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Pain after Ureter Stent removal

I had a stent for 1 week after my 1st stone was removed. Since the removal of the stent, I have had waves of severe back pain similar to the initial pain I had when I discovered the stone. I heard the ureter can spasm as it heals and this blocks the urine flow in the kidney causing the pain. How long should this last? What is the best way of managing the pain?
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Im a 24 year old female that has been dealing with severe pain in my right side for about two years. I have been in the er numerous times for the problem no one believed me. Was told i had an uti a few times, was told its just "flank pain" had a few cat scans until last year, A doctor told me I had hydronephrosis aka "water on my right kidney". So they gave me an antibotic and sent me home. Now this was Nov of last year, A month later I was back in the er. Was told the same thing and they gave me another  antibiotic. Now at this point I was so confused. Come March of this year I was in and out of the hospital at least 6 times. I finally had a doctor tell me i need to see a urologist. I did and I was told I had an upj obstruction. I had a stent placed which was the worse pain wouldnt wish that pain on my worse enemy.  I also had robotic pyeloplasty back in May. A month later same pain. Had another renal scan and another cat scan was told things looked better than before. Three weeks ago my urologist told me I needed to have a balloon dilation and another stent due to a small blockage that was still there. I had my stent removed two days ago. Im in the worse pain. I do not know what to do anymore. Does it get better? What else could be wrong?
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I have had stents the times, the first two times thee was no string so I had to have a cystoscopy to get it removed. I just had surgery on Tuesday and have the strings this time. I figure if I can handle a cystoscopy without any pain medicine or sedatives, I can handle the strings bring pulled out
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many comments here scare me of the complications that I might face after removing my stent... About one month ago, I woke up with severe pain on the right side of my abdomen. I tried to handle it but it lasted for hours and so I went to the ER. After blood tests and urine tests (the urine was too red), the doctor told me that it is just a little stone and I just need to drink water and everything will be fine. He only gave me pain killers...

3 days later, the pain has moved to my back also and I had fever for two days with continuous vomiting every time i drink or eat something I kept vomiting. I also was sweating a lot; especially on the area where I have the pain.

For some reason, I had the feeling that the stone has blocked the flow of urine, so I prepared myself for a surgery and went to the ER. And Yes! after CT scans, ultrasound, blood and urine tests, the urologist came and the doctor who examined me was whispering to him that my case is an interesting one because the function of the right kidney was normal 4 days ago and now it has fallen dramatically.

The urologist came to me and told me not to worry much and that I dont have kidney failure, but the flow of urine is blocked on my right side ureter and this might damage the kidney. Therefore I had to have a cytoscopy on the next day.

They placed a stent for me and when I woke up, the doctor said that they found too much infection and lot of pass came out, so they had to stop and they did not fragment the stone. He said that this pass and infection is most probably caused by the blockage of urine in the last 2 days.

After the cytoscopy, I had lots of blood clots and I had so painful and burning sensation when I urinate. It was like I am forcing the urine to flow out of my urethra (because of the clots). This lasted only for few hours and then I was able to urinate normally, but the urine was still red...

The doctor prescribed antibiotic for me and I had to take it for 14 days. Until this moment, I have sometimes burning sensation when I urinate and I frequently go to the toilet. Lately, I started to pass little blood clots and mucus-like white color clots, but this does not happen all day long and not every day. I sometimes see small residuals at the bottom of the bottle where I urinate and today a very tiny hard piece came out (part of the stone I guess..). It has a dark brown/olive color.

Is this all normal? They are planning to remove the stent and try to fragment the stone after 10 days. Will I have severe pain and complications after removing the stent??
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Oh my god I'm so happy to find you all I've been of work for 10weeks no dosed up on morphine and codeine my stone was 13mm it was zapped on the 23/5/12 and next Wednesday I'm having the stent removed its been hell I'm not sleeping well at all I've got spasim pills but gee I so want it all to stop I can't be leave you all had your stents out after a week! Guess England just want there patients to suffer longer oh we'll my thoughts and sympathy to all us stone suffers
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I have had numerous kidney stones and have always been able to pass them.  Some only required over the counter pain relievers while others require a trip to the E/R.  I usually drive myself to and from the E/R.

This year, we decided to take a road trip and drive from Illinois to Florida. In the morning I had pain and took over the counter meds. When we reached Nashville I needed pain relief and visited an E/R.  The next morning I passed the stone (4mm) but still had pain. We continued to Orlando and the pain increased despite Rx pain killers to 8 scale of 1 to 10.

E/R visit in Orlando, CT Scan revealed another stone; 7mm which would not pass. The right kidney has 3 stones (someday).   Surgery was ordered and the doctor was able to break stone but it went back into kidney before he could grab it.  A stent was installed.

After the stent was installed there was discomfort starting and stopping urination along with varying amount of blood in the urine.  

The stent will increase the frequency and urgency to urinate.  Stopping and starting will be uncomfortable.  Then, after a week or so only stopping will be uncomfortable. Not painful mind you.

For about a week I urinated less and less blood.  Then, in the afternoon pain and blood returned and went away in the evenings.  

Three weeks later (during weekend) had an increase in discomort (3 on scale 1 to 10) pain and blood in urine (no fever).  Yes, it freaked me out but I had left over pain meds and used them.  

This is what I have learned.  Stents can be more bothersome than the stones.  The discomfort reminds me of the approaching pain of a kidney stone attack.  So, it becomes tiresome.  Then, the discomfort will turn to pain and then back again. A stone is just painful for the day and you can go to the E/R for pain relief.   Yo cant go to the E/R every evening with a stent.   Best to get Stent removed as soon as possible.

