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Pain in testicle, lower back, and stomach


When I run/jog or work out hard for more than 10 minutes, I begin to experience a dull ache in one or both of my testicles, which then develops into sharper, shooting pains for up to an hour after I have finished running.  About a year ago, my doctor diagnosed me with Epididymitis (swelling of the tube on the back of the testicle) on my right side and I took Ciprofloxacin (500mg twice a day for 10 days) and the very severe pains went away.  My doctor also said the pain in my lower back when I run might be due to sciatica - swelling of a major nerve that runs from the lower back into the leg.  He told me to take ibuprofen after my workouts if it still bothered me, and I've been doing that off and on.  But still, most of the time when I run, I continue to get the dull ache and it usually develops into tenderness in one or both of the testicles.  It doesn't matter whether I wear breifs, boxer-briefs, or boxers.  Running is supposed to be good for you, but it really is getting to the point where it almost doesn't seem like it's worth it.  Also, I don't want to do any permanent damage to my testicles or other reproductive organs, because this really seems like it's something that shouldn't be happening on a regular basis.  Does anyone know what could be causing it, and if it can be caused by something by sciatica, and if it can cause permanent damage?  Thank you for your help!  

--John, 23
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Hi John,

I developed similar problems a week ago (see my post of may 27, 2007, from chenga). I have a few questions for you:

1. When you had your Epididymitis in the past, did you have very sharp pain? I have very sharp pain with different intensity at different times felt in my right testicle. Pain killers do not seem to work and I have difficulty with walking or sleeping.

2. At the same time I have very minor right lower back pain with numbness of my lower right leg. The pain in the lower right leg can be severe at times.I do not have pain in my stomach but that can also be the sign of sciatica. I also developed this out of the blue (unlike you when you run) and the conditions remain in time.

Really my main problem is the right testicle pain. I would like to hear more about yours what symptoms you had in the past. Also, did they tell you what might have caused your Epididymitis?

I thank you in advance for your reply.

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***@**** please, I would like to have a discussion with you on your and my conditions.

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Sorry to hear you're going through the same thing.  Yes, when I had the epididymitis, I had a sharp pain about once ever 5 or 10 minutes, and then a dull ache the rest of the time.  The doctor told me to take 4x200mg Motrin twice daily, and that didn't even begin to touch the pain at all.  I went on an antibiotic, and it kept feeling worse and worse until about the third or fourth day, when the pain suddenly started to get better.  The pain was gone after about a week (except when I run or do a lot of hard physical activity).  By the way, I've had epididymitis 2 more times since I had it the first time; I had it in January 2006, March 2006 (it relapsed on the same side), and actually, I just got done taking the antibiotic 2 days ago for my third bout of it.  The first two times it was on my right side, but the most recent time it was on my left.  Both my GP and the urologist who I saw said it can be caused by various STDs (though I tested negative for all of them), but that it is a bacterial infection, similar to how you would get a sinus infection or ear infection.  They both also said that most men (I think they said about 80 or 90% of men) get it at some poitn in their lives, but most of the time it is not severe enough for it to constitute more than a single, fleeting pain.  (I had experienced a single short, sharp pain with no lingering effects a few times before I had it severely the first time, and I had never thought about those momentary, infrequent pains until the doctor mentioned those statistics to me.)  

If you think you have it, you should definitely go see a doctor ASAP and get an antibiotic for it.  They will probably do an STD test as well, as it can be caused by various STDs (as I said before).  Good luck with it... let me know if the doctor says anything different than what I was told.  Thanks!  

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Hi Guys,

I am 28 and I am having similar problems.  Over the past 3 years I have had recurrent epididymitis in varying degrees of intensity.  Sometimes it's merely a minor pain or niggle, but three times now it has been severe.  Meaning that I am unable to work or even move properly without sharpe pain and I would have a constant dull ache.

I like you experienced minor testicle pain in my left side before getting the first full blown Epididymitis.  This was probably when I was ~23-24, and I simply thought it was nothing and that it would go away by itself.  And it did, but the condition itself has progressed to a life altering one.  I need to get this solved!

I have had the following things done:

1.) Blood and urinalysis for STDs/other problems - all clear, no history of STDs either.
2.) Testicular ultrasound.  All clear, but showed swollen epididymis on left side.
3.) Renal ultrasound. All clear.
4.) Flexible Cystoscopy (not fun!).  Again, all clear and no problems.

