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Pain while stent is in place...

I just had my third kidney stone procedure in less than a year on Tuesday. I had a larger sized stone (6-7mm) and was told that my chances of passing it on my own was less than about 35-40% so we decided to take it out.  We determined last spring after initial procedures that my stones are primarily calcium oxylate and I wasput on Urocit to help control them.  My urlogist said that from looking at my CT that this stone did not appear to be very dense and that he would most likely have to laser it to break it up rather than be able to just grab it with a basket. Once he got in, he found that the stone  appeared to have already broken into two smaller fragments but that due to the amount of swelling and scar tissue, he was unable to remove the stone.  He tried using both the "grabber" and basket procedures neither of which worked, but rather pushed the stone back up into my kidney as I started having bladder and ureteral spasms during the procedure.  A stent was placed and I am to follow up next week for potential removal.  

I was released from the hosital around 1pm on Tuesday and immediately started vomiting continuousy right after I got in the car to come home.  I could not keep ANYTHING down - no pain meds, not even a sip of water. I was experiencing SEVERE, severe bladder and ureteral spasms and due to the vomiting became severly dehydrated very quickly.  I was back in the ER before 6pm an was told basically that I just needed to give my body time to adjust to having the stent in place. I was given several bags of IV fluids, toradol, dilaudid and zofran.  They were in the process of admitting me when the MD came back to check on me.  Since I hadn't throw up for about an hour, we decided to try an oral tablet for spasms to see #1 - if I could keep it down, and #2 - to see if my pain was finally coming under control.  Since I was able to keep the pill down I was given the option of being admitted or going home - I chose to go home and was given a dose of morphine via IV right before I left the hospital.  The dilaudid cut my pain level in half.....for about 15-20 minutes, then it gradually became worse again.  The morphine didn't do much of anything.

Everything that I am reading on here seems to be from people having pain/problems within the first 24 hours after stent placement and after the removal of the stent.  Has anyone else experienced pain while the stent was in place??  Today is day #3 with the stent in place.  Day 1 was absolute hell, day 2 was still painful but tolerable with pain meds in comparison to the day of surgery.  Day 3 (today) was not as bad as the day of surgery but has been much worse than yesterday.  I had several people tell me before the procedure that having a stent wasn't so much painful as just uncomfortable - this could not be farther than the truth for me!!! I have been up around the clock taking pain and antispasmotic meds, currenty Percocet 10/650mg, Detrol, Urispas, Pyridium and Toradol.  This regimen is basically just keeping it tolerable, not making it go away. I still have 6 more days until my post-op appointment, which is the absolute soonest that the stent may be removed.  Has anyone else had this?  I'm going to the bathroom every 2-3 hours and when I go, not only do I have the burning when I urinate but just the attempt to do so starts the bladder and ureteral spasms all over again. I am now starting to have back pin as well, near the kidney.

My urologist told me that I coud go back to work a day or 2 after surgery as long as I felt like it but the more I'm up moving around, the worse the pain gets. I feel like I'm being a big wimp here but I have a very high pain tolerance and let me tell you, this is BAD!!!  Has anyone else dealt with this?  If so, can you offer any advice as far as what might'e worked fo you to ease the pain?  I started using a heating pad today and it does seem to make a difference as far as improving the pain level.  I've got almost a week to go beore I can even possibly have the stent removed and from what I've read, I'm not looking forward to the aftermath of that eiher!!! (I've had several people tell me that they never had problems while the stent was in but they had very severe spasms once it as removed.)  If I'm having this much pain now, I can't magine the spasms after having i removed!!!  

Any words of advice???
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Stents can cause discomfort or pain, commonly in the bladder and kidney (loin) area, but sometimes in other areas such as the groin, urethra and genitals. The discomfort or pain may be more noticeable after physical activities and after passing urine. You need to take pain killers either oral or injectible for the pain till the stent and stone is removed.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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