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Pain after Ureter Stent removal

I had a stent for 1 week after my 1st stone was removed. Since the removal of the stent, I have had waves of severe back pain similar to the initial pain I had when I discovered the stone. I heard the ureter can spasm as it heals and this blocks the urine flow in the kidney causing the pain. How long should this last? What is the best way of managing the pain?
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      Thanks for writing in. Pain after stent removal can be due to recurrence of stones, stricture in the ureter or inflammation. I would suggest  that you get a ultrasound done to check the possibilities. In case of stricture immediate action needs to be taken to prevent scarring.
I would suggest that you visit your urologist and discuss the above mentioned possibilities for further advise.
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I too have kidney stone like pain a year after stent removal. It is now unbearable and noone seems to believe me because I've been x-rayed for stones and there's nothing there. Has your pain subsided or did they find out what was wrong?
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I too had a kidney stone removed, mine was  by blasting as it was stuck between the kidney and the baldder. 7mm  After they removed the stent ( after a week) I had pain that started in my back like a backache then it spread to my hip area then around to my front. I caused me such pain I had to take a pain pill.  I called the Dr and they said it was normal to have that after a stent removal.  Well about every month since then I have a reoccurance of the same pain.  It has been about a year and a half since my surgery. I have had three CT scans and 2 more MRI's and they don't see anything that would be causing this pain.  They said maybe it was from stress that when you have stress it goes to the place that has a weakness.  It is very annoying not to mention extremely painful.  If I catch it right when I start to get a backache and take medication I can handle it but spend most of the day on a heating pad. It would be nice to know if this is normal and from what I am reading, I am not the only one that is going through this type of thing.  Wish they could pinpoint a reason for it.
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I had surgery to remove kidney stones on 09/16/09 and a stent was placed. Stent was removed on 09/22/09.  I was pain free for about three weeks. On 10/19/09 started having some back pain. By 10/22/09 i ended up at the E.R. with excrutiating pain. Doctors ordered CT Scan, Ultra Sound and found nothing. They make you feel as if it's all in your head and you are making it all up.  they make me feel like i'm a pill popper/pills seeker. I don't know what else to do if i take pain killers i can't function and if i don't the pain is unbearable.  
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When was the 1st time you had the pain? Your story and mine are on the money identical and i am in pain as i type here. i dont know what to do. I had my stent removed this morning and had the burning/cramping initially then felt better through the evening. No pain for a couple of hours except urinating. Then I started to get a back ache and woke up about 4 am in severe pain. My pain progression and locations have been just like yours and i almost feel like i need to have a bowel movement. a lot of pressure. help!
Hi there, I know this is many years later, but I'm having the exact same symptoms as you. What eventually happened?
I am experiencing the exact same thing right now!  I had stone removed then stent removed a little over a week ago. (Had stent in for 2 weeks). A few days ago I started feeling the same discomfort I felt when I had the stone. I called my urologist and she has ordered another CT scan. Ins, will not pay for another since I have had several already this year with the stones. I really hope this in not another stone and it is just part of the healing process after stent removal?!
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I have a stent in now. I am a 24'year old male that handles pain really well, but I all but cry every time I pee. I have sit down to pee cause the pain is so bad that my legs give out and I fall. The stent was part one of a two part precedure, but I was informed after stent placement that the lythotripsy was too much money and without insurance wouldn't be done. Now they won't even remove the stent. It's been at least two months and feels like a lifetime of cruel and unusual punishment. I HATE THIS. :-(
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I'm getting a stent removed this week. Has ANYONE found it to be "not so bad" and has anyone NOT had problems afterwards? I could really use some encouragement!  