Stent Removal:  Arrive at apointment and  taken to XRay.
Then back to proceedure room.

The nurse injects numbing gell into urethra; its not painful but does feel wierd since it is swelling your penis.   Then she clamps the penis. Not a very stong clamp but it was cold.  

A few minutes later the doctorcomes in to remove the stent.
You lay back and will fell something being inserted. It is NOT painful. The feeling is a strong urge to urinate with a slight stinging. Proceedure takes less than 2 minutes and only 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out is there the increased discomfort.  I would rate the discomfort a 2 on a scale from 1 to 10.  Mind you its only for a total of 10 seconds. Nothing like a kidney stone attack.  I looked at the ceiling because I wasnt sure how I would react to seeing a tube shove up my junk. I had a good looking female doctor so I could have gotten aroused.

Note: it is possible for some of the fragments to become lodged in with the stent making removal painful.  

After the proceedure you will have a strong urge to urinate for the next few hours.   There is slight pain when starting to urinate.  You may have some cramps in the kidney.

All in all, the proceedure was less traumatic than expected.  I'm glad I had a female doctor as she put me at ease before, during and after the proceedure.

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Are you kidding me? perhaps you should check your medical texts and then answer the question again.

I just had two stents removed following the removal of kidney stones from both kidneys. The take home rhetoric specifically identifies the pain felt following the removal of the stents in the kidney area as if you were suffering from the kidney stones again. Any Urologist will advise you through xrays or a CTscan whether more are present.

The pain you felt is normal as I too had gone through it (has been about 55 hours since stent removal) and the pain has started to subside again The pain felt was similar if not identicle to having the stones in the first place, but it was mor in tune to  long spasms in the kidneys. This is normal from the literature I received and will pass in a few days. Hopefully you received Ketorolac and Tamsulosin to help you try to mange the pain (it brought the pain down from a 9 or 10 to a 4 or 5 at best. You can also take Xtra strength tylenol with these meds to help.
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I had a stent placed in ER in Florida, I live in NY and had no insurance. This was in no way my first stone I have DI a condition that causes me to dehydrate twice a day a complication after pituitary surgery. Never had a stone before the surgery but they say its not related. Common sense leads me to believe it is anyway. Anyway this stone was over 7 mm and they insisted I needed the stent and I shouldn't be concerned as it could removed in the office next morning. The pain was less than stone but still constant and worse when I had my period. I know this because it was in for over a year and a half. I was hospitalized for 4 days 9 months later septic from the stent and 2 urologists came in my room told me it should have been removed a long time ago and refused to do it   I still had no insurance. Eventually after dealing with a new issue if opiate addiction just to be able to work I finally had it removed and that was a fiasco as well. They put another stent in, original stone was finally removed and I had the same annoying pain . About a week later went to office and still the person that made appointment for removal failed to tell me I needed a KUB so again I was pushed another 3 weeks. Finally I showed up, he took it out and I left office happy. Empty and immediately feeling no pain. However, here I am 3 months later and that pain hits pretty much daily but comes and goes its still bad when I get period. I am so over it. I refuse to go back to same office I can't sit through drawings of the urinary system and lame excuses and generic answers.  Good luck to all and I welcome any advice from anyone who has been through this and feels this pain.
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Where the heck do you live?Because its no hard to see kidney stone with a good abdominal ex ray or the best way is with a cat-scan and if you had this done the doctors and the radiologist should have seen them unless your in some 3rd world country or a friend stole to equipment and operating them out of a garage?
if they do a cat-scan make sure they use the die as well its fool prof  !!
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Hello all,

I thought I would write my experience down here as I found reading the ones already here helpful in understanding what to expect for myself.

I am in the UK and went to A&E on the 17/12/12 with severe right sided abdominal pains. I have previously had surgery to remove stones from the right side so knew what it was as I was being looked at by the admissions nurse.

I was admitted into hopsital only to be released on the 18/12/12. I was prescribed ibruprofen, diclofenac sodium and tumolisin to be taken daily.

I returned to the A&E department in absolute agony a 10 out of 10 in pain terms on the 19/12/12. was kept over the next 2 night to be monitored and given morphine and cocodamol to manage the pain.

on 21/12/12 I had an operation to fit a stent and during this procedure the majority of the 8mm stone was removed as well.

I was allowed home and told to return for an outpatient visit on 24/12/12 to have the stent removed or i could do it myself at home.

I returned to the hospital to have it removed today at 11am and after researching stent removal online al night last night I was prepared for about 2 minutes of agony.......... this didnt come, the stent removal was painless and was more of a weird is that it feeling instead. I went to the bathroom straight away and passed a small amount of urine with blood and some small clots in it. I had no pain until about 30 minutes later when my right side felt just as bad as it did prior to the stones removal.  sort of like being punched in the kidney.

it is now 4.20pm and i am only now beginning to lose the painful feeling. I have manged by using ibruprofen 1000mg every 3 hours. I found it difficult to urinate anything over a thimbul full since the first time after the operation.  I have also recently (about 30 minutes ago) taken some of the the left over  diclofenac sodium and tumolisin from my previous visit to the hospital and this has helped a great deal. the pain is manageable after the initial few hours of discomfort.

