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Pain in area immediately behind testicles, lasting for months.

My dad has been experiencing excruciating pain for more than 8 months. Because his PSA was 8 then 11 he was referred to urology He saw a urologist who told him to take ibuprofen around the clock for a month and return.  He did, without any relief. Then he was given doxycycline to take along with the Ibuprofen and advised to come back in a month.  On the third visit a biopsy was done which ruled out cancer. No follow up was advised except another psa in 6 months. A month has passed and he is in severe pain, he tried to get an apt with the urologist who now can't see him for two months. The urologist told him, it is just pain, just like if you hurt your knee.  The pain will come back, then go away.  It is just pain, it won't kill you. My dad is a tough man, He has a high pain tolerance.  He asked the Dr to cut off his testicles or whatever he needs to do to make the pain stop, that it is killing him. The Dr. Just states it won't kill you.  He has been suffering for a long time. He isn't hungry, can't sleep because of the pain. I am an RN and went with him to the Dr, to basically be told to live with it, and to have my dad call long distance crying is just about more than I can stand.  He doesn't like to take medication like pain meds because he thinks he is going to get Addicted to them  As a nurse, I took an oath to always do the right thing. Nowdays I see Drs who don't care.  Why can't they find out what is wrong and help him?  It seems like he is not the only person with this problem but it seems like the Dr has given up on him. PLEASE help me to help him. What would you do if it was your dad?
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