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Pain in testicle, lower back, and stomach


When I run/jog or work out hard for more than 10 minutes, I begin to experience a dull ache in one or both of my testicles, which then develops into sharper, shooting pains for up to an hour after I have finished running.  About a year ago, my doctor diagnosed me with Epididymitis (swelling of the tube on the back of the testicle) on my right side and I took Ciprofloxacin (500mg twice a day for 10 days) and the very severe pains went away.  My doctor also said the pain in my lower back when I run might be due to sciatica - swelling of a major nerve that runs from the lower back into the leg.  He told me to take ibuprofen after my workouts if it still bothered me, and I've been doing that off and on.  But still, most of the time when I run, I continue to get the dull ache and it usually develops into tenderness in one or both of the testicles.  It doesn't matter whether I wear breifs, boxer-briefs, or boxers.  Running is supposed to be good for you, but it really is getting to the point where it almost doesn't seem like it's worth it.  Also, I don't want to do any permanent damage to my testicles or other reproductive organs, because this really seems like it's something that shouldn't be happening on a regular basis.  Does anyone know what could be causing it, and if it can be caused by something by sciatica, and if it can cause permanent damage?  Thank you for your help!  

--John, 23
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Hey.. if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Im 22 yrs old. Ive had 3 inguinal hernia surgeries. My last hernia repair was 6 months ago. I have been sexually active up until 3 months ago. My testicles have become more reddish and when I masterbate it seems more difficult to get a full erection. This cant be Testicular Atrophy can it??
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Hi All,

I am 39, and I have been researching on this topic thourougly, and I finally found something that makes sense. I signed up to this sight today in spite that I find a lot of you that are going through this, I thought I was alone, and I am very concerned. Thank you for posting your experience with these symptoms.

I first RAN into these symtoms before my 20's and back then i  was seen, by my general Dr. a urologist, and I even saw a gynocologist. I also found blood in my urine. I was told back then that I had a tract infection and excessive calcium crytals(took vitamn C) were causing the rupture of my urethra, that was were the blood came from. I was treated with antibiotics and cured. But it has come in my mid 20's, at 31, at 38 and recently a month ago. I did not have testicle pains the first time, it was very , very mild almost none, this outbreak includes the lower back pain, and lower right leg pain.the pain crawls, from my testicles upto my lower back on the right side. I have had the tingling sensation, the burning sensation and the stabbing pain also.
Do any of you workout regularly, even with these symptoms or do you guys stop? Hernias a usually related to lifting a weight o a bad posture while lifting something heavy. I feel healthy and have an unformal  workout rutine, that means, I don't have a trainer or do I go by a book with a written number to hit. I have to say I am a very demanding when it comes to being in shape, I am not a bodybuilder,  but battling with these symptoms, tend to throw me out. All the symptoms that were posted under this thread I have suffered. I have also considered Acupunture. I would like to know, if you guys think that there might be a relation with unbalanced energy  in the body? I believe in alternative medicine but have not tried anything yet.

I am confused and concerned, some of the articles I have read also relate to cancer nad that freaks me out.

Thanks for sharing your experiences,

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Hi there,

I think you are right. The epididymitis could be caused by bad posture during workout. I also train regurarly and have the same symptomps - lower back pain, swollen right testicle. A month ago I went to doctor which gave me Doxycycline. While taking Dox. I was training regurarly. I probably made a mistake but I wasn't told by doctor to stop. I finished the antibiotics but the problems still persisted. After two weeks I went back and was given Ofloxacin (1 tab eevery 12 hours), all my results - HIV, Chlamydia, Urine, STD... were negative. At the moment I still got 6 tablets to finish my treatment but nothing has improved. I am waiting for the testicle scan but the queue is long and I have not received my appointment card yet... Next Friday I will go and see the Dr. again and see what is happening...
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I too have had this condition off and on for it seems like a lifetime, I recently went to the doctor and had all the checks which came back negative. I recently read an article about a person having the same problem with the flare ups of pain in the right testicle, lower back pain, the need to urinate frequently andhe found the problem to be a prostate infection that travels down to the eppiditimus during heavy lifting, stressful situations, and some times for no reason at all. His doctor put him on a 6 month cycle of cypro 2 times a day because he said that the ten day supply was not killing the infection only keeping it in check and it will eventually arise again. Basically he said that the ten day supply makes it go dormate but does not cure you so the extended time of the medication should kill the bacteria in the prostate. I recently swiched urologist and told him my symptoms and he basically did the same thing only he started me on a 60 treatment to kill the bacteria. I have been on the medication for 1 week and back pain is gone, not pain in my leg and just a little pain in my right testicle. I also go to the bathroom alot less with more urine on each trip and less of an urgency to go. I think the whole problem is a dormate bacteria that many doctors are not treating long enough because all of my tests like everyone elses came back negative.
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I am 29, Have had pretty much all above symptoms and I think I know how it happened to me. Long story short I was in a hot tub and got in front of one of the jets and the full force of the jet went down my penis. It has been 2 months now and seen bunch of different and talked with bunch of different doctors and sick of it. One person says STD another says infection somehow or another, then one says masturbate to keeps the pips clean and the other says don't do anything to let it heal without masturbating or sex. one tells me to use hot water aka baths or hot tub to improve blood flow but when I get in hot water my  epididymis swells 3 times its normal size is in real pain! I am in pain I hate my life, drugs do nothing WTF. Has anyone above been in a hot tub and had the same thing happen? Could all this be a air bubble in my epididymis and causing the blockage and the illusion of a infection??????????????????