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I was admitted to the hospital on 3/14/10.  The CT scan showed no stones, but because of a history of gout, the urologist felt like it was uric acid stones which may not show up on the CT.  A couple of days later they did the cystoscope and put in a stent.  They still didn't find a stone.  I was passing large amounts of blood and having severe pain.   After 5 days they took out the stent and the pain got worse.  I was released from the hospital on 3/22/10, only to have to go back to the ER the same night due to even more severe pain than the original.  Today is 3/25/10 and this is the first day I've been reasonably comfortable.  My urologist still says it's bladder spasms.  He has now put me on a medicine to help with those spasms.  Hopefully I'm over this now.  I've been out of work 2 weeks, I have to get back to work.
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i had a laser lithrotripsy surgery last thursday 4/22 and had the stent removed monday 4/26. after it was removed i had random back spasms and STILL pain when urinating, yesterday i began having unbarable pain about 2 minutes after urinating in my bladder area and it lasts up to 2 hours...is this normal...its only been 8days since the origional surgery so i feel as though i am still recovering but havnt felt this bad of pain since this all began
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I had a lithotripsy thur, April 29th. I have been in severe pain since then. I had a stone lodged in my ureter about the size of a quarter. My urologist had to go in 20 times to get the pieces of stone removed. Then he placed a stent in. I have called my Dr. office now 3 times because of the pain. 1st the nurse said all this pain was normal, so I decided to just deal with it and not be a "baby". After 3 days of pain and urinating blood clots, I called the exchange and the Dr. on call said my Dr. or the Hospital forgot to give me a script for bladder and kidney spasms. I got that script filled hoping for relief. NOTHING!!!!! I wanted to return to work on Monday (today) but I could not bare the pain. I also have an 8 month old that I have not been able to take care of due to the pain. I called the Dr's office again today and they said "ohhh the Dr is gone for the day so there's nothing we can do." That sent me over the edge so I asked her if anyone in the ER could remove my stent, she advised me if the stent doesnt have a string the ER cant remove it b/c it requires a special procedure to remove it. I've been waiting on a call back for an hour now from the Dr. to find out what I can do. I am very unhappy and cant believe nurses and Dr's would let their patients suffer like this. I pay alot of money for my insurance and this is my life they are messing with. FYI, my discharge papers say that urinating blood clots are a bad sign. It could mean you have a clot in your kidney. I will do whatever it takes to get this stent removed, thats how awful this is. I had a baby and it wasnt this bad.
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After much anxiety about having a stent removed a week after litho, I must say that my fears were totally unfounded. Minor discomfort, not pain and then it is over. A few hours later a sore back feeling kind of like being hit in the side. Initial urination was irritating, but tolerable. Pyridium (sp?) for a couple of days will help.

Do not fear removal. The apprehension is 10X worse than the actual procedure.
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I recently wrote about a lithotripsy and placement of a stent. I finally got to see my Dr. on Wed. May 5th. I had a KUB x-ray (kidney-ureter-bladder) that shows the placement of the stent and tries to pick up any kidney stones left behind. The x-ray takes about 3 minutes and then goes straight to the DR. to see results. My results called for another trip to the O.R. TODAY! My urologist had to remove the stone fragments as well as my stent. I was protesting having the stent any longer. My DR. was nice enough to remove the stent as requested but I now face a few risks. I had to have a steroid based anti-inflammitory injected into my ureter because it was so inflamed. I take a chance at my ureter closing off and needing another stent. I told the DR. no way will he hear from me unless the pain becomes so unbearable I can no longer take it. My back does hurt pretty bad and I still have a small sence of urgency but I can tell the stent is out. Maybe I have really good pain killers now, but I feel better already. Im sure the back pain will subside after a few days. I just have to be closely monitored due to the inflimation. Im not sure what to expect or how long the pain will actually last, so if anyone has been through this please share with me your experience. Oh and I never stopped passing blood clots, which the Dr said can be just as painful as passing a kidney stone itself.
Like you I also had stint pain so I had it removed today . Felt lots better until I took the "blue" pill with water that is supposed to help with pain . After an hour ride home I was in extreme pain from kidney and bladder spasms . I took a flexeril muscle relaxer and finally got some relief . Hope tomorrow is better.
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