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Pain in Testicles, Nausea, Burning under Scrotum and feet since last 2 months

Hi, I am an engineer (28 years old) from Pakistan. I am having testicle related issue since last 2 months. First the pain in testicles started when I rubbed my testicles just before ejaculation. I felt more pain while sitting on soft seats. At that point it was just pain and nausea feeling and a feeling of having fever although the thermometer showed no fever. While traveling burning feeling also around scrotum. However, I don’t feel any pain while lying down. I was easily getting erections and had sex desire at night.
Then, after 25 days one night my wife and I tried a pain relief solution from internet. We put a rolled towel by elevating the testicles and pressing the towel under it. The testicles were lifted above pelvic area for fifteen minutes. When the towel was removed, I started to feel burning around my testicles.  In next couple of days, I had started to feel a lot of different feeling in my body which I have mentioned below:
1. pain in testicles (sometimes left and sometime right) – sometimes gets severe (stabbing pain) for few seconds, pain is like my testicles are being cut/crushed and burning, pain is there while sitting standing, and lying down
2. pain in pelvic region (sometimes on left side, sometimes on right side, sometimes in middle)
also I feel this pain while bending, moving forward however this pain sometimes happen while sitting or standing or lying down
3. burning around scrotum – all day
4. burning under feet – all day
5. burning around rectum – all day
6. strange vomiting like feeling in the morning with a lot of cough
7. felling strange movement sensation in scrotum while sitting / lying down
8. lost sex desire, got married 3 months before but now don’t feel any sex desire
9. sometimes pain in groin
10. sometimes pain in back
11. Difficulty in getting erection
12. No pleasing sensation while ejaculation
13. a feeling like my testicle size has reduced
14. lost appetite, don’t feel hunger
15. feeling anxiety when awake in the morning
16. sometimes pain legs
I’ve went to urologists, medical specialist and neurologist. The urologist said in physical exam that testicles are normal. They did ultrasound of scrotum, kidneys, bladder and MRI of lumbar spine. All tests are normal. Blood test and urine tests are also normal. I don’t feel any pain while urinating or ejaculation. I’ve used different pain killers, anti-depressants given by urologists and neurologists like Tonoflex-P (tramadol plus paracetamol combination), Ponstan (mefenamic acid), Duloxetine, synflex (naproxen), froben (flurbiprofen), pregabalin. Moreover, for nausea and stomach problem omeprazole 40 mg OD was prescribed on n off.  None of prescribed medicine was effective, instead they have made my stomach upset. Now I am really upset because of this situation. My personal and marital life is being suffered by this. I am losing interest in everything. Now anyone here has any idea about this problem?
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Wow, so sorry to hear about this awful list of symptoms. My first thought is that it could be a case if prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate, often bacterial but sometimes for unknown reasons. But since you’ve already seen a Urologist, I would think that’s one of the first things they’d suspect & would examine it for swelling, etc. That issue can cause testicular pain, discomfort in the groin, a feeling like you’re sitting on a lump, can even cause feverish feelings & stomach upset, and can reduce the pleasure of ejaculation, cause erection problems & lower libido. But again, I would think the Urologist would check that out & since that apparently was not the diagnosis, I’m kind of at a loss to understand what’s causing all this. I would continue to see Dr’s, possibly specialists (Urologists, etc.) - maybe you need to see another Uro for a 2nd opinion on this...
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So, you do not mention, specific tests, for bacterial infections, urethral swab, chlamydia, mycoplasma/ureaplasma, urine if its not pcr, will not reveal an infection in men, as the urethra is long, and bacteria is not really inclined on releasing its grip, I'd also order a prostate fluid culture, and semen culture. Do the tests  and you'll know your enemy, you are quite young and I would suspect it is an infection that is roaming free, nothing to be afraid of, just find a good urologist, do the test and drink your pills.
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Your symptoms especially stubbing pain, burning pain, burning feet, pain while sitting and not lying (pressure on the tissues) maybe due to high oxalates either from your diet or from your body due to deficiencies such as vitamin B6. Turmeric for example which is part of your diet I assume is very high in oxalates. Go on a low oxalate diet or seek advice from a naturopath specializing in this such as myself . I hope this helps.
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Sounds like CPPS to me.
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