P.S. I have had all the test and all neg.
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I have been having Epididymitis infection for almost 2 moths now and doing allot of research. the problem I had is my prostate was also infected. I was to be believed to happen from getting in front of a jet in a hot tub and having urine shoot up in my prostate and causing the infection. I was told to milk the prostate to keep it clean witch was very painful. I found out from internet research you should not have sex or a ejaculation for at least 2 months, not easy and I am facing this now. I was on cipro for 10 days and felt ok for a week but the pain came but huge and have been on cipro for 30 days and now switching to Levaquin for another 30 days. I was also told to get in hot water for about 15 to 30 min a day. This increases Blood flow to the infected area of the testis. So I tried this for 2 day and OMG the epididmis swells 3 to 4 times its already swollen size. I cannot seem to get info if this is ok or not. As soon as I find out some info on this I will return to this post. Life is not fun and trying to follow the rules to a T so get better. Fasting is a big part as well as making sure to stay away from foods the have calcium and iron. They say fasting is best and increasing your water intake is a huge part as well. Not eating 6 hours before and 2 hours after the Meds. I am also taking 600 mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day. In the evening I take some frozen veggies out of the freezer and wrap in a towel and rest on my left tactical and this helps allot.
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I have now been taking Levaquin for 22 days now and no change. the ice does help allot with the swelling but that's it. I had a major pinch of pain come from my prostate area yesterday that was brief but extremely painful. I went 14 days without a ejaculation and was doing ok'ish and I slipped and now back to full swelling and more pain. I highly recommend the 2 month with no sex and no masturbation at all. I am resuming this now. I have made a call today to go see a specialist to have a semen text done to see what is hiding in there. I recommend anybody with these symptoms to not beat around the bush and go right to a specialist to have a semen text done. I will report back soon.
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I have bean like bud on both top of my testicles and it doesnt hurt me but i have pain in my upper abdomen and it hurts badly for the past two days and i have been tested for some STDs it came negative , can any one help me regarding the pain in my left abdomen pain .....
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It sounds like your bound up. Do you eat reguler fluit? Do you drink lots of water? Are you stools really hard when they come out? If you notice blood when you whipe yourself this is a indicatuion of dehydration and you need fiber to loosten things up in there. Do you drink alot of caffein aka coffe or soda? These will casue very hard stoll's ans huge pain. If your pain is behind your penis shaft under your scrotum you have a prostate problems, go get anitboitics NOW!
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I have been to see the specialist 3 days ago. Funny with all my research he couldn't tell me much more than I already new. On the testing of the ejaculation fluid > I did talk to him heavy about this, The test is very unpleasant, basically you have to have 4 or more ejaculations in one day at the Urology office and in between the ejaculations you get to have a doctor milk your prostate (basically rubbing the prostate with his finger up your rectum). When this is done and your really sore they put the samples in cultures and see what the bug is that is causing the problem, if they find it. Then once they find it you have to take antibiotics for 90 to 120 day's. You run into a very high risk of major joint problems from this and possible ending up in a wheel chair from such exposure to aniti-biotic. I have decided to not due this route.

The next option is to have the swollen part of the epididymis removed alone with the assist on the upper part of my epididymis. The doctor told me that this is not life threatening and if I can just deal with pain just leave it alone. This I am now doing. My major relief of the pain now is the monk style mind of matter or out of sight out thought.