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Sometimes pain can differentiate from the skill of the surgeon, size of the stent and the amount of inflammation already present before placement. I have had stent placement with stone removal 4 times, both kidneys. The first two times were wonderful. I woke up from surgery feeling great, ready to go baby shower shopping (I was pregnant) the third time I woke up and I felt worse than before I had the stone removed. It was terrible I had hematuria for 2 weeks, extreme flank pain and random bladder spasms. After the birth of my fourth child this August I always felt like I had a UTI. I would go to the doctor and they always treated me like I just wanted Narcotics. I even tried going to the ER one Saturday morning 3 weeks ago. Everyone kept telling me my pain and bladder spasms was r/t delivering my child. I actaully had a doctor tell me I had diverticulitis, even though I have no GI complaints and my symptoms do not fit that disorder. Then another doctor told me I was constipated. Yes that really did happen. I'm like did you not read in my H&P that my bowel movements are almost 100% predictable?!? Not one of those doctors checked my urine for RBC's. I'm a new grad and start my career as an RN next month so money was tight and couldn't afford to see my urologist. I prayed to God to lead me through this and the next day I called Central Texas Urology to see if we could PLEASE work out a payment plan. I was in the next day with a CT scheduled. When reviewing the CT with my urologist he showed me a 5mm stone in my LFT ureter and a 3-4mm stone lodged in the bladder epithelium. He said that's what has been causing my pain these last few weeks. All it took was for a doctor to care enough about his patients to find an actual cause. I tried passing the stones on my own with help from a few medications, but Christmas Eve we were at a Christmas party and I collapsed from the pain. I called my doctor and without hesitation he told me where to go and the hospital (which I'm now working at) got consents and pre-op procedures done so fast I was being wheeled into the OR before my doctor could scrub in. I woke up feeling much better, I have kidney and bladder spasms during and after urination an I have moderate pain most of the day, but I know it's just stent pain. I take sits baths 3-4 times per day, I take norco 5/325 q6hours to stay on top of the pain, that also allows me to take an additional norco at the 4hr mark if needed. Stent carriers know its impossible to get comfortable at night, I take 5mg Ambien before going to bed. If you don't have RX sleeping meds OTC zzzquil is good too. Just remember if you take pain meds with Tylenol always keep track of the Tylenol in your other meds. I am so thankful for Dr. Pinkstaff and Poteet at Central Texas Urology. They actually treated me like a person and not someone faking pain to get narcotic pain meds. If any of you are in the Central Texas area I highly reccomend their office. The entire staff including receptionist, CNA's and Nurses are all wonderful. I wish all of you the best of luck and I will pray to God for minimal suffering and ultimate healing. Through this journey over the years with stones and stents relying on God and prayer have made a big difference. I hope you all have speedy recoveries and a blessed new year :)))
Thank you for such a detailed discussion. This is my 2nd stent for utter stricture in the near the  right kidney. Had pain 2 days after first removal. I am going to make note of your med suggestions. Going in tomorrow for removal.
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i just had stent removed today, took about a minute but horrific pain. Still feel the sensation of having to pee. i hope i heal. And dont have further problems.
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i just had stent removed today, took about a minute but horrific pain. Still feel the sensation of having to pee. i hope i heal. And dont have further problems.
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lilymerc - how did this work out for you long term? my doc had to stretch my ureter too to get in there to laser the stone and then put in a stent for a week - its now 10 days post stent removal and i am still having a little blood in urine every other day and a relatively constant urge to pee - question is: will this heal and go away eventually or do these situations turn into chronic problems? thank you!
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II am a 40 year old female and have my second stent in place now.  After 36 months of constant kidney infection & much pain I underwent an open pyeloplasty late 2012 after I was diagnosed with a PUJ obstruction that was congenital. This has been a major op to overcome. The stent has been in now for 8 weeks post surgery & in this time I've had several severe infections that have resulted in hospitalization. Regardless of the op I'm still suffering constant infection and bleeding,
incontinence & terrible nerve pain in lower ribs & across 15 cm incission. I'm hoping that when the stent comes out that all this suffering will subside. Has anyone had this procedure and if so did recovery improve dramatically after stent removal ?
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So I read all of these posts and overall they were very helpful to me knowing others were dealing with many of the worries and questions that I had - but i was also struck by what a wide range of stone experiences (number and size) and before and after surgery issues that people dealt with - it seems there is no single common experience that you can look at and say 'this is what is likely to happen to me' -maybe that is part of the reason for so much frustration with our doctors - ie they didn't tell us enough about what to expect before and after surgery (ie  ureteroscopy) and often it seems that what they did tell us was wrong - obviously a recipe for a lot of uncertainty and unhappiness - one thing that frustrated me a little about many of these posts is that they all seemed to end mid story eg 'I just had my stent out and the pain is horrible' and that was end!  See my last post above - I wish more folks would tell their whole story so that readers newly afflicted might get a better sense of what their potential future could look like - so while I am not finished yet here is an abbreviated view of my story maybe it will help somebody early in similar circumstances:  it's been 3 months since I peed blood (around Hallowe'en) and first find out I had to deal with a 5-7mm stone - a few days after first seeing the blood i began to get a regular cramping pain in left lower abdomen that typically was a 7 on 10 scale and lasted 30 minutes and occurred 3-4 times a day- I never did get the real bad 'giving birth' pain that others have described-my doc said he could go in and get it but it was high in the ureter and we decided that I would try to pass it - why go thru general anesthesia and ureteroscopy if there is a chance I could pass it!? I read somewhere later that a 5mm stone has a 50% chance of passing and that it reduces by 10% for each mm increase in stone size - so I drank and drank and drank and also jogged daily hoping to help it pass the good news was that the pains subsided bad news was it did not pass - my pains had lasted about 3 weeks (from time i first noticed blood) and then they stopped a little after the time I started drinking more water daily - I hoped I had passed it but sort of knew that a 6mm stone would not come out without my noticing (and yes the doc gave me a screened cup to pee in which I used most but not all of the time) - so I was pain free for about 3 weeks and during that time doc did kub X-ray and ultrasound which doc said did not definitively show the stone (it seems a CT scan is best way to see stones but they are expensive and expose you to higher radiation so docs prefer not to do too often) but then i had a recurrence of the pain just befor Christmas - went back to doc he confirmed stone was there and lower in my ureter and given about 2 months had passed it seemed unlikely I would ever pass it - as pain was about an 8 this time ( tho it only lasted about 5 hours on that one day) I reluctantly agreed it was time to go in there and get it - so doc did the ureteroscopy dec 28 and told me after that ureter was too tight so he had to stretch it with a balloon to get in there but that when he did he lasered it and got most/all of the pieces out - he put in stent with the string and told me he would take it out in a week - the week with the stent was pretty miserable - as others have noted, it really burned to pee for the first day or two and you feel like you have to pee all the time plus lots of blood in your pee - you also get a kidney cramp if you try to hold back a pee as the stent pushes that urine right back up the stent to the kidney - these problems subside some over the week with the stent but don't completely go away - I got the stent out after 6 days - the doc just pulled the string and it came out in 5 seconds - as others have said it didn't hurt but it did feel weird - doc warned me that I was a candidate for severe cramping pains after stent removal given the stretching of the ureter that he did - its been 3+ weeks since removal and I have not had any real bad pains and it's mostly been just a big relief to get that horrible stent out - I have had symptoms however: a frequent urge to pee almost to the point of cramping is the single biggest issue xand I had blood in my pee almost daily for the first week post removal - and while the urge to pee has lessened over 3 weeks it has not gone away - its almost as if the stone or fragments of it are still in there and want to come out - and maybe that's it - I go back to the doc for a follow up feb 3 and I will let you know what doc tells me and how I'm feeling 5 weeks post surgery - hope this helps somebody.
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May 2010 I had a kidney stone that became lodged and I went into septic shock. Fortunately, the surgeon was in the hospital and did an emergency surgery. I was in intensive care several days, surviving only because of prayer warriors. Coming up on 3 years and I have had 16 surgeries - 14 of them stent replacements. Next step is to do a ureter "implant" and hope that eleiminates the need for stents. Tired, no stamina, and of couse if I overdo, then I also have blood in the urine. I take muscle relaxers and pain medication several times a day. Pain, pain, pain. I am SO tired of this pain.
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Instead of fishing around in the toilet, why don't you go buy onw of those little fish nets you use in an aquarium. Maybe you could cut the handle off, put it in a little zip loc bag, and put it in your wallet. Then you could pee through that intead of "fishing".
I know your posts are years old, but I just read them, as my friend has a stent she is to remove in a couple of days.
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The evening of 02/20/13 I felt uncomfortable but thought it was menstrual cramps since I haven't really known anyone who had a kidney stone before. I took some Ibuprofren and tried sleeping but couldn't get comfortable and it just felt worse and worse.  I had to get up to throw up a few times and couldn't even keep down sips of water.

