extreme pain later in the day.

So now I go to the urologist that originally referred me to the hernia surgeon and he knows exactly what it is and he was right!!! The nerve would every now and then get pinched in the polyethylene mesh. I'm going in for an ultrasound and he says it's an easy fix.
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I had laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair surgery about 8 weeks ago.  Felt good for two weeks and then testicle pain on both sides after convincing my wife into a rendezvous. So it's been about 6 week of pain.  The pain is less at night time and builds through the morning.  Also it alternates between the right and left although both are always sore to touch or move. Also seem to hang low and unhealthy. I've seen three different urologists and received three diagnoses - 1) leave it alone and wait as long as it takes, 2) epididymitis 3) no idea what the problem is.  I just started a round of Doxycycline and will report back if it helped.

Anyone go through something like this?

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I am a 43 year old female. I had a strangulated inguinal hernia mesh repair in the UK back in 2001. I had an Ethicon Prolene Mesh by Johnson and Johnson. I have always had issues with the area but the past two years since 2013 I kept getting these debilitating groin pains both sides where it rendered me totally useless and unable to walk. Also, terrible stomach and groin infections. I would be on antibiotics for 3 months at a time trying to clear the infection and the pain would always end up in that area of the mesh. So I finally see this surgeon in Sarasota called Dr. Yunis very good surgeon does mesh removal and all the procedures no other doctor will touch. So he removes the mesh and does a triple nurectomy and a sholdice repair. The first 3 weeks I stayed in bed with ice. Then week four I started walking as the weight was just piling on me from being in bed and not moving. So I walk a mile daily and I am very slow from a car accident prior to this so not like I was doing anything that would damage me or rip me. So anyway, I waited to have sex after 4 weeks so it wouldn't of been that. I was seeing improvement every week up until I hit week 8/9 then all of a sudden it starts pulling, burning feeling sharp hurts like a ***** while I am walking have to hold myself and take an oxycodone for pain. I went back to see him today  6/6/15 and he said cough gave me an exam and said good news you don't have a hernia he said he was not concerned but it still hurts. He said that I will always have a degree of pain because I had it for so long and that the pain is sent from the nerons into my brain.. He suggested holistic therapies and yoga and such. So I guess this is going to hurt forever more and probably have flare ups according to other posts. Nightmare. I suffer chronic pain 24/7 from my car accident injuries so this is just one more thing to deal with. I wish we didn't have to suffer pain. Good luck everyone.
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I also suffer from injuries and 2 months ago underwent 5 abdominal hernia repairs at one time which caused more nerve pain.  I recently tried a procedure to burn the nerves causing my pain.  This actually works.  The area feels numb but I would rather feel numb then the extreme burning pulling tingling pain as before.  This procedure has to be done every year but it is worth it.  I hope you feel better.
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Hello Sir,

Last  year november 2015 i had  this surgery its been 9 weeks everything goes fine i ride my bike i do my regular activites   except jim workout bt dunno why, sometimes  i get pain on my right testise. Doc suggested me to take a pain killer tablet . its fine after i take the tablet.
one thing bothers me alot even after having surgery why is tat we get pain in our testis.

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I have recently went through a hernia op 2 weeks post op my 2 year nephew came running at me I went to my hunkers and lifted him to my knee I heard a snap the next day the pain has got worse and is no in my testicals have a ripped the mesh?
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I had my second hernia op 30 days ago. My surgeon told me everything went well, and then off he went!!

I went back to him a week later as I was in agony. My left testicle felt swollen, from the top, down the outside and bottom. He said, it's all good.

30 days later, 1 course of antibiotics and my left testicle kills me. The other symptoms are burning sensation through scrotum. I also get funny pains over into hips.

I have tried wearing tight jock support, briefs and boxers. Today is first day with boxers and first day with such bad burning sensation.

Any ideas or answers??? This is out of control and I didn't have one problem with my right side hernia op.

Starting to stress me out!!! Someone, anyone??
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So here is another follow up......

I went in and had an Ultrasound done. Was painful, very painful. The result came back saying I have one hydrocele on right side and on the problem side it appears to be Epididymis.

They are guessing this was caused from trauma during operation.

I have just started a new batch of antibiotics and will let you all know how I go!!
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Its only 6 hours not 12. After 12hrs your testicles are more less dead and have to be removed.
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