My prostate is much better now and the swelling has gone down allot. I do get a pinch pain now and then but is brief and is gone, I will keep a close eye on how much this takes place.

On major thing I have noticed being off the all the anti-biotic and pain meds is my scrotum no long hangs like crazy and my left tactical does not hurt as much. I was literally like 2 days after I stopped taking meds my scrotum stayed nice and high and did not sag in pain. This is good info for anybody taking these meds to know. So when your scrotum is hanging down in pain during your treatment this is normal also the epididymis swelling is down in have in 2 days as well. Something to look forward to for everyone after the prescription runs out.

The hot bath or a hot tub witch I used if very important to help with circulation. do your self a favor just before you get out of hot the tub take the weight of your scrotum in your hand and carry it. I will be in flamed and heavy and will actually hurt to have it sag without support. Make sure to where tight underwear day and night. Do not go to bed with out them on in my recommendation. But do make sure that you sleep on your back and pull your scrotum up high so that all night your epididymis can drain.

Ejaculation is a hard topic, if you are having just prostate problems it is good to have a ejaculation about every 2 days, if your having epididymis it is better to go 5 or 6 days, the problem is your stressing a area that is infected and with the little blood flow that is there you need to let the antibiotics do there job. Also it can be very painful and add pain to your situation. Ice is a very big help. I felt the best when I went 14 days without a ejaculation, This was not easy do to the fact the I am a chronic masturbator and usually have at least 1 ejaculation a day. The most problem I had of curse from not masturbating was a constant uncontrollable hard on at any moment. Also I had discharge now and then in my sleep and during the day, growing up they call this a wet dream. Its kind of yucky and turns you white underwear a off color where it happens. So if your living with someone I recommend buying some colored underwear.

Being off the pain killers now and off the antibiotics has awaking my next problem. I was on antibiotics for almost 3 months and this is really a long time. I have not told a doctor but I kind of knew that my joints would hurt after words. The meds take a real hit on all your joints. My knees and ankles hurt the most. I am taking some over the counter glucosamine (I am sure I spelled that wrong) for joint tissue and fluid rebuilding. I highly recommend starting this 2 days after your off you antibiotic for at least 6 months. Make sure to take your time getting around for awhile so that you don't hurt yourself.

Now that I am having regular ejaculation 1 or 2 times a day I noticed that my fluid is not like it should be, The fluid has kind of a look of tapioca pudding to it? Instead of some clear fluid with some milky spermatic fluid I have a third fluid mixed in that is like gelatin and clear. I will keep an eye on this and repost in the near future.

Good luck to anyone with this problem I hope I am being helpful to future men with this problem.

Remember my infection was due to masturbating in front of a jet from a hot tub. Do Not Do This. But keep in mind you can get this same problem from just holding you pee and getting a back up or from a STD from a unknown partner.
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I have had pain in both testicles, abdominal, and lower back for 5 months now.  It comes and goes some times I feel great for 5 days and then it hits me again for weeks at a time. As soon as I get up the testicle pains start and then moves to my abdominal area  or bladder. Doctor pushed on my bladder and it hurt, he said yeah it looks like the bladder area. Two doctors game me flowmax but it did nothing. Had CTC scans, Ultrasounds, prostrate checked ok, blood work, by Urologist and three doctors and they all tell me they don't know what the problem is. Been to the ER twice with same results, they give me Ibuprofen 800 and send me home.
Any one every have a luck tracking down this problem?
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I have the same problem, guys. It tends to come back when I run on a treadmill - sore lower back, that dull ache in the testicles (tends to be worse in my left one). It *****. It tends to take 3-7 days after running for the testes to begin feeling sore. After ruling out an STD and cancer, the doctors just shrug. I even wear a jock strap and underwear when I run on the treadmill, but it still happens. It *****. I may go to the Cleveland Clinic to see what they think. My dad and two brothers have had a hernia operation, so it's a possibility I have problems there...
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Can I ask whether you guys drink vitamin or energy drinks on a regular basis?  Have you tried stopping these drinks to see if the infections lessen?  Have any of you tried D-Mannose and has this made a difference?  
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Can I ask whether you guys drink vitamin or energy drinks on a regular basis?  Have you tried stopping these drinks to see if the infections lessen?  Have any of you tried D-Mannose and has this made a difference?  
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Have similar symptoms but in my case I doubt it is Epididymitis. I noticed a relation between masturbation and the symptoms: the more I masturbate, the worser it feels.
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Thank you to all people on here, people keep posting what you’ve done / what helps.
Pain300 has lots of good info.