Finally about 2 am I got up because lying down was agony.  But sitting was worse and walking wasn't much better but it seemed help.  I saw that a friend of mine who is a nurse was online.  She told me it was probably a kidney stone and to get to the ER.

They gave me some morphine and then did a CT scan within an hour or two of my arrival.  After about 4 or 5 hours, I finally felt relief from pain and got an hour of sleep. I think I talked to a few doctors throughout but don't really remember much of that.

When I woke up they were ready to discharge me.  I had a 7.5 mm stone. The nurse told me my discharge orders were to get a prescription for 800-mg ibuprofren, norco and flowmax, then watch for the stone.  She gave me a collection kit to pee into and grab the stone if it emerged. I was supposed to make an appointment with the urologist the next day. The nurse then told me she didn't agree with the orders because she had never seen anyone pass naturally a stone larger than 5 mm. She told me that if the pain got too much so the pain killers couldn't control it and if I started vomiting a lot then I needed to get back to the ER.

I managed to be seen by the urologist's PA later that day. She said she thought 6 mm was the largest a person could pass on their own and set me up with a surgery later that day.  The urologist broke the kidney stone up with a laser, pulled out the larger chunks and inserted a stent.

That was all on a Thursday, so Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I just drank a lot of water and took my meds - a flowmax each morning with an ibuprofren and norco every 6 hours. I was not in any pain, but there was a lot of discomfort.  I noticed if I didn't drink regularly and pee regularly, then I saw a lot more blood in my urine and was much more uncomfortable.  So I tried to pee every 20-30 minutes and just sipped water almost continuously.

Monday (02/25) I went in to have the stent removed.  It was not pleasant, and it was intensely uncomfortable but the discomfort last less than a second and it was out.  I felt immediate relief and could tell right away that it was not in my body, even though my bladder was still cramping and feeling urgent.

I went home and about an hour later was in incredible pain - it felt like the kidney stone was back or something. I called the office and talked to a PA. She said that could be for many reasons that were all temporary so if the pain pills would control the pain then they wouldn't have to put the stent back in.  She said it could be: that the ureter was swollen, or that there were blood clots in the kidney that were acting like kidney stones and needed to pass, or that there were small fragments of kidney stone trying to pass.  She said it probably wasn't serious and to just let them know whether the pain pills were working.

I have a follow-up appointment on Monday March 3.  I haven't taken a pain pill since last night, and so far I feel fine.  There is a fair amount of blood in my urine and tiny clots.  Based on reading this forum, I will try to take it easy and drink a lot of water and hope that helps the bleeding.  I'll give a follow-up report next week.

