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Pain in Urethra?

For the last 6 months i have been experencing pain in my penis. Went to mulitple doctors and nothing is working.
-Tip of penis is Red
-Tip of penis is very sensitive
-Burning/Pain when urinating
-Urine dribble minute after unination
-Throbbing pain throughout Urethra
-Very painful minutes after Urination/Ejaculation
-Trouble starting and stopping urine stream
-NO blood in urine or seamen
-NO discharge

Been tested for/treated for
-STD/STI (All tests came back negative)
took medication for it anyway, no change
-Enlarged Prostate
took medication for it, no change
Didnt show up in test, still took meds, no change
-Injured Tip Of Penis
put polysporin in tip of penis, no change

What else could it possibly be?? I am on a waiting list to see a Urologist but i would love to see what others think.
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You may have an infection call Balanitis for which you would need an antibiotic.  

There may be a fungal infection and a skin swab sent to the laboratory for analysis would show whether this was the case.  Fungal infections are treated differently (different medications) to bacterial infections.

Burning pain with urination would indicate a urine infection.
Dripping would mean that you bladder is not being emptied properly, either due to a problem in the bladder, kidney stones, or an enlarged prostate gland.

Although you can not see any blood in the urine, does not mean that there is no blood in there.  A urine sample sent to the laboratory for analysis would show whether there was any blood in the urine.  The doctor can also do a urine dip stick at the surgery appointment and this would show if you had any blood and any infections in the urine.

If you have a few weeks to see your urologist, book an urgent appointment to see your doctor.  Take a morning urine specimen in a clean (preferably sterile) jar, or do a urine sample at the surgery.  The doctor can still check your urine and prescribe an antibiotic for you if this is needed.  If the doctor feels that you also have Balanitis, he can prescribe an antibiotic for this too, as well as an antifungal cream if you needed this.

Don't use soap, bath or shower gels to wash down below.  Use non perfumed soap, soap that has the same pH level as our skin, baby washes should be fine.

Wash regularly and wear clean cotton underpants every day.

Always wash your hands if they are dirty before touching your penis and always wash your hands after using the toilet and before eating or touch food.

Even though it hurts, you need to drink plenty of fluids.  2 litres of water a day is usually recommended, more if you sweat a lot.  Your urologist will probably give you advice regarding this when you see him, so follow his advice.  

To help relieve the symptoms of burning when you urinate, drink a glass full of water with a teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda.  You can do this 3 times with 1 hour in between each dose and no more.

For the penis discomfort, as a home remedy, after you have washed and gently dried your private area, apply natural set yogurt to your penis and any sore and painful area.  This is only a temporary measure until you get the appropriate medication from the doctor.  The yogurt will feel cold when you apply it, but it helps to reduce any inflammation.

Don't have any sex until you are well healed.  When you do, wear a latex free condom for some protection.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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I have also been treated for a yeast infection and ive been treated for bacterial and fungal infections also. The redness isnt extreme as balanitis pictures show on google. I have sent in clean urine sample where i could only digest water for 3 hours then after the 3 hours peed in a container for them to examinate and im waiting on those results. And after urination or sex is when the penis tip is inflamed the most?
I have been on:
Teva-Doxycyline FLM-CTD (no effect)
Co-Azithromycin (no effect)
Co-Cipeofloxacin (no effect)
Sandoz-Tamsuloasin SR (no effect)
Metronidazole (no effect)
Canesten pill/cream (no effect)
Polysporin in tip of penis (no effect)
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Taking antibiotics can encourage yeast growth.

A swab or urine sample sent to the laboratory for analysis would have stopped you having all those medications.  The lab result would have identified the bug and/or fungal issue from the urine and swab test and would have been able to advise the doctor which antibiotic would kill the bugs.

Antifungal medications sometimes need to be taken for many months before any benefit is felt.  Again a swab should have been done and sent to the laboratory to identify any bacteria or fungus on the skin.
Sometimes the Itraconazole 100mg capsule is prescribed to be taken for months as well as an antifungal to be applied to the penis.

You also have other issues going on with regard to the way you are able to urinate, which points that there is a problem with either the urinary tract or the prostate gland.  You may even have stones.
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Okay. And i did do a swab test and bateria did turn up and have done multiple urine tests and nothing ever turns up but i was given medication anyway and nothing had worked. And the doctor keeps trying things in the meantime while waiting to meet with a urologist which can take up to 4 months so thats why ive taken all kinds of medication. Crossing thing off the list. The fact that its been over 6 months of living in pain really scares me and i dont know what to do in the meantime...
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Did your doctor arrange for you to have a blood test to check your kidney function and your prostate function?

It is up to the doctor to push for a more urgent appointment with the urologist, if he feels this is required.

So apart from the blood and urine tests, there is not much else you can do apart from pain relief medications to help ease the pain and discomfort while you wait to see the urologist.

Make sure you still drink plenty of water.
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I plan on seeing my doctor again this week and may have an ultrosound soon. I have done no blood tests yet. But thanks for all the help and i will try those home remedies and drink lots of water in the meantime!
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try over the counter Azo to relieve the pain
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Hey, I have exactly the same symptoms and nothing have worked. Did they eventually figure out your problem and a treatment for it?
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