Argh!  Part of me really want them to find a structural problem to fix, that way we could have at least identified the cause, popped into surgery and it all would have been good.  Basically I've been told that "we've done all we can do" at this point and to live with it.

I don't think that's the case.  I am considering asking for surgery to hopefully fix the problem as I refuse to live with the fear that my left testicle will swell up to the size of a tennis ball and I'll be disabled for up to a week.

Thanks for listening to my whinge, anyway! :)
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I have seen this many times on this site, but, I to am having some of the same issues.  First off, I serisously want to thank you all for taking the time to post your current conditions, you help yourself and all the rest of us.  Thank you.

I just turned 31, Im in great shape and feel like I am still strong as I was when I was 25.  I have had all the same symptons, but nothing major yet, my testiculs have hurt, gotten sore, and I have had pain down my leg...this had happend quite a few times, nothing so major that I have had to stop my regular routines of working out, riding my choppers, dirt bikes...jogging etc.  Usually subsides in a day....days...2 1/2 max..  Thought maybe it was due to taking a bad hit on my dirt bike, hitting a bad bump on my chopper thats a rigid (no suspension)..or working out..etc.  

I need some info and help from the board.

Starting about 3 days ago, I starting hurting in both testiculs....it has now worsened, BAD, but this is what is scarring me.... it has moved down my whole left leg (as I have read this has happened to most of us on here), half way down my right leg, in my abbs and pelvis, my right elbow, my shoulder blades, mid back, under my jaw (on the sides) and right hand....Just adding this in, this is day 4 and it has gotten a little worse, but it definately is not subsiding at all.

This is the only way I can explain it in basic terms...feels like I have been kicked in the growing area by a pro soccer player.

It also feels like I took a major crash on my dirt bike, like jumping 15 ft in the air on hard compact dirt, and landing on my left side....and it feels like I punched a brick wall with my right hand....

Im seriously concerned.  I have read all your guys symptoms but have not read or have not found yet, anyone stating that it has traveled to other areas outside of the pelvic and leg region.... No STD's, my wife and I were just tested for all the good stuff when we had our second son 1 year ago...and we dont mess around.  Perfect marriage so no worries there.

Any suggestions guys?  Any help would be great before I go to the Dr. and am disappointed as I have read some of you have been with the "I don't know what it is" comments.

Im calling my Dr. shortly to see if I can get in..... again, its that the pain, numbness and all of the above that I have mentioned, that is spreading to my whole body that is concerning me.

Thanks for your time in reading this.

Best regards,

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I like the reset of you am in pain. The first three days it's been the left, now it's the right or both. I can't walk or even stand without it getting wrose. I've noiced my lower stomach, left upper leg, lower back on the sides and mid-right back hurting too.I don't know if the other pain is from how I have to sit or lay, but it's starting to be as painfull and the testicular pain. I emailed my doctor and since it's a sunday, will not hear from him until monday. I'll keep you posted as I see others will no solutions.
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Hi Guys, I feel for all of you. In fact, as I write this I'm suffering with a painful bout of "Epididymitus". I put it in quotes because that's essentially what the doctors do, they just label it Epididymitus and usher you out of their office. I haven't had an ultrasound yet, but I have finished a round of antibiotics (Doxycycline) which didn't work. Now I'm 2 days away from completing my Cipro 500mg every 12 hours cycle, I'm writing this on my back in bed with a laptop hopped up on Ibuprofen so that should tell you how well this round of antibiotics is working.

I'd like to approach a few topics concerning Epididymitus that I feel noone is talking about, for instance:

1) Is it just me, or does anyone else find their Epididymitus acting up bad following sexual activity or masterbation? Because I'll rub one or two off and not long after be in such pain I'm forced to post in forums on my back via laptop and hopped up on Ibuprofen.

2) I also get lower back/side pains associated with my flare ups. It feels like what I would imagine kidney failure would resemble. I also get lower abdominal pains, in an area I would imagine my bladder being located, anyone else get these associated pains?

3) I also notice that it effects my urinary flow. On occasion, I'll wiz and have it be followed by an unsatisfactory sensation, like I'm not fully emptying my bladder. Then it will come out in spurts every now and then following that.