Overall the experience was fairly traumatic, but the kindness of all the medical staff has really helped me.  They have mostly taken the time to explain what's going on.  The variety of experiences in this forum has helped me see that the doctor can't be less vague when telling me what to expect since it seems like the experience could be all over the map. That kind of makes me feel better.
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Just as a follow-up... The stent was removed four days after I had the kidney stone out. After that, I felt intense pain just the day the stent was removed. Then I was peeing blood for about 10 days after the stent was removed - this included a lot of blood clots. In fact, I had to get up at night every hour or so when a clot popped out. During the day, it was sort of like having a light period - blood flow throughout the day even when I wasn't peeing.
Then the 10th day it just stopped and everything was fine.
Now I'm on a low-oxalate diet and also the doctor recommends low salt and low protein so I'm trying to merge the low-oxalate diet with the dash diet (http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/public/heart/hbp/dash/new_dash.pdf)
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Came across this site looking for info on stent removal and am blown away at all the comments of severe pain afterwards.  I had the laser lithotripsy yesterday for an 11 mm and a 4 mm stone that was imbedded right where the kidney exits to the ureter.
Anyway, I'm going to follow the advice of several others here that said they took pain meds before the stent removal.  I have one of those arrogant urologists that's too busy to talk to his patients and in fact forgot to write a script for pain meds when I was released from the hospital yesterday.  The nurses had to find another doctor for that.  
I will let you all know on Monday how the stent removal (no string) goes.  Which I wonder, why doesn't everyone get a string which sure sounds a lot easier.
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Had my stent removed today and it was a piece of cake.  One tiny pinch for a second was all I felt.  I timed the doctor and it took 40 seconds altogether.  He laughed and said it usually just takes him 30 seconds but since I was taking Pyridium, the urine in my bladder was cloudy and it took a few extra seconds to find the end of the stent.

To prepare for the pain everyone seems to have after stent removal, I took two Aleves 90 minute beforehand. The nurse gave me some pills that she said are similiar to Pyridium which she said both would help a lot.  Then when I got home an hour after the stent removal I could start feeling some mild kidney pain so I took an Oxybutynin which is supposed to help with spasms.  Three hours after the stent removal the pain started getting pretty bad so I also took a Tramadol.  I laid on the couch for 3 more hours and then the pain stopped completely.  I hope it doesn't come back.  It was pretty bad but not as bad as a kidney stone attack.  Has never hurt to pee like with other people.

After the doctor removed the stent he informed me that I also have an 8 mm stone in the other kidney and I will be scheduled for the shock wave procedure very soon.  I hope like anything this stone doesn't drop into the ureter before then because I never want another stent again.
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Auburn2000, I've had all kinds of different pains including kidney stones, and it sounds like you're having Sciatica problems resulting from the procedure to remove the kidney stones. Your sciatic nerve was probably pinched during the procedure -- there was nothing anyone could have done to prevent it, so don't blame anyone. What you need to do is exactly the opposite of what you're doing. Instead of resting with a heating pad, try stretching and walking it out the next time it flares up. You'll probably find that this approach will get rid of it forever.
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I have a six month old son who needed a stent put in after a surgery and he gets it removed tomorrow and I am worried about if it will hurt him when they remove it or after it is removed.
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I have been going through this kidney stone stent hell for the past 8 months with a total of 3 urologists, 3 eswls and litoscopy and 2 stents, 3 stays in the hospital and can't even remember how many trips to the er. After the last er visit and hospitilation my urologist came in, threw his hands up and said he didn't know what to do for me because nothing was showing up in the scans. Needless to say, he was fired and I got a new dr. The new urologist said that he has seen it to where my kidney is making sand that is too small to pick up in any scans and went in and put a stent in for 2 months. Now that the attention is being removed today I have to say I so glad it's coming out and even though it has basically sucked for a lack of better words it has made my life bearable.  I just want people to know that just because one doctor doesn't know what to do doesn't mean that u are crazy and are not in pain. Get a second or third opinion if necessary. If you are in pain there is a reason. Stay strong and just remember that the stent will be out soon enough and that at least in my case the pain from the stent outweighed the misery the kidney blockages caused me. Stay strong and keep your heads up. There is relief out there!
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On 6/17/13 i was in Er. I woke to severe pain and passing blood.They sent me home wit pain meds.(had to get ok by president Obama)app was set for 6/21/13 at urologist office to remove 6mm stone.morning of 6/20/13  4:00am pain had me in tears.went back to ER and was addmitted.6/22/13 Dr. Went in to crush stone and imsert stent.
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On 6/17/13 i was in Er. I woke to severe pain and passing blood.They sent me home wit pain meds.(had to get ok by president Obama)app was set for 6/21/13 at urologist office to remove 6mm stone.morning of 6/20/13  4:00am pain had me in tears.went back to ER and was addmitted.6/22/13 Dr. Went in to crush stone and imsert stent.
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On 6/17/13 i was in Er. I woke to severe pain and passing blood.They sent me home wit pain meds.(had to get ok by president Obama)app was set for 6/21/13 at urologist office to remove 6mm stone.morning of 6/20/13  4:00am pain had me in tears.went back to ER and was addmitted.6/22/13 Dr. Went in to crush stone and insert stent.Up till yesterday6/27/13 I had to live with pain of their tools cutting me inside;passing broken stones; severe constipation from all the different meds;and then the stent. Stent removed yesterday and they said mabe some pain from spasms etc.Now it is 1:20am and Im taking not 1 painer every 4 hrs. But 3 perc. 10mg every 3 hrs.and still in some pain.Thought till reading all your comments here that once stent was removed it was over.What is so sad is 3 weeks ago i first felt the pain and went to  ER. They refused any painers like as if i was asking for heroin.Ive been sober for 10yrs this dec and pain got so bad i went and bought and drank 3 (22oz) beers.broke my heart and tasted like **** and didnt take any pain.These ppls are turning down pain meds and making big **** bout them and ppls with mri's ..exrays..etc as proof are being put in bad place. I know ppl that went back out on the booze
.heroin etc for relief.i know its a pain i cant live wit.
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In case of closing the ureter by anon problem after that my Kidney is full by urine and blood and the d/r make to pass the urine and blood by stent the stent live there for 90 days the liquid also pass and my kidney size is come normal the pine also decrees, after this the doctor also remove the stent but now the pine come mach the closing also the case is not now            
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I am 40 year old healthy male and have only 1 kidney and found blood in my urine several months ago after going to urgent care throwing up (they said I was dehydrated and put me on a drip etc). I was told to follow up after 2 weeks w/ the hospital. Again, blood was found (microscopic) so after a CT scan a 9mm kidney stone was found.

