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Pain after ejaculation

I'm 21 years old and for as long as I can remember I would experience pain in the shaft of my penis during orgasm, and then throughout any subsequent erections that day.  I could normally acheive orgasm a second time with some discomfort but by the third time the pain is just too bad to enjoy the activity.  When I feel my erection there are sort of ridges near the base on the left hand side, and this is where the pain is mostly centred (it feels like it comes from everywhere but especially there) - I'm not certain whether these are deep blood vessels or something else.  My penis is a normal length (7 inches) but abnormally narrow (in the region of around 3-3.5 inches erect) - I'm not sure it's always been this way as I never made a habit of measuring, but I have reason to suspect it has gotten smaller over the years.  When I was around 16 my penis had a strong curve (maybe 20-30 degrees) but it's straightened out quite a bit over time and is now pretty much straight - I believe that may or may not have been just a normal developmental thing.

I have recently (over the past year) suffered erection difficulties.  The strength and firmness of erection is never comparable to what it has been in the past and I believe this to have physical rather than psychological causes (although I won't claim to be entirely certain).

I didn't realize at first that the pain I experienced was abnormal, and didn't worry about the curve (which corrected itself) ... by the time I realized that this was actually abnormal I was already perfectly used to it so didn't bother seeing a doctor, but now I believe this might be contributing to my current problems.  I listed this under Peyronie's Disease but I'm not sure that this diagnosis is correct.

I'm here looking for the best diagnosis possible and maybe some idea of what I might expect if I go to a GP about it ... I hope somebody is able to help.  Thank you in advance.
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In your case, Peyronie’s disease can’t be ruled out. It also has this typical presentation of pain in the penis at the time of erection along with deformity in the penis in the form of curvature. Usually, a lump or plaque is felt in the penis either by the patient himself or by the physician. However, Peyronie’s disease typically occurs in the middle age (around 40 yrs of age) rather than in young individuals like you. However, will suggest you to visit your doctor & discuss the same with you. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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