4) Plus, following sexual activity/masterbation, I'll notice a general swelling that is beyond just my right Epididymus and testicle. That span of area located between your "brown one-eye" and the back of your ball-sack, I believe Beavis & Butthead referred to it as a "chode", others call it a taint, whatever it is that area seems to swell slightly after I spank my monkey. I also get a dull ache in my balls, kinda like you got when you were a kid when you first realized masterbation and did it all day long, but that pain was a result of over-doing it, I'll get this pain from just doing it once.

Anyone else experience the above symptoms (emphasis on the sexually/masterbatory related symptoms)??

I've heard that kidney stones can mimic Epididymitus symptoms, I'm gonna make an appointment with a Urologist and have an ultrasound to see if that may be it. I'll keep you guys posted. I'm gonna go take a dump now.

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P.S. In addition to all the symptoms mentioned, does anyone else also have a chronically swollen Epididymus tube?
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Sorry to make you guys laugh cuz i know how bad it hurts to laugh when suffering with your Epididymitus pains.  I have had a lump under my left testicle for 6 years or so and I am 26 now.  When I first saw the lump I got scared and got tested for STD's, showed up negative for all, and it never gave me problems so I just gave him a name (THE BRAIN) like a pet and just lived with it, never telling my doctor (since i had no doctor).  But just last week I knew my pet pal THE BRAIN was my worst enemy when I was lifting something heavy and fell to the floor almost in tears from the extreme pain.  Felt like someone put a vice on my left nut and popped it with the pain radiating to my lower abdomen.  I don't have medical insurance so I went straight to the ER at my local hospital.  At the hospital they hooked me up right away with some morphine, and then cuz the lump was so large, they were worried about a torsion and rushed me to get an ultra sound.  It was great on morphine, with my nuts plopped out on a towel and homie scopin my nuts.  Anyways, they found a swollen left epididymus and told me i had an infection that would be cleared with antibiotics.  They gave me a concoction for typical STD's (which i have none still), a shot in the rear and a full Mg of Zithromax.  I laid in bed all week and the pain has subsided to a dull pain, however i still get shots of pain running up my swollen nut and lower abdomen.  This sucks bad as you all know.  I had a Urologist appt. today and the doc says if it doesnt subside to come back and get more antibiotics.  The lump is still there,  I feel twitching and electric like pain impulses still.  Need more vicodine.  Will keep you informed on how THE BRAIN is doing.
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I am having the same symptoms as John did. The urologist prescribed the same drugs. He did not mention any relation of my problem and jogging. I am planning to ask in two week I will see him again.
Only thing I can add is that ice or cold pad does help a lot on the swelling.
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hey there,

i am finally swallowing my pride and reaDING UP ON WHAT IM THINKING IS A REAL PROBLEM AND SIMILAR TO ALL OF YOURS. Im terrified of testicular cancer and what not..

18 months ago i was on a cruise ship with my fiance and after drinking and partying we had some crazy sex, but when i finished it was so intense and over whelming that my right testicle went right up into my pelvic area...i mean i don tknow how to explain this properly... basically looking down at myself when standing i saw my penis, on the left my left test. was there but because i was standing i couldnt see it under me, but the right one was higher up inside me and all i saw was a lump to the right of my penis, high up where my penis start basically...i carefullyand delicately pushed the area where my pubic bone was or pelvis and itpopped back out. ever since then i feel its really tigh on the left side and hangs much tighter and higher thanm the right one.

i seem to always be sensetive there now and it always feels like i have been kicked in the testicles. I get anxious before having sex, which ruins things, because if i am not in one of 3 "safe" positions, things will tighted up when i ejaculate and itll go back up again (right one).

my doctors are the kind of doctors who say, "hey there/// well you look fine, sport!" and says nothings wrong. i need some ideas on what to ask a clinic doctor becsause my MD might be ignoring my requests.

thanks in advace. glad to hear im not alone here. has any f this happened in bed to you?
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I am 25, going on 26, and three weeks ago I started getting the slightest bit of pain (more dullness than pain really) in my right testicle region. And recently, I noticed that my right testicle seems to kinda suck itself upwards.  It's really only a problem in the evening, too.  And the dullness is more of an annoyance than actual pain.

My first question: If this were an epididimytus issue, should I be feeling more pain?  