I have the liprotripsy treatment, nothing to worry about there until you get out. The 1st few pees are unbelievably painful but it gets easier. I took the drug Tamsulosin which apparently opens up the urethra after the treatment along w/ some pain killers. You have to be careful which pain killers you take as some are processed by the kidney..not good.  

As far as I know, I was never in pain w/ the stones itself only that I had a solitary kidney I was "a ticking time bomb". After 3 months I had a follow up CT scan, the stone had been broken into 4 pieces and the largest was not 5mm. It was them recommended I have the laser treatment, I did, recovery was easier initially since the stone is turned to powder. As a precaution a stent was placed in for 2 days.  

Having the stent is was bearable but makes you want to pee the whole time, almost immediately after drinking water. I got the stent removed yesterday which was not as bad as I imagined. A numbing gel was placed around the bell end of the penis and left for 20 mins along with what can only be described as a large paper clip looking like it is strangling the big fella. Could not feel much and it was really no big deal.

The doctor then brings out what looks like a kids fishing rod, this has the cameras etc on to put out the stent....up it went, again uncomfortable but bearable. It came out and I walked out the hospital.

Around 20 mins later I was in pain and had to get my wife to stop the car so I could walk around holding my back in pain, after about 30 mins the pain did not go but I was 1hrs drive away from home were I had the meds to open the urethra and kill the pain. It was the worse journey of my life but other than returning to the hospital my only option.

I can only imagine it is like giving birth and getting kicked in the nuts repetitively at the same time. I could not get comfortable in the car and the pain was relentless. I got home and my wife called the clinic.

The on call doctor said the reaction is not unusual and is caused by swelling of the urethra on removal of the stent. I was told to take 2 pain meds, Roxicet, and 1 X  Tamsulosin and something to reduce the inflamation (I took Alieve). And place a hot pack on my bladder area. After about 30 mins the pain gradually subsided. I managed to sleep uninterupted through the night.

What really annoyed my if anything was that if this was expected then why was I not told to A) bring my pain meds to the hospital and B) What to expect in terms of pain. Especially since the clinic is specialising in Urology.

The pain was like no other I have experienced and hope to go never will again. The following morning I still have about 5% pain of what I experienced last night. I am applying hot packs and thanking god for modern medicine.  

I will now be hopefully avoiding this situation by drinking regularly lemonade, apple cider vinegar and all the other wives tales, anything to prevent a re occurance.
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had a stent removed nearly two weeks ago, but still peeing frequently, how long does it for the bladder/urethra to heal after stent removal.
Same here going through it now how long it take you to get to normal
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I'm going to post this for future reference as most of these are old responses.

I did not have a stent this last kidney stone, although I have had them before without any issues.   The last stone I passed was partially obstructing for 3 whole months before finally passing.  I think during that time it created some scarring or something in the ureter.  Anyhow, even after passing, some of the same symptoms of lower back, flank and around to mid abdomen pain occur. Not servere but to the point of very annoying.  It has been going on a month since passage and this is getting a bit less over time. So I am guessing the long term result of having a stone, stent or whatever up the ureter has causing inflamation, scarring or swelling that just has to take time to heal.  I guess if it is bad enough it may not heal or go away entirely, depending esp. if it caused scarring.
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drink a lot of water and get the stent out of you. You can usually pay it off over time.
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I had kidney stone 8/2013 removed 10/2013.
The stint pain was so horrible they removed it 3 days early...
Today I am still in pain.
Many tests: CT scans, ultrasounds, Renal test, X-Rays: All Negative.
My Urologist did a Cystoscopy to look & found my Ureter Valve was hard to open (but found nothing) yet afterwards the pain continues...
UC Davis Urology told me "stop looking for an answer"
Almost one year & the pain continues...
When will it stop?
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I know you updated this site with your concerns in 2009 I am however going through the same pain for a year and a half now ... Did you find any cure in the past years ?
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I cannot give you any good news. When we removed my stent I felt fine for about an hour. Then like so many others here, I started to have some pain in my kidney that ramped up VERY quickly reaching a level equal to that which first lead me to the ER with the stone! And the removal itself?? I will NEVER have another removed while I am awake. Horrible experience and the only time in my 46 years I will say I had pain to a level of 10. The medical staff either lied to me or my experience was not typical. Its been about 14 hours since removal and I'm still very uncomfortable. My advice? Don't do it yourself and don't subject a loved one to causing you that much pain. Not fair to them. If possible, be knocked out first and have pain meds at hand!
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I am 18 years old and last week i had 9 stones removed from my right kidney and 3 removed from my left and had two stents put in.. Been experiencing excruciating waves of pain mainly in the morning from urial spasms and bladder spasms. Ive been on some really good Pain meds but as soon as they wear off i can feel a difference and pain follows shortly after. The stents don't hurt as much as the initial stones did but its been about a week of just uncomfortable abdominal pain from the stents and all i want is them out. Stents cause me to pass blood and when i don't have the smooth muscle relaxants in me i feel like my kidney is going to explode when i pee.. (Mainly in morning because i havent taken meds yet) having two stents in is the worst i cant even move. Im just glad my doctor is putting me under when i get these taken out and im ready for the pain i know ill feel afterwords. I just want them out.. **** stents
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I had my stent in for about 2 months. I read these comments and went back into hospital with confidence. Then the moment of justice came. I doubt my surgeon used any kind of numbing gel at all because it hurt like getting a tooth removed when he put that monster camera in my tiny hole. I screamed out until he took the evil tool out.