After Urination I feel like I'm not done.

Had To Urinated Multiple Times (Morning / Afternoon)
Lower Left Testicle Pain (Day)
Lower Mid Right Pain (Bladder?) (Dailey)
Lower Right Back (Night)

(During Week) Jogging / Stair Step / Basketball
(During Week) Increased: Sex / Masturbation

Held Pee Long Time
Had Coffee, Usually Don’t

Also Eating Shredded Wheat Everyday (Iron / Fiber) = Also Gives Me Hemorrhoid or Anal fissure.

Ice Helps
Not Masturbating

STD = Negative
Doctor want’s lab tests.

Prostate Exam (PSA / Digital / Ultra Sound?).
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I have read your comments. I have experienced A LOT of what you all are discussing. The first time I ever felt this pain was around October 2006. It started with a dull ache in my lower back, on the left side.  Then it moved to my left testicle. Since October, I have taken countless antibiotics, for epidymitis, had 3 testicular ultrasounds. I have had one sex partner for the past 3 years, and have had a full STD screen back in August 2010 which everything was negative.  Dhy oes anyone know why this would keep happening? I would really appreciate any info you all can provide
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I'm going to keep this short and simple. Order this book online, read it. And you will soon be on the road to recovery.

After going through cycles of antibiotics, herbals, and depression I am on the road to recovery. Though slow it does work, TRUST ME. Good luck gentlemen.
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I found this picture:

Then tried this it helped me:

Let me know if this works for anyone too,
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sports hernia
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Its all the same for me. Same symptoms, antibiotic treatments. The doctors labelled it epidydimits, but they don't really know that. The truth, I think, is that there are antibiotics and treatments to cure this. If not, there must at least be ones being developed to treat this condition. And guess what, if we all have similar symptoms, we probably have similar or same bacterial infections. -John o. P.s. been dealing with this for over a year now. It can be a living hell, but never lose hope. Make your voice heard. Awareness.
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Same all around with pain, antibiotics and treatment for over one year now. Anyone see any patterns. This is obviously a common medical condition. Why are the doctor's clueless?
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The BRAIN story is one of the funniest things ive ever read.
My left nut has been giving me a sharp pain every ten minutes or so for the past few month, and im getting really sick of it. I can push the ball to the side and just grab this small soft mass of jelly like stuff that hurts, aka the BRAIN. I really dont want another round of antibiotics. Can I just squeeze the BRAIN really hard and see what happens.
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Hi guys,

Im 26 & i work as a fitness instructor, a few days ago i demonstrated an explosive move in the gym which i have done many times before, about an hour later i started to feel pain in my testicals & lower back/ hips area, i have pulled muscles lots of times in the past & this is deffinately not the same, later that night i tried to lean in behind my t.v to switch it of from the wall plug when i felt a sever nip at the base of my spine (tail bone) which then made my left leg cave in & i ended up on the floor in pain!!

Can anyone relate to this?
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Symptoms most notable: Pain in the testicles, aching mostly, almost to the point of debilitation

My first experience was after drinking heavily, eating real spicy thai food, and then driving 1600 km (1000miles) home on my motorcycle (the first 1600km getting to my destination 5 days earlier probably added to the cause).  Thought I had an STD the way I felt, but no intercourse at all.  The anxiety of it all made me feel even worse.  Eventually it subsided, and doctors couldn't tell me much at all.  This was in 2006 if I recall correctly and I was 35 yrs old, relatively healthy.

I had another bout of this type of pain a couple of years later, again, waited for it to subside and did not receive medical attention.

Recently hurt my back on the diving board, and the injury also brought the 'Epididymitis' along with it.  I`m sure it was associated with my back injury, but maybe it`s coincidental.  I remember the dive where the back tweaked a little on a twist, then the bicycle ride home started with real sore and aching testicles.  Hunkered down for some recovery time.  That was a week ago tomorrow (july 14).

My symptoms, although alarming, have been tolerable for the most part.  Hate having the flair ups, but not everlasting or so excruciating that I have to go to ER, at least not thus far in my life.