Second question:  I barely make enough money to pay the rent and haven't been to a doctor in 5 years.  So where other than the ER would I go to take care of this?  And how much money would I be looking at?
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I'm 44 and  have lower back pain (feels like kidneys are hurting) and a radiating lower abdominal and testicular pain.  It comes and goes but has been bad for the last week or two.  Worse when lying down.  All of these postings are complaining of same or similar symtpoms, but I don't see any answers!  Has anyone found the root cause of these problems?
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First of all...hang in there guys. I know first hand how difficult it can be to deal with epididymis; it causes extreme pain, messes with your personal life, makes your work life hard to deal with, and so on...

Before you all read this, please read my latest question/posting located at...


…it is a long passage, however, you will all definitely benefit from reading what I have to say!!

...there you will find the short version of my medical history dating back 3 years. Around 2003 I developed my first case of epididymitis. It came during a time where I was almost completely sexually inactive. I probably engaged in sex once in a 6 month period...maybe some of you guys were in the same boat!! Now, I was working very long hours at a new job; lots of job-related stress and adjusting to life in a new town.

I have to tell you; a few months prior to the epididymis, I had a very bad experience…

I was on my drive to work when I suddenly got hit with a real extreme shot of pain in my genitals (mostly my right testicle)…the pain made me crash my car!! I went to the local ER to find out what was going on. After a very painful prostate exam, the doctor determined I had Prostatitis or; an infection of the prostate gland. A normal prostate is supposed to be the size of a golf ball; mine was about the size of a fist. The doctor said the most likely cause was possibly a result of gonorrhea. NOW, most of you have mentioned your doctors said your pain could have been STD related as well, right? WELL, I get tested every year as part of my regular check-up/blood work…EVEN if I know I have only been with one person. I was tested immediately following the prostatitis and the results were NEG like all of you!!

So, on to the epididymitis…I developed this infection a few months after the prostatitis. The doctors said they could have been related, however, there were no conclusive results.

I have developed epididymis three times all told since 2003…all without warning, without a direct correlation to anything in particular and all easily cleared up with antibiotics.


Epididymitis is the infection of the gland sitting atop the testicle. It is the gland in charge of sperm production which then moves the sperm into the testicle for storage. When the sperm are OVER-produced, they build up in storage and literally “back up” into the epididymis causing major irritation and inflammation. This can be one cause of the infection.

So, maybe you are not being sexually active…maybe you are. Either way, your epi-gland might be overworking as a flaw.

Another possibility…I learned that sometimes the sperm produced in the epididymis can calcify; they literally harden. What causes this, I do not know!! What I do know is that this calcification causes a “block” of sorts that prevents newly manufactured sperm from moving along their natural path into storage. This causes pain…horrible pain…and horrible inflammation!! Moreover, it causes infection. This type of epididymis can lead to the gland itself calcifying…if you experience this infection and your epididymis starts to harden, PLEASE; go to the doctor ASAP!!


You have all mentioned some seemingly unrelated pain throughout your lower abdomens, groin, genitals, lower back, and upper legs. THIS COULD BE A SERIOUS PROBLEM!!

In my case, I had two inguinal hernias that were repaired, resulted in chronic pain similar to that which you have all described. Following a procedure in which some of my nerves were removed from my groin (to reduce the pain symptoms), I developed new and more serious pain. All told, I have undergone 8 major surgeries, numerous nerve block injections, every painkiller in the book (literally!!), all types of treatment, and now…I have a nerve stimulator implanted in my abdomen with lead wires placed above my testicles in my pubic region. The stimulation replaces some of the pain signals with electric sensation…very uncomfortable at times, however, MUCH better than pain!!

I do not want to assume you are all in the same boat as me, but, you are all experiencing symptoms related to something called neuralgia.

More specifically, you are experiencing inguinal (pubic region) neuralgia and lower extremity (thighs, lower back/abdomen) neuropathy. These words sound troubling, but don’t be too scared!! Neuralgia/neuropathy basically describes pain from a source other than that caused from direct trauma…it is nerve-related pain.

Ask yourself a couple of questions; does the pain come on randomly? Can the pain be described as burning, stabbing, shooting, radiating, crawling, tingling, or pinching? Does the pain get worse with certain foods/alcohol/drinks or medications? Do you sometimes experience numbness or a lack of sensation in the complaint regions? Is your skin very sensitive (almost painful) to the touch in the complaint regions? When you experience the bad pain in your genitals/groin, do you feel simultaneous pain in your thighs, hips, or lower back?

