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Pain in testicles and gas

    I am a 25 year old overweight male. I have recently been diagnosed with unilateral gynecomastia ( I thought I had male breast cancer). I have read that bilateral gynecomastia could be a sign of testicular cancer, but I have unilateral. I have no family history of testicular cancer no lumps, consistency is the same as is size. No other symptoms. Sometimes the epididymis on the left testicle is a little bigger than the one on the right. I am not infertile. No lowered libido, but had some problems with maintaining erections with a partner never have the problem when I am alone. I think it is psychological. Heart is okay, no diabetes, cholesterol is a little high, and I used to smoke marijuana and cigarettes habitually. I take viagra sometimes. No fever, night sweats, blood, pain when urinating or ejaculating.
     I have been having pain in my testicles over the last two weeks. The pain rotates between the two testicles it usually happens when I am sitting down or sometimes laying on my stomach. Often if there is pain I can walk it off or shift positions and it goes away.  Sometimes when I feel pain in my testicles I feel like there is pressure in my stomach and I feel like I need to fart or defacate when I do the pain goes away. My doctor made me do a hormone test to check my estradiol, testosterone, cortisol, hepatic profile, and dhea levels. I get the results in two weeks. After I took the test I did research on what he was checking for and the worst case being either tc or a pituatary tumor. My testicles started hurting around that time. Sometimes I have blurry vision and headaches I work with computers and live a sedentary lifestyle. I am really hoping that is what is causing these symptoms minus the gynecomastia. Sometimes my but starts to hurt before the testicles hurt.
     I have read that testicular cancer rarely hurts, only about 6% of people with tc present with gynecomastia usually bilateral, lowered libido (not erectile dysfunction) and most have hard painless lumps. I understand that you cannot make a diagnosis online but given the information above what are your thoughts?
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I think the first step is to see if there is a testicular mass. If it is absent, then the odds of having testicular cancer is remote. None of your symptoms can be exclusively linked to testicular cancer and may be explained by a problem in the pituitary (the vision changes may be anatomically related here) or with hormones.

Gynecomastia may be a feature of  syndromes with a predisposition for testicular cancer.  Testicular cancers that produce gynecomastia have been documented, but these represent only 2% of all testicular tumors. Hence, you may be thinking backwards here. If your hormonal changes are not corrected, you may have an increased risk to develop testis cancer (for which you may want to have regular visits with your doctor), more than the possibility that there is already testicular cancer responsible for the gynecomastia and other changes.

Discuss things with your doctor.
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Thank you so much. That was really helpful and makes me feel better. I have no mass in my testicles that I can feel, unless there is one inside? Is that possible if so likely? Testicles are almost exactly the same as each other, except for the thing I spoke about with my left testicle. The syndromes you speak of I would think you are talking about klinefelter syndrome, undescended testicle, hypogonadism I have none of these I think I'm not 100% about the hypogonadism. Normal size testicles, penis, body and facial hair, overweight but have semi muscular build........ I am hoping it is just a hormonal imbalance.

My main symptoms are:

Unilateral Gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction libido is fine, testicular pain, stomach pain or fullness caused by excessive gas which is relieved when released, headaches (not all the time) accompanied by eye pain which is relieved if I push on my eyes, blurry vision, blank stare, difficulty concentrating, weird overall feeling like something is not right.
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Anyone else have any thoughts?
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This may be alittle out of left field, but i think I can explain your pain-in-the-testicles worry. Recently I switched over from boxers to those bikini-type briefs that most guys tend to wear. Alot of times these are too constricting, especially when sitting down. My suggestion is if you are wearing tight underwear, loosen it up. Just today I was diagnosed with Gynecomastia (which I expected) after finding what I thought would be a cancerous growth under my nipple. Mine too appears to be unilateral  but they assure me its bilateral. I as well have had problems keeping an errection with a partner but I would have to agree that it is probably more pshycological than physical.

Just remember, sitting, even with your legs open, still puts alot of "hang" on your testicles. At times you may not notice but you may close your legs and be crushing your testicles without really noticing. Try to get up at least once an hour and walk around, wear loose underwear, and remember whenever you hurt your testicles, your going to get a stomach ache.