I feel much better after reading this thread and knowing I`m not alone on this challenge to solve this problem.  I must share my discovery tonight:

I read this post:

``by jakejack, Nov 18, 2010 02:15PM
I found this picture:

Then tried this it helped me:

Let me know if this works for anyone too, ``

...and it did wonders.  As well, as my back seemed to heal, so did my ``Epididymitis``.  I truly believe alcohol and diet play a serious role in my flair ups, and now nerves seem to also contribute.  Perhaps a combination of triggers: alcohol, spicy diet, some time of physical shock or trauma.  

Will work on staying hydrated, stretching (especially the hip and IT band areas) and abstaining from the summer drinks.

I'll also see my doctor about kidney stones, Inguinal Hernias, Neuralgia and Neuropathy of lower extremities, and calcification in the epididymis.

Luck all.

added to "watch' list.
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I have had a sore right testicle off and on for the past ten years. I noticed it seems to come when I consume large amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C capsules, eating lots of apples or oranges, or taking greens plus powder have all triggered it. I have no idea why vitamin C seems to do this or if it is 100% what is causing it. Just figured I would throw this out there to see if anyone else has noticed this.
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My hubby has gone through all of the above, he was told he had an infection after going in A&E with suspected torsion, they chopped him open and it wasnt, just said an infection, gave him loads of tablets, antibiotics and painkillers and sent him home, 7 days later back down A&E, was given Antibiotics by IV and sent home with more painkillers and antibiotics. 10 days later he and I had enough so I rang through to a private Urologist who saw him checked him out and then sent him for a MRI scan, which showed up L5-S1 disc degeneration disease and disc bulge!! Then referred to back specialist
Apparently there is a nerve that runs in MEN from the spinal cord down the leg and runs slightly off to the scrotum/testicle area. He's now had a nerve block injection 8 days ago, pain slightly better but testicle still high up in his body, Doc says give it time and see if it settles!! Anyone else like this?
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I am having similar pains to those some people have listed- pain in the right testicle and sme pain in the lower back. I've been to my primary care physician once already and he didn't have an explanation for the pain. Just gave me an anti-inflammatory drug. its not terrible pain, but it has me concerned. I've spent the last few days on the web doing research and found these stories. I think the epididymis is definitely bigger on the right side (where the pain is) than on the left side.
But my big question is- has anyone had problems getting erections because of this? I was good one night and the next morning both my gf and I were dismayed at my problem. i wasn't having pain at that point, but the pain started a day or two later. Its been a week and a half and I'm still having some pain and erection problems.
Anyone else experience this?
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My name is Robert in 26, since I was 23 I been feeling a slight pain in my left testicle. I thought it would go away but as I got older the pain worsened. I also think this is affecting my left leg cuz it hurts allot too. Recently I'm experiencing abdominal pain. I'm very active I dance and play soccer almost every day. I'm so tired of this painfull ****. Every single day it's there and it's driving me crazy. Is this condition life threatening*? and does it ever go away.
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I thought the jaw , neck and shoulder pain were unrelated but I see they're not after reading your statement . I have the same thing .
A sharp pin pain on either my right or left side of my lower back ( just above my buttocks ) which eventually spreads a pain down one or both legs . The pin pain will subside but the lower ab, testicles neck and shoulders pain will intensify . The testicle pain is constantly bad but will flare with these regular sharp jolts of pain . Went to the emergancy , Doc gave me some percacet and sent me to see a specialist . Specialist wanted to shove a minature camera up my penis . I said no way . After going to see my regular family Doctor he said he was surprised the specialist wanted to do that procedure since the pain is in my testicles and not where the camera would of ultimately took him . I've been having this hit me for the past 9 days and it's really tough focusing at work when your mind is wrapped around this Gut and Testicle ripping pain .
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Hi I a 25 i have had tesicle pain a dull ache fro a week, a started with lower abdermen pain and back ache, it doesnt particully hurt when  wee and not when i ejaculate, i do some timnes get sharp shooting pains in my groind and through my willy, i feel like my bladder is alwyas full and sometimes the feeling in my abdomon is like i have been kicked in the balls.
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I've had similar issues as all above. Pain in left testicle. Pain in left leg all the way down to the heal. In fact the heal pain came before the severe testicle pain appeared 2 days later. Had all the STD tests,  negative... Antibiotics - did nothing. Etc, etc. Same same. Only painkillers work. By chance one of the docs did pushed into the left side of my abdomen and the pain flared up everywhere along my left side. He thought it was kidney stones (as apparently kidneys are connected to the testis when we develop in the womb)  however ultrasound came back negative. All in all doc still know nothing. But one thing I found that really helped. When the doc pushed into my abdomen, the pain was more isolated to the abdomen so I thought to try something different. After a little massage to that area all the pain goes away. All of it. So when I get the pain in the back, leg and ache in the nut I just massage that abdomen area where the pain is and I'm good for about a day. Now I need to find out what the cause of abdominal pain is as this may be structural or something to do with the amount of exercise I do. Btw I'm 39 and I've had back pains since I was about 30 and funnily enough I started to get testicular aches (but not pain) about year after when my back pains were the worst. Now I think about it. It's all related. Gonna see the chiropractor and physio to see if this can be sorted for good as I know a good back massage / abdominal massage really is a short term cure for my nut pains... Pains that are driving us all nuts.