One of the nurses was patting my hair and shoulder and telling me it was all ok. No one in the room has had a stent before. :/ But it was all over quickly. The Dr offered me a view of the screen while he was in my body but I think I would have cried if I looked.

They say it's worse for men, because there's a longer track to go through, but I think on the pain scale we are all equal. I took about 60g of codein half an hour before I was due to go in. I recommending getting high on stronger (recreational) drugs before going in. I regret being sober as I was for that. I had zero kidney pain afterwards. I had PUJ. Maybe different for people with stones.

3 months after I have to go get x-rays to make sure stuff is right or whatever. So people, don't get scared, get high. Peace.
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I just had my second stent removed, first one not knocked out for. I was petrified, losing sleep and visibly shaking this morning in the office. I don't handle pain well and this whole experience has been crazy (large stones in both kidneys, 3 surgeries total and 2 stents).

I took a pain pill and 2 Aleve an hour or so before my appt. In the room I was literally crying, tears streaming down my face in fear.

They first applied the lidocaine and after a few minutes my doctor came in and started by inserting the scope into place. He told me the reason it can be painful is bc your reflexes tense up and cause the bladder to spasm so he gave me specific directions for how to breathe when. It only burned a teeny amount as I took my 5 second breath in. After that I got to watch on the screen as they use these little clamps to grab the end of the stent (0 sensation during this part). And then more breathing while he slowly pulled it out on a long breath in. There was burning for the first few seconds and then after that nothing for the last 2/3 of the pulling the rest of the way out. I was elated when I saw that thing was out of my body. :)

So that's my story. My best advice is have a great experienced doctor if possible, try not to worry if you can but if you can't you can't, take a pain pill + Aleve if you can get a ride to and from the appt, and really focus on your breathing and take nice deep slow yogic breathing style breaths when they tell you to. It will be over before you know it!

So far I have had no cramping pain and its been about 2 hours since I left the doctor. I took 1 more pain pill in the car on the way home just in case but so far so good. I believe the Aleve might have stopped the residual spasms from happening.

Good luck everyone! And it really isn't as bad as all the Google stories make it out to be.
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My stent was inserted Oct 17 2014, I just got it removed yesterday afternoon. I dreaded for 5 months of the day it was going to come out, It was in to correct a narrowing in my right ureter. It was a long and discomforting 5 months. This is what I did, and the only discomfort was the scope passing through the flap that closes to the bladder. A few seconds of burning. An hour before I took a 5mg Valium, a 5/325 Hydrocodone, and just in case of any nausea a 4mg Zofran(which really wasn't needed). In the office I made them wait 20 min after the lidacaine was injected. They came in inserted the scope, after passing through the flap or sphincter I felt nothing while he was trying to grab the stent in my bladder. He then told me he was going to pull, it came out I felt a little pressure like I had to pee. That was it, I worried for nothing. It was the Valium that kept my body calm and relaxed, the hydro I had kick in an hour before was already numbing pain receptors, and the Zofran, I'm not sure? So the key is take meds before you go especially the Valium. My urologist actually prescribed me the one little 5m Valium, and the hydro, and Zofran I had left over from when I had the stent inserted. You will read or hear the horror stories on here or other sites, most of the time these people are not medicated beforehand, very nervous and unrelaxed, of course its going to be painful if you are going that route. It is now 9am and I haven't had the terrible after pain or spasms people talk about after their stents have been removed. No pain med, no more heating pad. All I have had is a little burning when urinating, and the rest of that gel stuff had passed as well, with some blood. Anyway if at all possible, medicate yourself before you go, it will pay off during what seems to be a terrifying procedure. Being relaxed will only make this procedure more comfortable.
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Put a bullet in his head.

I had mine in going over 4 months and now the SOB is cutting off my pain pills.  Not a problem because I can get whatever I need online without a script.  Because of this goddamned stent I lost a $56k year job (and insurance)--after being unemployed for over 4 years, I'm trying to look after an aging parent, her house is falling apart and I am in too much pain to do anything about it...I can't get away from the crapper for any length of time.  Now they are turning my bills over to a collection agency (after they were responsible for losing my job for me)??? And trashing my credit score over 800 (vantage 3 model)  And I TOLD the SOB that my employer will NOT put up with the chronic absenteeism--TAKE THE STENT AND STONE OUT!!  I have a 6x12mm stone stuck inside the stent near the UV junction...and it has been sitting there for nearly 4 months!  As you might have noticed the pain has been excruciating and I'm pretty pissed over this ordeal.  If I end up with the same chronic post stent pain as a lot of people do and they have the audacity to tell me "it's in my head" or I'm a drug addict (I have a long verifiable history of being clean...I don't drink, smoke, take any kind of drugs unless I absolutely have to)...I will file suit against them.  If their herd of lawyers overpower mine, then he will become midnight snack for coyotes or bear(s)...whoever gets to his sorry *** first and there will be no damned lawyer out in the scrub oaks to protect his lame, irresponsible ***.
Our health care system was rated the absolute lowest among the developed countries...and for good reason, it is the most unaccountable, counterproductive, overpriced/underperforming, and an incredibly useless organization of idiots on the planet.  They are literally on the opposite side of the scale with the morons in our government.  This is what happens when the corporate entity slithers into any profession/industry....whatever.  It is ALWAYS a merciless raping of the consumer and an obscene windfall for the pricks hiding behind the veil.  This crap needs to come to an end NOW or the insurance companies had better make better accommodations,  plans, and provisions for patients seeking medical care outside this country.  The UK, France, Germany, and Italy have massacred us in this industry.