If you answer yes to any or most of these questions, you might be experiencing something more than a simple case of epididymitis. With me, I had multiple cases of the infection because of the calcification problem…there was neither rhyme nor reason for it.

I have to stress my situation had something none of you have described…that is INGUINAL HERNIAS.

Although I genuinely hope none of you have an inguinal hernia, it sounds to me like you all need to have a very accurate hernia exam performed!! An inguinal hernia can surprisingly cause MANY different pain-related problems, many of which are characterized by what you all have experienced.

My doctors said chronic neuralgia as a result of a hernia/operation is a 1/50,000 occurrence. I experienced that in both left and right sides. The likelihood of chronic neuralgia as a result of a neurectomy (nerve-removal that I had) is 1/300,000…once again, I hit the number. I am either extremely unlucky, OR, the problem is more common than the medical world would like to admit, right?!!!?

It seems like to me that we are all in the same boat one way or another, and because of that, it is obvious that the odds of neuralgia pain is not as rare as “they” say.

So…I am not a doc, but, I can say with confidence that you are all dealing with one of the following;

Repeat Epididymitis due to overactive or malfunctioning epididymis gland/undiagnosed prostatitis/possibly retracted testicle that has not fallen/allodynia (pain to the touch caused by light contact)/NEURALGIA & NEUROPATHY of the lower extremities.

If none of those apply, get a HERNIA EXAM PLEASE!!! You might be surprised to find out you actually have one…they are painful and can cause MAJOR PAIN and serious problems if left unchecked!!

If all of those possibilities are wiped out…you might have a serious nerve-related problem either stemming from your lower spine (L2,L3,L4,L5), inguinal nerves (ilio-inguinal nerve, ilio-hypogastric nerve, and genital-femoral nerve…those are the three nerves in your groin on EACH side), or something else…

Well…thanks guys for reading this very long message!! I hope you all find the answers and treatment you desperately need. Please, EMAIL me on this site or post back with ANY questions you may have about what I have discussed. I have been treated by close to 80 doctors for my problem, so I can safely say I know a fair amount about these problems!! PLEASE ask anything related to the problem!!
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One thing that bothers me is that "Epididymitis" is commonly attributed to STD's. Although I can't recall exact dates; I am fairly certain that I first experienced symptoms of what would later be diagnosed as "Epididymitis" some time before I became sexually active. I remember the first couple of times that I felt pain in my testicle I just figured that I pulled a leg muscle or my groin at worst. The pain didn't go away and I sought out a physician's advice, but I didn't get any concise answers. Anyone know of other causes for this phantom "Epididymitis"?
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Well i got tested for STD's and my testicle pain has been moving from left to right, and i was given azithromycin for chlmydai and azpo-ciproflox fro gonorrhea, but i had taken the meds wdnesday at 5pm and my testicles are still in pain
IM worried
does anyone have any idea when the pain should stop
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I am THE BRAIN,  i just received my next sharp painful experience with my epididymitis.  ITS BAAAAAAAAAAAACK .  just went to a doc and got some vicodines and some antibiotics for the infection.  i also strongly believe that it is a case of backed up sperm that causes infection.  i like to have sex once a day but i haven't in a week and BAAM it hits all of a sudden when i was lifting something heavy (once again).  but it is a very common deal so don't trip out.  we need to just live with it and give the lump a name like i did.  GL to all you sore nutted compadres.  My father had it too but it was just a dull pain and he feels it come on when he does vigorous running.  We just need to baby our nuts.  We  are healthy young men with swollon nuts, that's all.  Get some antibiotics and some vicodine and take some time off work.  For treatment, if you dont have insurance, i suggest going to a walk in clinic and when getting your scripts make sure to ask them if they 'MATCH" prices so you will pay the smallest amount possible for your antibiotics.  make sure to get 'generic' everything too.  I'll keep you updated on my next shot of pain,  ice on the nuts helps too.  peace.
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lol okay brother
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Anyone have swollen left chest/breast area in relation to swollen left side epididymistis ?-----also,anyone familiar with "DES"..thanks
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Hey.. if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Im 22 yrs old. Ive had 3 inguinal hernia surgeries. My last hernia repair was 6 months ago. I have been sexually active up until 3 months ago. My testicles have become more reddish and when I masterbate it seems more difficult to get a full erection. This cant be Testicular Atrophy can it??
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Hi All,

I am 39, and I have been researching on this topic thourougly, and I finally found something that makes sense. I signed up to this sight today in spite that I find a lot of you that are going through this, I thought I was alone, and I am very concerned. Thank you for posting your experience with these symptoms.