I hope that helps
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Hi guys,

I recently hurt my lower right back when i was playing football.I took a heavy step & jarred it,making it difficult to run or even walk normally at times.Over the past 2 weeks it has slowly gotten better but over the past few days ive been getting very faint pains in my left testicle/groin area & lower abdomen.The pains arent crippling or sharp but are just more annoying than anything & are very very faint.Could this have been caused by my back injury?? My back injury was on the left side also.My right side feels totally normal.As a childhood friend of mine has had testicular cancer & thes dull pains of mine are still here,its kind of made me quite worried about the pains.My testicle feels normal apart from the epididymus seeming a little swollen.Im definetly getting an app to see the doc for my own peace of mind but wanted to get any other ideas from others incase im reading into this to much.


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Iam suffering from below symptoms from past 4.5 yrs
1. After wake up from bed at early morning
a. Slight shivering in left leg foot to the left leg hand.
b. Slight pain at the outer side of the left  testicle and top of the left testicle to the left leg foot.Entire leg and knees are paining.pain is like a heart beat.(How heart beats like that pain comes and goes like a heart beat) and with shivering.
2.If i walk more than 15 to 20 mins, pain increasing  at the outer side of the left  testicle and top of the left testicle to the left leg foot.Entire leg and knees are paining.
3.If i mastuberate,Iam getting pain after ejaculation and pain and burning sensation while urination. Pain around the testicles and abdomen for a few seconds after ejaculation. After ejaculation, both testicles are moving upwards, right testicle coming back immediately and left testicle takes more time to come down.
4.If sperm comes at the time of dreams, then there was no pain or burning while urination and after ejaculation
5.When i sit for a more time example for more than 30 minutes, iam getting pain at buttocks.
6.Pain and burning sensation at the tip of the penis to the testicles.
For the above symptoms, i met urologist and he suggested me to go for below tests:
Haemotology Test Reports
1.Haemoglobin: 14.7 gr %
2.Total W.B.C Count: 8300 cells/cu.mm

Serology Test Reports
1.H.I.V : Negative
2.V.D.R.L: Non Reactive
3.Hbs Ag: Negative
4.Random Blood Sugar: 78 mg/dl
5.S.Creatinine: 1.0 mg/dl

Urine Tests
1.Albumin: Absent
2.Sugar: Nil
3.Microscopic Examination: Epithilial Cells: 1-2/HPF

Prostate Specific Antigen:(PSA) Total : 1.4
Ultrasound Scanning:
A.Abdomino-Pelvic Ultrasound Scan
Results:Liver,Gall Bladder,Kidneys,Pancreas,Spleen,Aorta,IVC,Portal,Splenic vein,Bladder are normal
Prostate Volume: 20 cc in size and echogenicity.
No significant abnormality nated.
B. Scortal Doppler Study
Test Results:
Right Testis:4.3x2.5x1.7 cms
Left Testis: 4.2x2.7x1.6 cms
Normal homogenous echoes
No focal lesions
Normal itratesticular arterial pattern
No e/o Hydrocele/Varicocele
Scortal wall appears normal.
No sonologically detectable abnormalities observed.
After seeing these tests, doctor suggested me to take the below medication for 5 days.
1.Pipragram-T 4.5 g injections twice a day,Mikafast 500 mg injections twice a day, buffet 40 mg injections twice a day, Nock-3 tablets twice a day,Hetrazan 100 tablets thrice a day,Contiflo-D tablets once in a day and becospecial tablets once in a day.
After this i got some relax, again i met the same doctor and explained that i have not cured completely.Then he given the below treatment.
1.Clavcure 625 mg twice in a day for 10 days
2.Pantocid DSR twice in ady for 10 days
3.Hetrazan 100 tabs thrice in a day for 3 weeks
4.Nock-3 tabs-twice in a day for 3 weeks &
5. Contiflo-D tabs - once in a day for 3 weeks.
I have started this treatment before 7 days, with this i got some more relief.But Symptoms are still existing.
Finally i want to inform you that one day i have made mastuberation while sitting on the bench.After that day only i got pain in the testicles and one day i made unprotected sex with my girl friend .Due to these reasons only iam facing these symptoms.
After seeing my test results and symptoms ,kindly tell me whether iam having any Sexually transmitted disease  or i need to go for any surgery for testiclar pain or whether i have to meet neurologist for nerves pain?
Kindly tell me what is my disease and whom to meet for treatment i.e either Urologist / neurologist/urosurgeon/neuro surgeon?
From 4.5 yrs no doctor was telling what my disease called.I have met till now urologist,Sex specialist and surgeon.
Kindly advise me the right treatment, right doctor and what my disease called?

