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Pain in penis and testicles after cystoscopy

I don't know if I posted this in the right forum so if someone could maybe move the post or something I couldn't find where to post about Cystoscopys

So about  a week ago I had a cystoscopy done where they inserted the camera into my urethra to look around. I had it done because there was some blood in my urine they told me it was most likely from the chlamydia infection I was treated for back in april. The procedure wasn't as bad as I thought they prescribed me pyridium and some other antibiotic. They pills made my urine orange/red I only had 2 days worth and now im done.

My problem is that now after the procedure im having some discomfort in my testicles and penis and it comes at random times through the day its like a mild stinging feeling but enough for me to be concerned. I still masturbate and I still have sex with my girlfriend regularly so I don't know if thats the problem or if this is a common side effect (Nothing online about this) I just need to know what I should do or if anyone has any info on this or maybe the same issue.
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I see this post is 5 years old but is most similar to mine. I'm a 60 year old male, and I have had similar pains which started about a week after my cystoscopy. I have since been looking for the causes. I was cultured after talking with my urologist and the tests came back negative. In my case the pain involves 1 testicle (left) the pain radiates up into my lower abdomen; no pain urinating or during sex. Loose clothing, 'normally tight' underwear makes no difference to the intensity or frequency of the pain.

The possible cause has been identified as postop inflammation. Their advice was taking OTC pain meds (ibuprofen) every few hours to reduce the discomfort.

The actual cystoscopy was modestly painful and part of a full workup due to my ongoing urinary problems, which was diagnosed as Irritable Bladder Syndrome. Currently on oxybutynin which is supposed to help; after 1 month my symptoms are not yet relieved.

Will keep looking, but it seems that post-op pains vary and as individual as the patient. Just my two-cents,
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I had Testicular cancer when I was 23 , i'm now 54 , I recently went to my urologists' and complained low flow and trouble urinating . He said i might have a stone or something , and did a Cystoscopy , the procedure was done with a mumming agent , and went well , a week later i went to have intercourse with my wife and the second i pushed , I felt extreme pain in my penis all over , i'm calling urologist tomorrow !!!!!! No one told me to expect any thing like this , so my advice to all males ,unless you absolutely need this procedure done . Do Not Have It Done !!!!!!!!! I wanted to talk about the question about the testicule pain , get a ultrasound done and blood work to check for tumor markers , to see if its cancer .  It seems like every other month I get a condition called Epididymis . the sack on my remaining testicule gets infected and causes me pain sometime radiating upward into my back , Maybe you just have that , I will Pray for you    Dave
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