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Very true.  It was quick and relatively easy.  But I have had on and off side pain for 7 years now.  I had several follow-up x-rays, but nothing was seen.  It's not excruciating but it's there.  Not sure why.  I thought maybe some scar tissue developed since mine was broken up through a surgical procedure and the stone was pretty large.  
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After removal of a kidney stone, the stent was removed 4 days later, with the admonition that I might experience some cramping for a few days. Before I could get home, 45 min away, severe pain hit me. I called the dr but was told nothing could be done. I suffered agonizing pain for 6 hours and it suddenly disappeared. He didn't even schedule a followup for several months. Needless to say I have found a new dr.
I've had this done twice before and currently just had surgery yesterday so I've got another sent.  Yes what you experienced is normal.   From what I understand removing the stent temporarily causes the ureter to react,  get inflamed,  so it starts pulsating for awhile then normally suddenly stops often as quick as it starts.  At least that has been my experience.  I'm taking a few percocets before going to the doctor to hopefully limit the pain.  It is usually bad for awhile and I'm not looking forward to this.
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Could it be okay once you make it right with those whose hearts you've broken? Jay's? Mine? I'm sorry you're suffering. We are suffering, too. Me, for sure. He has given up. I try to take his perspective instead of my own. And I know I'm in danger anytime I track you down and dare to write words. But I am so deeply saddened, still. Yes, connecting with Jyay, including weeks of him in my home, has been deeply redeeming. But apart from you? Not so much. The Divine has something bigger, I know. I'm so sorry you've suffered physically. I think there's more healing to be had. Please, Bill. Please. Hear our cry.
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the stent caused me the same pain. But I couldn't urinate. So the ER cathed me at my request. A week later they took the cath out and numbed me and took the stent out. No more pain urinating. Peeing was nothing definite and went everywhere for about a month. But that subsided and things are better. Now I have another stone, 7mm but in the other kidney. Oh Boy.
Twice since last January and June I had kidney stones removed and a stent was placed.  Few days later the stent was removed both times.  Within a few hours I had 103 fever, vomiting and pain.  Both times I was hospitalized for four days.  I now am facing a possible removal of more stones but am scared of the stent.  
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hi.it will pass,mine was similar.but just gotm less.im sure was the huge stress.i was so anxious when i stent removed i nearly passed out!,especially when i heard the consultant say to the nurse (whilst colonoscopic thing was up my "doo dah"    "nurse pass the grabber!,,,but im sure the stress finds the bodies weakest point..and then youre old its youre brain plays tricks with you..and before you know it youre in a bad place again,just hang in there..itll be ok
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hi.it will pass,mine was similar.but just gotm less.im sure was the huge stress.i was so anxious when i stent removed i nearly passed out!,especially when i heard the consultant say to the nurse (whilst colonoscopic thing was up my "doo dah"    "nurse pass the grabber!,,,but im sure the stress finds the bodies weakest point..and then youre old its youre brain plays tricks with you..and before you know it youre in a bad place again,just hang in there..itll be ok
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I had litho 5 days ago.  They put in a stent, pushed the 12mm stone back into kidney before blasting.  So will it still come out if it was pushed back in BEFORE litho?  I have other smaller stones in each kidney.  Xray in 2 days, stent removal in 3 days.  
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I had a stent removed February 2015. It is now August 2016 and I have painful urination upon waking every morning since. Have been treated for UTI. Nothing works. At least the spasms ended 1 day after removal. I have had 2 CT scan since removal, no stones show.
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I peed out a double I stent that was supposed to be removed by doctor.what do I do now ?
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I had two stones removed from my right kidney(6mm x 3mm and an 8mm x 3mm)...When I got the stone attack, it was excruciating!!  THey put in a stent to alleviate the pressure which brought the pain down to a bearable level.  I peed blood for a few days and then it subsided to a yellow/marron colour.  

After a week, I was put out for the surgery which was great and successful.  Both stones were removed and a stent was put it.  The next few days were ok with pain at about a 2-3/10.  After about 3 days the stent started to get more painful.  THen for 3 nights, pain increased at night.  I took tylenol 3 one night, percocet the next and then just extra strength tylenol with aleve the night before going to get the stent removed.  

Stent removed in a few seconds which was weird feeling but not painful....I had the string sticking out of my penis.  No numbing gels or anything and it seemed fine,  I went pee a few minutes later and some small clots came out without issue.

12 hours later, the pain came back with a vengeance!!!  Its like the origianl pain of the stones themselves.  thought I could deal with it without meds....but just kept getting worse and worse.  I crumbled and took a tylenol 3.....pain is subsiding now as I came to this forum and read about everyones experiences.

Hope that helps someone....love the idea of taking pain meds prior to having the stent taken out or immediately afterwards to help with this pain that I now have.....I'm presuming it will go away.

To all those suffering in kidney pain or addicted to opiods cause of their pain management, my heart goes out to you.  This has been the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life and it literally sucks the life out of you so God bless those of you living with this on a more constant basis.

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