Kidly help me.
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how are you doing now did anything give you releif
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I had cyberknife for prostate cancer in september of  2010 everything went fine about a year ago I started having pain in my left testicle like someone was squeesing it = I thought it would go away it just got worse went to yhe Dr who put me on cipro for a month this did nothing except hut my joints - had a sonagram og the scrotum and testicles which showed nothing - had a cat scan with dye of the lower abdumin which shows nothing - went for an MRI of the hip waiting for results - I feel better in the mourning but as the day goes on I my lrfy testicle lower back on left side and left hip start tp hurt so much I have trouble walking - advil does nothing - I see many people here have the same problem did anyone find what this might be or what gave them some relief - it wears you down walking around each day feeling like someone is squeesing your left testicle - by the way I have a dest job and all blood tests and urine cultures came back normal
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I am experiencing severe abdominal pain accompanied by testicular pain and swelling ,lower back and kidney pain. Ive had ct scans blood tests urinalysis colonoscopy testicular ultrasound  and so on Did 14 days of antibiotics Now my Dr seems to be grasping for straws orders up more of same tests. I haven,t been able to work for three mos. soon to become homeless if i can,t get back to work
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I am surprised that no one at all has ran across the topic of Candida.  Candida is a yeast infection that YES - it does happen in men to.  NOT just women as most believe.  ALL men and women have candida yeast that live in their digestive tracts.  That amount of yeast however is balanced from the good bacteria in your body.  However their are conditions where you decrease your body's good bacteria, giving the candida yeast an opportunity to ridiculously multiply.  This is a yeast infection and YES it happens in men too.  Many different conditions cause this good bacteria to be overthrown by yeast such as - being on antibiotic medication (this medication not only kills the body's bad bacteria but the good as well), any steroid medication, sexual interaction with a female with a vaginal yeast infection, or a weakened immune system.  When the yeast turns into a yeast infection it can travel trough various parts of your body.  It prefers more decreased in oxygen areas such as your genitals, feet, etc.  I am currently going thru this myself guys so Im not just some trying to drop he-say info.  I have testicular pain.  Sometimes dull and sometimes worse then other days.  Went to ER with testicular pain one night when it was unbearable.  They gave me zithromax and did a test for chlamydia and gonorrhea.   They both came back negative.  I later tested myself for HIV, herpes 1&2 and syphilis.  All negative.  I went to a urologist about my pain where I was on various antibiotics such as Cipro (living nightmare), Septra, Cephalexin & Roceptin.  They would decrease my pain but never complete returned me to normal.  I finally got shed some light when I had a appointment with my ear, nose & throat doctor for some allergies when he told me that I had some yeast spots on the back of my tongue leading into my throat.  I was officially diagnosed with a overgrowth of yeast.  I know some of you guys may be thinking well that's on your tongue and most of your issues are groin related - well that's the number one area that Candida likes to colonize.  They will travel all throughout your body!  Depending on the depth of your infection the Candida WILL EVEN INFECT YOUR BLOODSTREAM.  If infection occurs in the blood stream you would most likely have various symptoms other than just testicle pain such as : fatigue, main pain, muscle weakness, back pain, neck pain, urinary inconsistency, frequent urination, bowel inconsistency, dry skin, bad breath, dry mouth, hands tingling, feet tingling, skin burning and even more symptoms.  It can affect your whole body.  This makes it difficult for doctors to detect because A: EVERYONE has some level of Candida so it hard to detect those with overgrowth/infection, B: Symptoms can be so wide-ranging it can sound like plenty of various conditions, and C: Men are quick to be eliminated for having a yeast infection and usually a option for women but HA:  Don't be fooled.  BELIEVE ME:  Look it up for yourself guys.  Just Google Candida in Males.  If you have been to various doctors and have various tests and your nuts hurt and have no option left : DEFINITELY Google this.  There is even a test you can give yourself AT HOME which is free of charge.  Ive did the test at home the next day after seeing my Ear nose and throat doctor :  When you wake up in the morning, before you do ANYTHING - Don't even brush your teeth before the test - Work up a nice spitball and spit in a clear cup of water.  Let it sit for about 10 to 15 mins.  If your spit dissolves in the water and it becomes clear again like a fresh cup of water then your are probably NOT having a yeast infection.  PROBABLY.  Dosen't mean that you shouldn't still look into this.  If your spit is still floating above the water in the cup and you see stringy legs coming from the spit sinking into the water - THEN YOU HAVE A YEAST INFECTION.  When I did the test I had stingy things coming down in 5 minutest.   If you see little speckles on the bottom of the glass in addition to the stringy legs the you probably have a parasite infection now as well.  When candida becomes a infection it is fungus and not bacteria so your antibacterials wont cure this.  There are cures however for candida.   They are various ways such as probiotics NOT antibiotics.  These help strengthen your body's good bacteria to get candida back in line, a strict diet - wont go into details, and yeast killing supplements - Depending on your level of infection you may need to go about all three to properly make sure your rid your body of the fungal infection.  Threelac is a great supplement for candida in men.  But GO  AND DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK.  GOOGLE CANDIDA, DO THE TEST, AND OTHER ONLINE SELF TESTS.  GOOD LUCK GUYS!
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Hi thank you for the poston Candida. I have numerous infection of Candida in my penis. This usually happens after a course of antibotics for things like flu. Since then, i do not take any antibiotics for flu or such unless really serious. Now i do not have the infection but, like you mentioned, they linger in the system.
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Hi thank you for the poston Candida. I have numerous infection of Candida in my penis. This usually happens after a course of antibotics for things like flu. Since then, i do not take any antibiotics for flu or such unless really serious. Now i do not have the infection but, like you mentioned, they linger in the system.
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I am 61 years old and have this dull pain in my testicles. Sometimes it appears to just at the base of the penis. My testicles are normal in size and there is no lump. I have seen a urologist who did a DRE on my prostrate, ultrasound on my testicle, urine and blood test (PSA is very low at 0.75). This was done a few months ago and found nothing wrong. He suggested it may be a minor infection of the prostrate as seems slightly enlarged (which he says is normal for my age).

