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Pain in Groin

Hi Doc,
I'm 25 years old. I have a left groin pain which increases with masturbation for over a year. I masturbate frequently so its really a big problem for me. During the time i couldn't find any solution. It started with after having sex with a woman. I remember that she pulled my penis to right which caused a sharp pain in the left groin area. That pain never passed away. I went to 2 urologists and they couldnt find anything after physical examination. I also checked for kidney stones with tomography. Finally i checked it to a dermatologist and she prescribed me some hyrocortisone creams due to redness in my scrotum but again no luck. That redness was also there before. What should i do?
Any advice from you is appreciated.    
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By the way i feel this pain in my left hip too. It starts from the groin and goes to the hip and almost butt and i feel more pain when i sit.
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i realized that the pain increases just only after ejaculation. if i still masturbate any dont ejaculate its still not that much. What is this? Plz doc help me.
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This groin pain can be due to epidiymitis( which is inflammation of the epididymis), hernia, kidney stones( ruled out in your case), orchitis( infection of the testicles), testicular torsion, superficial skin infection or pinched spinal nerve. I suggest you to consult a urologist and get evaluated for these causes specifically.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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Thanks doctor. But can't it be injury or trauma related?
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Doc, I figured out the problem. If i don't use any liquid substance during masturbation and also keep the area dry the pain vanishes in days. If i use cream or swallow, pain starts again and its really ruining my day. Now i am almost sure that it is an infection. Can i use a yeast infection cream like lamisil?
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