I first RAN into these symtoms before my 20's and back then i  was seen, by my general Dr. a urologist, and I even saw a gynocologist. I also found blood in my urine. I was told back then that I had a tract infection and excessive calcium crytals(took vitamn C) were causing the rupture of my urethra, that was were the blood came from. I was treated with antibiotics and cured. But it has come in my mid 20's, at 31, at 38 and recently a month ago. I did not have testicle pains the first time, it was very , very mild almost none, this outbreak includes the lower back pain, and lower right leg pain.the pain crawls, from my testicles upto my lower back on the right side. I have had the tingling sensation, the burning sensation and the stabbing pain also.
Do any of you workout regularly, even with these symptoms or do you guys stop? Hernias a usually related to lifting a weight o a bad posture while lifting something heavy. I feel healthy and have an unformal  workout rutine, that means, I don't have a trainer or do I go by a book with a written number to hit. I have to say I am a very demanding when it comes to being in shape, I am not a bodybuilder,  but battling with these symptoms, tend to throw me out. All the symptoms that were posted under this thread I have suffered. I have also considered Acupunture. I would like to know, if you guys think that there might be a relation with unbalanced energy  in the body? I believe in alternative medicine but have not tried anything yet.

I am confused and concerned, some of the articles I have read also relate to cancer nad that freaks me out.

Thanks for sharing your experiences,

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Hi there,

I think you are right. The epididymitis could be caused by bad posture during workout. I also train regurarly and have the same symptomps - lower back pain, swollen right testicle. A month ago I went to doctor which gave me Doxycycline. While taking Dox. I was training regurarly. I probably made a mistake but I wasn't told by doctor to stop. I finished the antibiotics but the problems still persisted. After two weeks I went back and was given Ofloxacin (1 tab eevery 12 hours), all my results - HIV, Chlamydia, Urine, STD... were negative. At the moment I still got 6 tablets to finish my treatment but nothing has improved. I am waiting for the testicle scan but the queue is long and I have not received my appointment card yet... Next Friday I will go and see the Dr. again and see what is happening...
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I too have had this condition off and on for it seems like a lifetime, I recently went to the doctor and had all the checks which came back negative. I recently read an article about a person having the same problem with the flare ups of pain in the right testicle, lower back pain, the need to urinate frequently andhe found the problem to be a prostate infection that travels down to the eppiditimus during heavy lifting, stressful situations, and some times for no reason at all. His doctor put him on a 6 month cycle of cypro 2 times a day because he said that the ten day supply was not killing the infection only keeping it in check and it will eventually arise again. Basically he said that the ten day supply makes it go dormate but does not cure you so the extended time of the medication should kill the bacteria in the prostate. I recently swiched urologist and told him my symptoms and he basically did the same thing only he started me on a 60 treatment to kill the bacteria. I have been on the medication for 1 week and back pain is gone, not pain in my leg and just a little pain in my right testicle. I also go to the bathroom alot less with more urine on each trip and less of an urgency to go. I think the whole problem is a dormate bacteria that many doctors are not treating long enough because all of my tests like everyone elses came back negative.
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I am 29, Have had pretty much all above symptoms and I think I know how it happened to me. Long story short I was in a hot tub and got in front of one of the jets and the full force of the jet went down my penis. It has been 2 months now and seen bunch of different and talked with bunch of different doctors and sick of it. One person says STD another says infection somehow or another, then one says masturbate to keeps the pips clean and the other says don't do anything to let it heal without masturbating or sex. one tells me to use hot water aka baths or hot tub to improve blood flow but when I get in hot water my  epididymis swells 3 times its normal size is in real pain! I am in pain I hate my life, drugs do nothing WTF. Has anyone above been in a hot tub and had the same thing happen? Could all this be a air bubble in my epididymis and causing the blockage and the illusion of a infection??????????????????

P.S. I have had all the test and all neg.
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