The pain is not severe but is nagging. The testicles are not swollen nor tender except i get anxiety when i touch massage it. I can massage and whatever other then squeezing it and there is no pain. But the dull pain occurs when is sit down (especially when i am driving) or stand up for long period.

Can any one help?
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I've been suffering for 4 years with similar symptoms except my pain started  in the middle of my stomach with a sharp intense pain which then made my stomach so bloated I looked like I was pregnant. The pain mood mostly on my right side and my right leg goes numb.it now spreads to my testicles and my left leg also the area between my testicles and anus is really tender any answers or advice?
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Did you ever found what! Was wrong
I have same symptoms and I'm scare of what can be
I get out of breath easily if I run
Thanks for any info  
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please don't go for surgery until and unless it is needed.am da victim who had surgery for the epidydmal cyst and suffering from that surgery from past 2 years.please don't go for surgery.if u want to go means visit a good urologist and ask him for the side effects.please please don't go for surgery
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bad diet bad posture and constipation turned out to be the cause of my very similiar symptoms
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bad diet bad posture and constipation turned out to be the cause of my very similiar symptoms
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i have all your symptoms plus when the pain comes it also sends a pain down the inside of my left leg and it stops at the knee, i have found no real answer and am trying to wait out going to the doc until my insurance is active again.
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all of this all sounds like beggining stages of testicullar cancer, not to scare any one, but i have most similar symptoms as most of you, went in told the doc all the problems, than he asked a strange Q, have i noticed shortness in my breath and if i cough up black or bloody mucus, n yes i do,
So if any of you have shortness in breath or bloody black mucus the doc said that could be a sign that the cancer spread to the lungs. and like me if ur a smoker the cancer will spread much faster
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I also have the same problem any it started 2016 Dec and I've tried to look for an advice from Doc but he gave me some antibiotics medicine it cooled me for few days and now am feeling the same pain.
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