I dont know if my explanation was any help. Hopefully it was
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While with my partner I felt a slip or tear, didn't seem like much, but over time had problems urinating, never had this problem before the tear feeling, went to doctor, tpld that all blood work is neg, took a CAT scan of my abdomin, results normal.  I had pain in my groin area that seemed to spread to the back of my legs.  Saw another doc who told me I didn't have a hernia.  I felt safe to go back in the water thinking I had a muscle strain.  While ejaculating I got sensation that Urine was going to enter my streem of seemen.  Now I feel like I need to keep using the toilet, I also have a pain on the right lower side of my of my abdomin that hurts constantly,like a bloating sensation, that,feels better when I pass gas..I have a hard time pushing when either deficating or urinating because it feels like I'm going to rip something. Please help  
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I feel I have a very silimar problem. I've had a syst in my left testicle for nearly 10 years which can cause some discomfort however the last month or so I've been getting a different pain.
It feels like a testical ache and pressure in my stomach/pubic area. As soon as I release gas it seems to make it fade or go completely. No lumps that I can find. Any idea what could be causing this?
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I have the same issue, any updates will be helpful
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Please someone figure this out!
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Come on. On the entire World Wide Web and medical field globally, there is no answer for this immensely painful experience? Please?
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I have the same exact issue is there any updates? I’m just glad Im not the only one because it’s a very painful situation. If anyone found a solution I would greatly appreciate it
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Same problem.. Has anyone found the answer yet?
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No one has mentioned the prostate, but sometimes issues with it can cause discomfort in that area & a feeling of fullness in the lower abdomen. Hopefully your Dr. is checking for issues there as well. I think epidydimitis can also cause some of these symptoms. Just make sure your Dr. is thorough in considering all possible causes...
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I have the same thing. The original poster seemed to have stopped talking about the issue later on in his post history so it probably went away for him??

I’m going to do the same thing thou. Get a hormone test and check for any prostate issue or varicole or epidiymitis.

Will report back. I have a urologist appointment in October but meeting with my PCP on Wednesday
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TL;DR I have similar **** happening, and my desire to help others along with my desire to  have evidence my doctors are not making the appropriate connections motivates me more than feeling better. Sounds ******, but that's where I am mentally.

I know this post is from almost 12 years ago.  If you're here, then you've probably googled something similar to testicular pain and farting/pooping/abdominal pain.

My story and how I got here does not matter much, but my symptoms are similar to things mentioned here.

If you are one of the guys who posted here, or if you're a guy who just googled something similar to what I mentioned above, then please know that I am in a similar situation, and I am doing everything I can to figure out this issue.

That being said, I am not a medical professional at all, but I have been dealing with almost a dozen doctors who specialize in all things related to this and still have more appointments with more doctors.

The point is, none of my doctors have been able to figure this out or provide much information. It's usually just a doctor taking a quick look at history/symptoms and results from other tests and saying, "you're fine." This is a short list (but not exhaustive) of what has been ruled out: kidney stones, lumps/masses/tumors, UTI, and any other bacterial or viral infection. Mind you, that's just for me, your situation may have different things.

I have all of my images and reports, and like I said above my story does not matter much, but I am slowly learning how bodily functions relate and issues that can arise (at least specific to my situation). This is one of them.

I have nothing but time and resources at this point in my life. I'm sure we all have slightly different symptoms and potentially different causes.  I am slowly learning how much compassion some medical professionals have. Apparently I have not found one who has the level of caring or expertise, to figure out what is causing this issue.  I don't mean that in a derogatory way, I just mean that once all the diagnostic tests are finished and all other common pathologies are ruled out, some doctors don't know what else to do - hence the referral specialists.

But if you're here, that means you're experiencing something similar and want/need help. I just made this account and have used one of my real email accounts.

Please know, that once I figure this out or have someone that figures it out for me, I will post back with the information. It frustrates me when a doctor tells me the tests/scans/results are "normal." Then I see what the radiologist noted, and it mentions things that I was not even aware of, yet combined with other "smaller/non-emergency" issues could be a sign of something else.

The one piece of advice I will give is that you should get every medical record. A lot of things are online now through "portals" and whatnot. But, you have to make the effort and fill out the form(s), and in my case, mark every box as well as "other" and then write that you need the images/discs from every visit/interaction you've had with that hospital/clinic. I am just now reading several different reports from radiologists (from years ago and from 13 days ago), that note potentially small issues - yet the actual doctors I spoke with does not inform me of most "notes" the radiologists made. I would recommend getting a copy of everything you can - for some reason there may be pushback on trying to get the images of certain tests. I can only imagine the laws and potential liability on those issues. The point is, get everything you can, don't take no for answer (but still always be polite and reasonable).

Things like this can be figured out. You just have to have the right person who gives enough of a ****, or do it yourself. Fellas, I'm working on both and will post once I have information that will hopefully be useful.

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I have the same problem
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