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Pain while urinating

  Thank you for this service.
  I feel pain (similar to burning sensation) in my penis while
  urinating. I feel that almost everytime I urinate. I feel as
  if something is obstructing the urine to come out. I have to
  control the flow to a very low speed to get rid of that. The
  pen is from the tip of the penis to almost half way thru it.
  Please advice me.
Dear Madan Mohan,
The burning sensation you describe while urination could be due to an infection.  It may be located in the bladder, prostate or both.  Acute Bacterial Prostatitis (ABP) is most often an infection of young men.  It's usually caused by an ascending infection up the urethra with reflux of infected urine into the prostatic ducts.  It is also associated with instrumentation of the urethra, i.e. a foley catheter.  
ABP patients are ill and usually have a rapid onset of fever, chills, pain on urination, and suprapubic, flank and perineal pain.  The treatment is antibiotics.  Patients with Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis (CBP) are not as ill as ABP patients (they don't have the perineal pain, fever and chills) and many report a history of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs.)
Prompt management of both of these conditions is warranted with the appropriate culture and antibiotic coverage.  ABP can cause urinary retention in some instances.  This may require drainage of the bladder through the lower abdominal wall.  
Urethritis is infection of the urethra with organisms with or without sexual transmission.  This type of infection responds rapidly to antibiotics once diagnosed.
Consult your physician to see if your cause is infectious.  Another cause may be stricture formation (scar tissue) in your urethra.  Prior trauma, infection (STD) or instrumentation usually precedes stricture.  You also need to have studies done to make sure your kidneys are functioning well and that you are adequately emptying your bladder.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only. Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition.
Sincerely yours;
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Pls lately I have been feeling some pains in my pennis and I don't know why and I want to know if my sex partner can have it if we have sex without condoms.
Thanks for ur attention
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